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what's going on guys it's Brian from BG media innovation and today I'm going to share with you how I grew this fairly new Instagram over 5,000 followers over night so stay tuned we're gonna jump right in alright guys so now jumping into the meat of it you know how did I actually grow practically 5,000 followers overnight now you can see that I've been doing some things with this Instagram page it's pretty much you know it's its niche oriented to generate traffic to my Amazon page but you know I barely ever you know use this or engage with this page whatsoever I simply post every single day to kind of keep building the followers I also do some other stuff called target following I'm running software in the background there's a bunch of different things that I do want Instagram this is just one of my few Instagram one of my few how one of my many instagrams that I have that helps generate traffic so this is slowly growing up and growing this for about maybe a month or two I don't even know what it actually is but you can see I get decent engagement on some things you know 500 here 1,300 here 26 comments just by posting every day if you do the right things and you you know you're tagging it right and you're you know engaging with your with your following in the right ways you can build an Instagram slowly now I have another Instagram that's a lot bigger than this I have other instagrams for my you know my BG media account and so on and so forth and if you're looking to follow me you can follow me at BG media innovation that's BG media innovation on Twitter or sorry that's BG media actually on Twitter BG underscore media on Twitter but its BG media innovation on you know YouTube Facebook and Instagram I'm slowly building my presence on there I just kind of hopped on there with my actual company name so we're slowly growing there so feel free to follow me but if you're looking to grow you know a niche oriented page whether you're drop shipping you know whether you're doing Amazon you're trying to you know generate traffic to your listing because another thing that if you're if you're doing Amazon by the way Amazon loves and this is a secret that a lot of people don't know Amazon loves outside traffic so if you can actually bring outside traffic to your product listing Amazon loves that because not only do they have an opportunity to sell your product but they have an opportunity to sell their there are other products you know anything on Amazon so if you can bring outside traffic to Amazon they give you a bump and rank on your product a little caveat there you know if you're at Amazon FBA seller you know you might want to stash that away and figure out how you can generate traffic to your listing in other ways now this is a glass that I have that I kind of got away from I just slowly been building it back up so I generate traffic you know through Instagram for this class specifically I don't actually run PPC on this class right now so no no pay-per-click no ads whatsoever right now just slowly building up you know it's organic traffic and it's following um and you know I might run PPC once I identify keywords a for it I just haven't had a chance to so it's one of my many Amazon products this is this Instagram basically generates traffic to that listing but like I said if you have a you know a niche or oriented dropshipping store and you want to run traffic to your drop shipping store this is a free way basically to get traffic now this Instagram isn't that big I just started building it and don't worry I'm gonna get into the meat of how I actually did it in a second but that you can really do this across the board you know if you have let's see any type of website and you're trying to generate free traffic to it instead of makes it basically paying for Facebook Ads necessarily and paying for leads or you know instead of running Bing ads or Google AdWords you can basically run Instagram or social media marketing in this way through Instagram and generate followers and you know potential leads this way so this works great if you're interested in you know the specifics and the you know a more in-depth look at how you can actually do this and perform this I'll actually link my Instagram course in the description for you it's only ten bucks the retail prices of it is 200 bucks don't worry about that you get the Youtube subscriber discount in the description so feel free to check that out now how did I actually get you know over over practically over 5,000 I say 5,000 because I'm not exactly sure about how many followers I had specifically before this but I'll show you how I got engagement on these now it's all about engagement that's the key so I was getting 500 here five comments it's okay about 1,300 here 26 comments pretty good you know you can see that the engagement was pretty good but it was kind of sad now here if you look at this picture that I posted like two three days ago I didn't get that much likes but what I did get is 183 comments on it so what that actually did is that sent a it basically sent a message to instagrams algorithm that this post and all these comments happen like practically right away within like a couple hours of the post so what that did is it sent a an alert to basically instagrams algorithm that this post is relevant right now that people are engaging with this post and I'll show you how many people engage with this post it was a simple post and I actually tried something new across the board with not just this Instagram but a couple of my instagrams and it worked extremely extremely well so what I did and I barely put any thought into these other posts they just were simply to help engage with my my audience and generate traffic to my product listing so I literally post it and I would tag it and people would just engage with it and follow me and it worked but what I thought about is how can I ask a question of my audience and not just on this Instagram but across my instagrams you know I thought about how can i I audited my own posts basically and I said you know if I were a fan of whiskey and I was looking at this what I want to engage with these posts and the answer that I found was not really no they're not that enticing if I liked whiskey maybe I'd like it but there's nothing here that's gonna make me or entice me to engage with this more so than another post so what I thought about was how can i challenge my audience how can I put a better piece of content that would you know entice them to engage more and so what I did is I asked the question and I posted this picture with a my favorite whiskey is and then fill in the blank and I said fill in the blank intrigued to hear what everyone's into and go and literally everyone went and I started getting comments well how did I grow five thousand you know followers practically overnight or in a day or two well the answer to that question is that it is in instagrams algorithm so I got so many comments on this initially I got about you know 50 60 comments initially right off the bat within the first hour and so what that did was if you know anything about Instagram you can rank for hashtags so if I was if I were to type in something like whiskey right now or forgot the hashtag if I would type in something like hashtag whiskey right now okay and you can see things that pop up for hashtag whiskey now people are searching for these things and more people are searching for these things than you would think okay so what you want to do is you want to rank for a certain hashtag on one of these and it will slowly bring traffic to your to your to Europe I wanted to say listing so bad there to your um your actual post on Instagram okay so if you can rank for a certain hashtag then you can you can potentially capitalize off of a lot more organic traffic then you actually have followers and that will bring you more followers number one it will bring you more engagement number two which will in turn bring you more followers on top of that so it's basically like a circular process you get engagement which brings which ranks you for a hashtag then you also and if you're looking for a more in-depth way on how you can rank for hashtags you know on your posts feel free to check that course out I don't want to go into it in depth because I could talk about it for days but yeah guys so basically you want a hashtag all your pictures not in the in the actual description of the picture but you can see this guy did it here he he put it down in the description you could do that but I what I suggest is putting it in the first comment that will help you rank for hashtags and give you the opportunity to potentially rank for hashtags so when people do search those hashtags it brings them to your your your Instagram post can't talk did I apologize so but that's race it basically the way that you want to do it okay so you you want to rank for the hashtags which will bring you more engagement and the engagement will bring you more followers which will bring you more engagement and vice versa it's a it's a circular process and they both feed off each other and that literally brought me about 5,000 more followers overnight and I was blown away by this and you can do it too okay so it doesn't really matter you know what your niche is or what you're posting you have to simply ask yourself how to get more people to engage with your content and the secret is by posting better content post challenging content so we're right here this is like the example that I went over before my favorite whiskey is blank and you you ask people because they don't necessarily see this too too often everybody posting pictures they're not necessarily posting something that you can engage with or asking you to engage you're not going for that close so I don't suggest doing this every single time every single post but maybe once a week ask a question of your audience in the actual picture not in the description that was the secret to how I grew 5,000 followers overnight and you can definitely take this and use it for yourself and implement it and see if it works for you so you know comment down below let me know what you think about this strategy let me know if you're you know if you've tried it or if you're going to try it you know give me some feedback let me see how it works for you this did I didn't just do this with with this Instagram I did this across three different instagrams and they all saw similar engagement now granted this one was was the best with 183 comments but my other Instagram that has about 16 thousand followers right now um I think I got like 60 or 70 comments on that one too so that actually ranked fairly well on hashtags too I'll actually be making more Instagram videos so stay tuned for them and I'm gonna talk to you guys about how you can grow your Instagram following in the coming videos I want to kind of do a kind of a segment on how to grow your Instagram because I've been getting a lot of questions lately on you know Instagram tips Instagram marketing tips and tricks that can help people grow their instagrams I'm not necessarily an Instagram grower per se but what I do do is I use Instagram to generate traffic to my e-commerce stores and to my listings and my websites and you can take that and you can mold that what you know whether you have a site geared toward toward a specific niche or if you're just simply trying to grow your Instagram okay guys so I hope that you like the content today was kind of just like a tutorial walkthrough and I was talking a little bit I hope that you guys you know enjoyed it and you got some tips and some tricks out of it I just wanted to bring you a little bit of value if you like the content please like the video it really helps the channel grow comment and subscribe and I will see you guys mom

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