Here’s How to Start Affiliate Marketing for FREE!

– Wanna get started with affiliate marketing for free? In this video I'm gonna share with you five actionable steps to get started with affiliate marketing for free today No money down, no money up front, you got nothing to lose so keep watching, stay tuned

Hey, what is up guys? Odi productions here and I am back It's been at least a week since I've made my last video If you guys missed it, in my last video I taught the best ways to get started with affiliate marketing on any budget So whether you have no money, whether you have $100 or up to $1,000 I teach the best ways to invest that money to get started off on the right foot with affiliate marketing and in this video today I'm actually expanding upon that first method which is how to get started for free, how to get started without any money down You basically got nothing to lose, there's no risk

I'm gonna teach you the best way to get started today for free and I'm gonna give you guys five actionable steps on not only getting started by how you can successfully create an affiliated marketing business for basically no money down Now, it's important for me to say that if you are getting into this you're gonna be at a disadvantage compared to people who are willing to invest some money up front So it'd be naive of me to tell you if compared to investing 100 to 1,000, $500 you're gonna see the same amount of results or success quicker than people who just get started for free So just wanna put that little disclaimer out there but still, you can still get started today There's nothin' to lose so let's get right into it

So I'm gonna put the time stamp right here if you wanna skip right to the steps Before that I did wanna just give some life updates real quick just to update you guys on where I've been and what I've been up to lately Life's been pretty crazy I think I said that in my last video too but my last video I introduced my new apartment here, as you guys can see I got the little guy, Taco

If you guys haven't met him yet this is my pup, hi Taco Say hi He is adorable and he's so awesome Taco, he's a French bulldog He's about 11, maybe close to 12 weeks old now but he's just a little angel

Look at him, oops (laughs) Anyways, so today I actually just got off a call with an NFL player, Stepfan Taylor who actually is the leading rusher, running back for Stanford in college football and he played for the Arizona Cardinals as well So as you guys can see right here I got the clip kinda saved right here Maybe I'll throw the clip in here right now where you guys can see a little bit, introduce him a little bit to the channel Hey what's up guys? Right now I just finished a call with Stepfan Taylor who is right here

We've been talking on Skype – What's up, what's up, what's up? – [Odilon] Yo, how's it goin? – Good man, it's been a good call – [Odilon] I'm glad, I'm glad to hear it man Did you get a lot of value from that? – I did, I did I appreciate it man, you know

We got some things cookin' – [Odilon] Yes, sir, yes sir Yeah, me and Stepfan here, we got a couple, we're schemin' up low key We got some business ideas that he presented to me And this guy, I mean he's got a lot of great ideas but this one that he's gonna be goin' after is gonna be, I think is gonna be a huge hit

It's gonna be a success But yeah, I'm glad to connect with you man It's really dope to be able to connect with you And how exactly did you find my channel and the course and everything? – I found it on YouTube Literally, I don't know what I was watching but I saw on the screen, because I've been interested in marketing things like that

So I'm always doing some learning, so I clicked it and I was like huh, then I shot you a DM on Instagram saying I appreciate that transparent content and you know, I bought the course – Yes sir Man, that is awesome, that's crazy It's crazy You played for the Arizona Cardinals, he played for the Stanford Cardinals

I thought that was kinda funny, playing for the Cardinal But yeah, this is insane, he's in the course, and we've been working together on this mentoring and he's interested in the affiliate marketing And you know, so it's been pretty awesome So, alright man, thanks, appreciate that Just got off a call with Stepfan Taylor

We talked affiliate marketing because he is actually a student of mine in Affiliate Marketing Champ So no joke, an NFL player is in my course He DM'd me on Instagram He's a paid student He joined about a week ago and it's just so crazy

So I'm gonna put that clip right there so you guys can watch that So aside from the interview with Stapfan Taylor I was in Scottsdale for about a week on Thanksgiving vacation with my girlfriend and her family (squeak toy being compressed) hey Taco, keep quiet I was there for a week, it was beautiful It was my first time in Scottsdale I've been to Arizona before but only Phoenix and Scottsdale is just, it's amazing

There are so many nice sports cars The weather was beautiful It was just a great place to be So I'll show some clips here from my trip that I recorded on my phone or something but it was a great time and shoutout to my girlfriend who also unpacked my entire place In my last video there was a bunch of huge boxes right here

Everything's cleaned out now I made it a little messy, that's my bad I kind of made the place messy again but she unpacked my whole place so shoutout to her But yeah, so basically, ya know, just got back from vacation I've been connecting with a lot of people lately

It's been pretty crazy but it's time to get on to the meat and potatoes of this video and it's just to jump into the five steps for how to get started, I'm gonna use the whiteboard, with affiliate marketing for free Let's get it Alright guys, so we are gonna hop onto this whiteboard and I'm gonna start with step one for how to get started with affiliate marketing for free So step one right here, as you guys can see is you need to choose your niche Alright, so step one is choosing a niche

You have to come up with basically the topic or the market that you want to go after for your business So choosing a niche is gonna be a tough decision for a lot of people who are just getting started and here's my advice for that I get a lot of people who ask me, should I choose something that I'm passionate about or should I choose something that is more explicitly profitable? And my advice for you, if you're just getting started, especially if you're getting started for free, is to just go after a niche that you are passionate about, at least for your first business Now I'm not saying that for every business that you create you should just straight up go for passion over let's say profit But for your first one, specifically the first one I think it's okay to go for your passion

So for me, my first affiliate marketing business is RecordingNowcom, which I actually have right here on my headphones, you guys can see the logo Recording Now And you guys can visit the website right now It's a home recording website So that's the niche that I chose was home recording for my first affiliate marketing business

And the thing is I didn't do any research when I went into home recording The reason why I did it is because honestly I just love making music I like producing music and I happen to already have this knowledge in that industry which gave me a competitive advantage And so for you if you happen to know something or you're passionate about something, chances are you have competitive advantages such as more knowledge and expertise that you can utilize in your business that will allow you to create better content, it will allow you to basically serve your audience better if you are knowledgeable about a certain subject So again, one thing I wanna say is you don't have to be an expert

A lot of people think that okay, but I'm not an expert I like doing this but I'm not an expert, I'm not an authority Well the thing is you don't have to be an expert, guys You just have to know enough to teach someone else or to help someone else So honestly, it's a limiting belief to think that you have to be the world's leading expert to teach someone something because it's not true

You can start today, you don't have to be an expert, but you know, keep learning, keep going, and eventually one day you will become an expert So number one, choosing a niche Go with something you're passionate about at first because one, it's something you have a competitive advantage in, and number two it's simply because you won't get burned out Now the problem is if you go after something that you're not passionate about, so let's say you go after something like laser technology Alright, I don't know anything about lasers

I don't really care for lasers but let's say it's extremely profitable to talk about lasers, okay? And if I go into this and I start creating content about lasers and I try some products that I know nothing about in the laser industry I'm gonna get burned out because frankly I don't care, it's not fun for me, ya know? You wanna do something that is gonna fulfill you and it's not just financially but fulfill you in a sense of having fun, in a sense of giving you a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment So number one, go with something you're passionate about so you don't get burned out and something that you have advantages in already So step number two Your next step, this is how you get started for free, this is the key step right here guys Writing it down, step number two

Boom, start a YouTube channel Boom, that's the key right there If you wanna get started for free you have to start a YouTube channel There's no other way that's better than creating a YouTube channel for many reasons So traditionally what you would do if you had let's say 70 to $100 to spend you actually only need about 70 bucks to create a website these days, which is actually what I taught in one of my last videos, which I'll link to right here

Where I taught a college student how to get started with affiliate marketing for $100 Usually you'd have a website That's the best way to get started But you could also just create a YouTube channel So I usually recommend if you have the money to really create both the website and the YouTube channel and combine it, that's where the magic happens

However, if you have no money, you're dead broke, you can start a YouTube channel It's free, it's completely free to get started It doesn't cost you anything, creating videos, posting videos It doesn't cost you anything to post a video This video I'm posting right now it cost me $0

I'm gonna upload it today It's probably gonna reach thousands of people and it didn't cost me a single cent, it didn't cost me a single penny So that's the beauty of YouTube and you know, I know there's gonna be a lot of resistance right now There's gonna be some of you who are saying I don't know how to create videos, I'm shy, I don't wanna get on camera Listen to me, listen to me right now, level with me

This is the best way to get started and there are many things that you can work around when it comes to making videos And if you have weaknesses, like let's say you don't like being on camera you don't have to be on camera, guys If you watch my review videos from my headphones from RecordingNowcom and these videos have gotten hundreds of thousands of views, there are plenty of videos, actually in not a single video do I share my face In fact, I just do a voiceover

I do voiceovers and I feature the headphones in my hands but I never share myself, I never show my face, nothing like that So you could do that Another way is you could hire someone, you could hire someone to either make these videos for you or take care of the video editing if you're not good at that The only other option is to outsource You need to outsource it to someone else

If you don't wanna make videos you have to get someone else to do it Now, the thing is if you're broke, if you have no money to spend you can't pay anyone to do the videos so you have to make 'em yourself And ya know, there's gonna be a lot of resistance here again but trust me, this is the best way and I'll explain why Because when you create a YouTube video and you create a YouTube channel you can get traffic to your content for free, for free YouTube, if you look on the right-hand side there's a bunch of videos there, right? Those are suggested videos

And it doesn't cost anything to have a suggested video And if you create videos about certain topics, a certain subject and someone, let's say there's a viewer on YouTube, they're just browsing around and they're already watching stuff that's in your market or topic your video may pop up there and that's the beauty of it You can get views for free on YouTube and it doesn't cost you anything to create this content I mean, if you have an iPhone that right there is your video camera You don't need to buy an expensive camera

All you need is a smartphone that can record video which is all the smartphones these days And they make some pretty darn good video quality as well So no excuses, start a YouTube channel It's the best way If you don't wanna do the YouTube channel you have to create a website

However, it costs some money to make a website About 70 to $80 to get started with a website, that's probably the cheapest you can get started and honestly that's what I recommend But you know, this video is about starting for free So we're getting real scrappy, we're bootstrapping right now so we gotta do the YouTube channel That's our only option

So number three, after you've chosen your niche, after you've started your YouTube channel, so number three and four these two steps are interchangeable but basically you have to join the affiliate programs So the one that I always recommend for beginners is called Amazon Associates If you haven't heard about it, it's Amazon's affiliate program If you ever see, if you ever see links in YouTube videos for products you know if someone does a review video and then there's Amazon links in the description, chances are those are Amazon Associates links Which is the largest affiliate program in the world where you can basically link to any product on Amazon and earn a commission if someone purchases anything within 24 hours

So pretty cool stuff You have to join the affiliate program and that's why we have to create the YouTube channel because when you join the Amazon Associates affiliate program they ask you for a website Now if you don't have a website you can actually substitute it with a YouTube channel But what you wanna do is you wanna make sure that YouTube channel looks lived in You wanna make that YouTube channel look like it actually has some decent content on there

You don't just wanna have an empty YouTube channel which is why steps three and four are kinda interchangeable because step number four is to create content, right there So this would be videos If you had a website, content would be blog articles or posts but for a YouTube channel the content that you create, they're videos And so what you wanna do when you create this content is you wanna create content that gets people in that buying phase So what does this mean? Basically when people, they wanna buy something

Let's say they wanna buy a new pair of headphones, right? What do they do? They go online and they do research They read and they watch review videos, right? So they read, they watch reviews, they watch comparisons You've seen these videos, you know? Stuff like top five headphones, bluetooth headphones of 2017 stuff like that, right? So this content is extremely powerful and effective for selling products because it directly speaks to people who are in that buying phase Now there are some people, the phases of selling are like researching, there's buying, there's people who are ready to make a purchase, then there's people who are just discovering a topic So you don't necessarily want to reach people who are looking up, what is bluetooth, right? You wanna be reaching people who are looking up what are the best bluetooth headphones for $200 in 2017? That's what you wanna be targeting rather than a very general topic, right? So basically you wanna create content that gets people in that buying phase because it's gonna be so much easier for you to sell if someone is already willing to buy, you just need to give them that gentle push to get them to make that purchase

So step number four, that's content And in that content you put the Amazon Associates links You put your affiliate links in the description of the content and it's very simple And I have a tip for you guys to increase your clicks, increase your sales If you do have these videos, you're creating this content you have the links in the description

Make sure in the video that you mention and you tell people directly to click the link in the description, why? Because for some reason people like being told what to do and you know, you may disagree with that A lot of people, maybe you're a rebel But psychologically human beings like being given directions it makes things easier You know, you don't have to think as much So for this kind of content, what you wanna do is you wanna tell people to click that link in the description but also provide an incentive

Now, the incentive that I usually go with is hey, if you'd like to save some money, if you want a discount then click the link in the description to get the lowest price available And Amazon usually has the lowest prices anyways so by saying that and giving that incentive and initiative, telling them to take action, it's so much more effective than putting the link up there and then not speaking on it on your video, right? So that right there, golden nugget Number five, step number five of our five steps to starting an affiliate marketing business for free Step number five, this right here is going to be, I'm just gonna call it distribution but let me expand upon that So distribution, there ya go, distribution

So actually in my call with Stepfan earlier today we discussed content and distribution So there are two sides of the coin, one of them is you need to create content, content that sells You need to make good videos that get people to buy, that get people excited to make a purchase that get people sold, basically So you need to create really good videos Now number two, the other side of the coin or the other side of the ball is distribution

You have to distribute this content because you could create the greatest sales video on the planet but if nobody watches it how many products are you gonna sell? Not a trick question, it's very simple If your video gets seen by zero people chances are you're gonna make zero sales, right? So the question is pretty simple, it's pretty straightforward How do you get traffic to your content? How do you get eyeballs in order to get those sales, right? So I get this question a lot, probably almost daily, and I get people asking me how do you get traffic to your content in order to get sales? And there's a lot of strategies here and I teach some specific strategies to my students; however, basically it's very simple guys There's two ways to get traffic One of them is organic, one of them is how to get traffic for free

And you know, there's a ton of different methods that you can get free traffic; however, it's not as effective as paid traffic to be honest with you and just to be straight up Because when you have no following, a lot of people ask, how do I get no traffic with no following? The secret is paid traffic You have to pay for it and you know, beggars can't be choosers If you don't have a following, if you don't have any subscribers, you don't have any followers and you're creating content, no one's gonna watch it you know, unless you use free traffic methods or you pay for it Now, I'm a big believer in you gotta pay to play

I'm a big believer in investing in your business so I think that you should use paid traffic to get results much quicker However, this video is about starting for free So let's double down on the free method which would be you need to just promote in as many free channels as possible And this involves basically bootstrapping and getting scrappy with it It means gorilla marketing tactics

So it means stuff like going on forums, right? And going on YouTube comments and not spamming You need to avoid spam at all costs because there is a way to do free traffic; however, it's not in being spammy or basically throwing up your links everywhere The way to do free traffic is as much as possible if you can provide value to people and if you can make it as organic as possible, so that means giving before taking, you gotta give to get, then do that as much as possible So if you're on a forum for example answer questions, help people out, provide a perspective, say thank you, appreciate people and they are more likely to you know, scratch your back in return versus people who just ask, they just take, take, take They're like hey, I need this, I need that, help me, help this, help that

People are not gonna wanna help you if you're not willing to give them something in return or in the first place And one of the key laws or ya know techniques in influence and persuasion is reciprocation That's giving someone something without necessarily asking for something in return right then and there but just giving Because the more you give the more value you give the more you're gonna receive in the long run and that's the best way to go about things Don't chase the quick buck because that's honestly gonna hurt you more than it's gonna help you

What you wanna do is you wanna give as much as possible in order to get So that right there, that is my views on free traffic is you have to make it as organic as possible That's the keyword, organic Don't make it seem like a sale If people know that they're being sold to they don't like it, right? So instead, why don't you actually try and provide some real value to people and help people out

That way everything comes so much easier So distribution, again since the problem is we're kinda limited here since we are talking about free you're not gonna be as effective as someone who has the means to do paid traffic and invest in ads And it doesn't even have to be that much It can be $5 per day and that could literally land you dozens if not hundreds of views Honest, think about that

If you do come up on some funds, you do want to invest in paid traffic, and I can't get into that in this video, it would literally take me hours to discuss my strategies for paid traffic This video is just a quick primer on basically giving you guys a five-step strategy on how you can get started for free today So anyways, that wraps up the strategy I hope you guys enjoy that I hope you guys got value from it

If you did please right now, thumbs up and comment below letting me know or else I'm not gonna know, I'm not gonna hear you, and the more likes and comments this video gets the more I'm gonna create content just like this and keep making those affiliate marketing videos So if you guys did find value in that, you know, take two seconds to give it a thumbs up and to comment but that wraps up this video One last thing that I wanna way is I wanna touch upon the course because so many of you are interested and you're messaging me every single day and commenting about the course But basically things have been pretty crazy in a good way We now have hundreds, hundreds of students and I mean the diversity of the students is insane

Like I said earlier, Stepfan Taylor We got NFL player in the course I have these YouTubers who have close to half a million subscribers who actually just joined the course as well and who I'm working with right now and mentoring I got Iman Gadzhi who is a 17-year-old entrepreneur who specializes in personal branding and social media marketing who has made over $300,000 at 17 years old He's in the course as well

So basically things have been pretty crazy I've been making a lot of really cool connections and the best part has been the results that my students have been seeing So I just wanna share this with you guys One of my students, his name is John And he posted this yesterday

He posted this picture He has been in the course for I think just a couple weeks now and he just made and launched his website And as you guys can see here in a one-week span November 21st to November 27th 2017, in a one-week span he sold over $600 worth of items on Amazon with a 20% conversion rate So it's pretty nuts These numbers to some people, they may not be that impressive, ya know, but to me this is amazing

This guy just got started and he had no experience, no background, and he just created his first affiliate marketing website and business and is getting sales He sold over 20 items in a one-week span And this is nuts to me because this is just the beginning for him And I know that if he sticks to this and he keeps working I mean that's gonna be 10 times as much, 100 times as much one day So it's really insane for me to see these students getting results in such a short period of time because for me it took me so long to get my first 20 sales and people are doing that in a week

And I have other students who actually have earned over $1,000 from the course alone in just about a week or two span So again, I never preach get rich quick, and my course is not for the people who are looking to make a quick buck, it isn't for you It's for people who are looking to make a long-term business and brand that's gonna last for months if not years to come It's gonna make you money on vacation just like it did for me when I was in Scottsdale, Arizona last week So if you guys are interested in the course, again I mentioned in my last video that the price is going up and I'm about to increase the price by Friday

So I said Friday in the last video, it's gonna be this Friday that I'm gonna be increasing the price of the course because I'm gonna be wrapping up the email marketing module which I'm expanding upon But yeah, so basically it's been a great ride So many connections, so many cool people have been in the course have been sharing their stories, have been sharing their results and success So it's been so great and if you guys are interested shoot me a message or hop in there because I'd love to work with you, I'd love to see you in there So, anyways, appreciate everything guys

I wish you a great rest of your day I hope you guys stay productive and you stay positive Alright, catch you guys in the next one, peace

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