How I Made $7,729.78 In 1 Week With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing And YouTube

Hey, guys What's going on? Joshua Elder here

It's been a few days since I posted a video I wanted to shoot a quick video for you guys today showing you how I made an extra $7,72978 on ClickBank last week I made a little post as you can see right here I said, "Who would like me to create a video showing you guys how? Let me know below

" Of course, the responses were absolutely overwhelming You can see we've got just a list of people that are interested in this specific method that I'm using, and the comments just go on and on and on and on as you can see What we're going to do is we're going to log into my ClickBank account first, and I'm going to show you the results Here we are on ClickBank We go ahead and log in right here

You can see this is the results from this whole last week, up to the week ending of January 30th We did 4,96037 The week before that, we did 2,80916, and then, 1/16, we had 515, and then, so on and so forth

Let me go to the reporting and show you the last seven days, so you can see that If we go to last seven days, let's see if it allows me to do that Maybe it was last Monday Let's go back to last Monday, and maybe that'll make a difference Let's see

Yeah, we'll call it eight days $7,72976 from the 22nd to the 30th, so those are the results right there What I want to do is I want to break down step-by-step exactly how I was able to create this I'm going to over to my email, first of all

There was a bunch of emails sent out, and I get a lot of these I've signed up for different JV list, which is basically you partner with somebody else in the online marketing space in a specific niche, and then, you had the opportunity to promote their launches when they launch a brand new product Now, how do we find these products that we can go ahead and we can promote? This is crucial, guys What we want to do is we want to go to a place called JVNotifyProcom

You can go here, or you can also go to MunchEye Just like we can go to Rotten Tomatoes and we can see the launches of brand new movies that come out, here we can see the launches of brand new internet marketing products What I want to do is I want to find internet marketing products that are going to be big launches We're talking there's going to be a lot of affiliates promoting and the product owners are very, very well-known, they have a good reputation, and they have a lot of experience They've been around for a while

What I did is I went to JVNotifyPro You can go to either one of these Like on MunchEyecom, you can see the big launches on the left-hand side here This is typically all the launches that are going to have a lot of affiliates

We can also go to JVNotifyPro We could scroll down here What I did is I went to January 23rd This was back around the end of December, and I saw this offer by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton It's the 7-Figure Cycle

It's a e-commerce product What I did is I looked at the Clicks to JV Page If this is over thousand unique clicks, even over 500, it means it's going to be a pretty popular product It's going to be a good launch What I'll also do is I'll check out the JV Invite Page

It's probably going to make me log in here, but you can also see other affiliates that will be on-board promoting this If there's big affiliates that will be on-board promoting this that are well-known in the marketplace, that is an indicator that this is going to be a pretty big launch because there's other well-known marketers on-board Those are few indicators that will determine the size of the launch, but I'll typically look at the JV Page, look at other affiliates that are promoting, and I'll look at the product creators If I recognize the names, then typically I'd go ahead and I'll promote it if they are well-known and have a good reputation Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton been around for quite sometime

I knew this was going to be a pretty good launch, so I decided to say, okay What I want to do is I want to use one of my methods called Launch Jockey, which means I want to position myself to receive a lot of the traffic that will be coming through during this launch What do I mean by that? Basically, what's going to happen is this product is going to launch, and a lot of these well-known internet marketers that have these big lists, they're going to be sending out emails They're going to be sending out emails to their list saying, "Hey, go check out 7-Figure Cycle Jump on this webinar and learn about 7-Figure Cycle

" What'll happen is people will go on the webinar, and then, after the webinar, they'll go off They'll go search around YouTube and Google to find other reviews on this product to find out if it's really legitimate To add to that, they'll look for bonuses Bonuses are basically other products that people will be offering as a bonus in conjunction with 7-Figure Cycle, so you probably want to purchase from somebody that is offering a bonus, more value to you, versus somebody that isn't offering a bonus These affiliates tend to make more money when they offer bonuses, and that's exactly what I did that led to this amazing week that I had this last week

Hopefully, you're following me here That's what I'll do, is I'll first find a product that's going to be big on JVNotifyPro Then, what I will do is I will gather all the swipes, the swipe files for this launch We want to make sure that, number two, that there are good promotional materials for the product that you're looking to obviously leverage during the launch and promote What I'm going to do is I'm going to go over to my Search Results here, and I pulled up all the JV emails that I'm going to get from Steve and Aidan that I've gotten

When we go to the JV Launch page, we want to make sure we fill this out, so we can receive all the promotional material What I'm going to do is I'm going to click this top one here If I go to Click Here for Full Details, it will basically give you the strategy of what email to send out to your list and when It will also include swipes that you should be sending out to your list on any given day It'll say, "Okay, on Monday, you need to send out this email

On Tuesday, you need to send out this email," so on and so forth If we scroll down here, you're going to see Email 1 is on Monday, Email 2 is on Tuesday; this is actually this week Email 3 is on Wednesday Well, it looks like there's another series of emails, let's say, coming soon This promotion is still going on this week

It's actually a two-week promotion, which is one of the longest promotions I've ever seen So it's still not over I could be bringing in even more commissions because of this launch To add to that, guys, this is a quality product You want to find a product in the marketplace that is in high demand and, right now, e-commerce is in very, very high demand

Basically, if I go over here to JVNotifyPro, again, you're going to see that the launch begins on Wednesday, January 17th, and the launch day is actually January 23, 2018 I'm not sure if it actually tells us when the launch ends It looks like February 1st is when the cart closes, so it looks like you got a good solid week and a half of promoting this specific offer Let me show you kind of the process, the strategy that I used to launch this Number one, what I did is I created what's called the Pre-launch Video

You'll notice that I created this video back in December 22nd Why did I do that? Well, I wanted to position myself so when this specific product launched and people were going to YouTube, and even Google to search this product, that I was positioned at the top so my video would actually be viewed first, and it would rank Now, the earlier that you upload a video, the more likely you're going to rank higher in the search engine, versus somebody that was to create a video on a certain subject later on You've noticed probably after people create a video on a specific subject for so long after it becomes so saturated, when you upload the video, it is very, very difficult to rank Once I saw that this was launching on the 23rd, what I did is I went out there and I created this Pre-launch Overview Video to kind of give people an overview of what this product is going to be about, give them a little bit of insight

What would happen is I would create a bonus package if I found the product to be, see like if it's going to be a good quality product, I'll create a bonus package that complements the products If I go over here, you'll notice that I actually created a bonus If somebody bought the 7-Figure Cycle product, you'll notice that I created three bonuses You want to make sure that these bonuses complement the product If you've got an e-commerce product that you're going to be launching, that you're going to be promoting, then you probably don't want to be promoting a bonus that has to do with, let's see, trying to make money by buying and flipping domains

It's just not relevant You'll notice that my bonuses are completely relevant to the offers If we go to Bonus No 2 right here, this is my two Traffic-Selling System Course This is actually going to help people get more traffic to their listing on Amazon

This is all about making money on Amazon, right, so this is going to help them get more traffic and get more sales into their Amazon e-commerce business It complements the product beautifully Then, you could see I've got How To Build An Affiliating Marketing Business From Scratch This definitely is something, another income stream that complements the product You could take a lot of these tactics and apply it to this e-commerce business

All these offers are very, very congruent, all these bonuses, and then, we've got personal coaching up here Once they click here to get access to 7-Figure Cycle and they send their receipt to me, then what I'll do is I'll give them access to all these bonuses, and then, of course, I get a commission for them purchasing through my link So the bonuses is huge This will 10X your results and will increase your income by two to three times just with your launch and with your promotion That's why you see a huge spike

If I go back here and I go to my dashboard, that's why you see a huge spike in commissions right here last Friday, did over $4,000 in a single day So I'll make a bonus video and offer a bonus throughout the course of the launch and the promotion On the day of launch, I will actually purchase the product, and then, I will go through it and give people a complete review That's going to be right over here You can see that I uploaded a video on YouTube, and I gave a complete review of this specific product

Again, I linked out to my bonus page here, and then, people can purchase here People are more likely to buy from people that own the product and stand by the product I've said this before If worked at a Mercedes dealership and you owned a BMW, you just bought a brand new BMW, you're probably not going to sell that many cars when people ask you, "Do you have a Mercedes? How does Mercedes compare to this other brand?" If you've got a completely different brand of car, or whatever it is, clothing If somebody is asking recommendation on clothing and you work in a clothing store and you don't wear that specific brand that you're selling, then people aren't going to believe that the quality is what you say it is

You want a congruency in your marketing completely I think by showing people the back office shows that, hey, you went out there with your own money, you purchased the product, which means you believe in the product, which means you can endorse the product One of the things that I'm doing with this specific product is I've got a Facebook group that I've created I'm going to be documenting my journey on YouTube of me learning from Steve and Aidan because I'm going to add an extra income stream with e-commerce People are going to be able see the results, which is another thing: social proof

If you can create results from the product that you're promoting, then that trumps everything, right? If you go to my Digital Altitude Review Videos, one of the affiliate offers that I promote, you could see that I'm always giving updates, income updates I'm showing you guys what the program or the products have done for me, and I'm showing you the income results, so I want to make sure that we're showing social proof That's pretty much my promotion That's how I find a product to promote, that's how I promote the product I make sure that I'm staying up-to-date with the emails that they send out because they'll tell you to send out specific emails at specific times

They did a great job with their launch It's been very successful They've done, like, webinars every single day This specific product broke records It broke records on ClickBank, had the most sales in 24 hours, so it did extremely, extremely well, and I'm excited to be building my own e-commerce business and creating an extra stream of income

Again, make sure that you're promoting something you believe in, that you're using Make sure you do your research You look at the product creators, you look at other affiliates that are promoting Check out JVNotifyPro, check out MunchEye Create your promotional sequence, create videos around this product, and get people excited

Give people, most importantly, knowledge, and help them make an educated decision This is not going to be for everybody With that said, that's exactly how I was able to create this type of income, over $7,000 last week I hope you guys got some value from this video If you did, give me a thumb's up

Go ahead and like this video Check out the links in the Resources section on how to make money on ClickBank I got more training, I got my top recommended systems that I'm using as well to-date down there Don't hesitate to comment and let me know your feedback Let me know your questions

Hope you guys are getting value I'm out here in Miami right now As you can see, I've got a different atmosphere here This is actually pretty awesome I don't know if you guys can see this, but we've got a high-rise, an AirBnB that we rented out for the next couple days, so we will be enjoying some time here in Miami

Hope you guys are enjoying your week, and we'll talk to you soon Take care

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