HOQU affiliate app Beta walkthrough

Hello everyone! The HOQU team is happy to introduce you to the hard work: the beta version of the advertising partner application! In this video we will demonstrate the interface of the application for you Teach you how to create advertising campaigns, leads, etc

And teach you how to review the completed transaction information We are now seeing that the platform has all uploaded the Ethereum blockchain We can open the code tab and scroll down We now have a visualization of the blockchain register You can find all activities and other entities in the blockchain register

Next, we enter the advertising partner app Here we need to create a wallet with a private key Then we can log in to the system Here we have dashboards where we can change the language to Russian or change the English In order to start using the app, we need to open the Profile tab and fill in the required information

To see how the application works, we can try different devices and the Identification tab We pass in the wallet section If we want another wallet, give metamsasses where we can create new wallets We open the event log When we click on what kind of transaction, the system demonstrates the pop-up window

The next part is the network part We can access any existing network, Review how all the tabs work, what they are, and so on Once we made the choice, we joined the network and nailed it The cursor shows that it appears in the menu After joining the network, we can see that the network we joined has already appeared in the menu

Here is a list of quotes we can get, we can choose the one we like the most Click More and we get more quotes that are currently available After we selected a newspaper, we clicked on the creation event This way we create an activity for the selected quote This is the activity part

Then we enter the tool section, We can see a list of all the instruments we have provided for this event We have seen all the parts, So we can go to the landing and click the Get Link button We have subid1 ppc, google_adwords in subid2 We copy the link After copying the link, we open it in the browser

Then leave the lead Let us wait a moment now Now the lead appears in the lead section Once it appears, we can click on the blockchain explorer button Now in addition to the blockchain explorer, We can also see the function of explore on etherscan

Once the lead is recorded in the blockchain, We can go to the report section As you can see, we have some labels here We will look at what each tag represents Finally, we go back to the dashboard, Look at the results of our actions Thank you for your attention, We hope that you like our introduction video

This video was made for you by Nikita's friendly community manager I will see you soon!

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