Hello From The World Cup! | And How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing…

hey guys what's going on Aaron Chen here coming to you live from Moscow Russia I did promise you that I would try and get some footage of me of the World Cup so I'm actually hanging out I don't even know where I am to be honest is one of the main strips I just want to show you lots going on right there some must be playing the violin emotion if you can see that but actually he's playing right now it's England and Belgium playing for third place so it's halftime I thought I'd just pop out it's been really really difficult to make a video actually because with my family and we're literally just walking around looking at beautiful cathedrals and stuff every single this is really really tough but anyway there's a point to this video I wanted how to succeed in affiliate marketing to just nip out here and make a quick little video for you guys while I was here in Moscow and I wanted to talk about something really important actually I wanted to talk about you know being patient when it comes to building you know your your business whatever business you decide to build right whether it's an affiliate marketing business top-tier sales business opportunity selling information products online you know whatever you decide to do it's very very important to understand that it's not gonna happen overnight okay it's not about the short game it's about you know something I have that I call the long game right and and I think the problem that a lot of people have really when they first start you know anything online for whatever reason just because it's it's online I suppose they think that they can you know have results in the next two weeks right and and it's also it's not just that it's online you know yes you can build your business and it can grow tremendously if you figure out what you're doing but a lot of people and it takes a lot of time before you can get to that stage right but the other problem as well is that when it comes to online business okay yes you can scale it and you can you can have tremendous results but whatever it is it's gonna take a little bit of time okay it's just like any real business whether it's an online business or an offline business it's gonna take some time okay so don't be in a rush to get results in the first you know two weeks because it's not gonna work that way right there's so many people online that will try something for you know a couple of weeks and just because they're not really getting results they call it a scam or they give up or they're you know the thing that's called online thing you know just doesn't work or they ask for refunds I mean just crazy stuff okay the truth and you know and I made that mistake myself right you may have watched some of my videos in the past where I swear spoken about that and I think one of the biggest mistakes that I made while I was growing my business the first eight years that I was growing my business is that I never gave a strategy or a business model enough time for it to actually develop into something bigger and better okay so you know you you can't make that mistake it's a big invisible thing that happens to a lot of people but basically you got to give any one business model or any one strategy at least I would say 12 to 24 months okay if you're not giving it if you're not giving at that amount of time then you're doing yourself a great injustice because basically what happens is you don't really get the results that you're looking for and then you move quickly onto another strategy and you'll basically keep spinning your wheels because every single strategy that you implement it's gonna take you at least the minimum bare minimum okay if not probably 12 to 24 months to actually really bear fruit and give you some tremendous results okay so you know what I'm talking about the long game I'm talking about you know putting on your marathon shoes not your sprinting shoes right a lot of people think that this is a sprint okay a lot of people think that you can make money in like you know the first day or the first couple of weeks of being online it's just not the case how to succeed in affiliate marketing you know and unfortunately a lot of you know bullshit peddlers out there a lot of people bush you know peddling bullshit information saying that you don't have to do anything you can just push a button make money you know you can make it really really quickly all you have to do is you know inverse $27 and you can start making money in the next couple of hours I mean come on let's be real all right if this is an online business if this is a real business you're not gonna make $10,000 in your first few hours it's just impossible physically impossible okay so what you want to do is you want to code you want to get that whole mindset of you know online internet equaling to it being easy because there's no such thing is easy it's hard okay it is hard but you have to be okay with hard because you know the potential of building a real and proper business on the Internet is just incredible absolutely incredible okay when you figure it out right I mean you know I've been in Moscow and st Petersburg for the last week now I can't show you because I'm you know I'm not watching here I'm on my phone and I can't really show you my my screenshots but I haven't done anything in my business for the last seven days and I'm still making sales every single day right now how did I do that well I work hard I've busted my ass for the last nine years again this is not gonna you know take you nine years if you have the right information but understand that in order to build a foundation and to build a business where you can generate sales every single day even if you're not there you know working 12 hours a day seven days a week that takes time right it takes time it takes knowledge it takes understanding all right and it takes patience it takes you know you being brave enough to you know make that investment in your business investing in your knowledge investing in your marketing skillset and investing in the time that is gonna take you to build a business up to the level where you can take holidays you know and go to the World Cup for ten days or whatever it is and continue to generate sales every single day even if you're not there every single day that makes sense right so this is actually the first of all you know I have been responding to emails and I've been responding to messages on facebook like I always do I want to see I don't spend that in that much time when I've been doing it for like half an hour an hour at max a day since I've been in Russia but this is the first actual video the first piece of content that I've actually done because I just haven't had time to do it otherwise you know most of the time I've been walking around looking beautiful monasteries and churches and you know watching the football games you know drinking lots of alcohol a little bit red right now I had a couple of beers you know I'm just watching a lot of football right because how to succeed in affiliate marketing that's what life's about it's about enjoying yourself okay but before you can do that it's important to understand that you have to build a foundation yeah you and you can't be lazy right and again it takes time it's it's you know get that whole you know short term quick fix quick you know push button blah blah blah get that mentality out of your head because there's just no such thing okay and it really is about playing the long game it's about being patient it's about investing in the tools investing in your education investing in your mindset investing in your marketing skillset right and taking lots of action making lots of mistakes in your business but me you know even though you make lots of business sorry even though you make awesome mistakes it's about learning from those mistakes making the right tweaks in your business and then taking more action so that you can finally get the results that you're really really looking for okay very very important and and if you do that consistently over you know the medium to long term alright then you can actually get some tremendous results in your business and when you do get real results in your business because now you know what you're doing right you can scale your business up to tremendous levels because once one plus one equals two right then you can figure out how one plus one equals five alright but you can only do that if you put enough time into your business and you play the long game not the short game alright so don't be in a rush okay you know when I first started nine plus years ago I was in a rush okay I was in a rush I wanted to get the results and you know it's human nature to want to do things as quickly as possible to get results as quickly as possible but I'm telling you you know I'm telling you right now that it's gonna take you time all right to be able to figure out this entire game to go from zero internet marketing knowledge to earning $10,000 or more per month in your business you can do that in a week just this is impossible alright that is physically impossible no one that I know of in the entire industry has ever done that okay so be patient but be patient get on your marathon shoes and be prepared to play the long game because that's how you win in the end okay and everybody who wants to take a shortcut they're gonna lose okay if you're here to be see if you're here for a sprint if you're here to get you know short term wins you're gonna lose 100% all right I guarantee it I guarantee you're gonna lose so play the long game and you're gonna be absolutely fine okay so that's it that's all I wanted to to give you in this in this video today in one last shot of this beautiful Street lots of Russian people but yeah that's it listen if you enjoyed that video give me a thumbs up would how to succeed in affiliate marketing really really appreciate it you can just click the button below if this is the first time you're watching my video for whatever reason you know you're finding it on YouTube or some somewhere randomly on Google or or you know on Facebook or whatever and you want to get more great content like this then you know you can click the red button right below this video subscribe okay and also if you want to learn how to do this right if you're like okay I get it I've been you know burnt many many times online I've you know maybe you've even invested money maybe even you even take an action on your business but you for some reason whatever it is you can't get in profit okay you want to learn how to actually build a proper business online you're like Erin I really want to learn how to do this and actually create something real all right then I want to teach you how to do that all you have to do is click on the link right below this video is gonna lead you to my website okay on that website and see your best email address because I'm gonna be sending you some content that will teach you for free okay if you want how I built my business the core strategies that I used how you can use it for yourself as well to build a really solid foundation and if you want to go deep there will be an option for you to go deep and you know you know learn from me get access to me all that stuff if you want to completely up to you okay and listen all the best I'll speak to you very very soon Erin Chen signing out from Moscow Russia I'll catch you I'm gonna be back home actually I'm leaving in a couple of days so back to normal and I'll speak to you very soon take care all the best

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