Google Analytics Tracking for Your WordPress Website

– Hey y'all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday My name is Kori Ashton in San Antonio, Texas and I have to give a shoutout to our local WordPress meetup community

Specifically Yusuf Chowdhury who has that up and thank you so much for every single WordPress Wednesday at the end of the month you get together this awesome crew of South Texas and specifically San Antonio area folks interested in WordPress Y'all meet together totally for free and hang out and Yusuf actually teaches these videos So if you're in the South Texas or San Antonio area, try to make it down but if you're not, Yusuf also does a live feed broadcast on Facebook for all his workshops so I will put a link to his live feed in the description box below You guys have to check him out He is a wealth of knowledge and some of the stuff that he's been teaching recently, I've even been learning so it's just phenomenal

I'll be talking a little more about a resource he provided in this video as well Today we want to look specifically at Google Analytics inside of your WordPress website How do you put it in there, how do you connect the two, what's the easiest way to do that Now obviously, you have to go over to Google Analytics Literally just google "Google Analytics" and set up a free account with them

What it's basically doing is, you're telling Google "I'm totally fine with you tracking the visitors to my website" You're giving them permission You're opting in When you do that though, all they're gonna do is give you a little bit of a nerd code, a little snippet of code and you have to go back to your website and put that code back on your website so that the two of them can communicate So how do you do that easily and simply inside of the world of WordPress? I've talked about this topic before

One of the plugins that I highly recommended a while back and I'll put the link to that video in the description box below, was Super Simple Google Analytics Now, currently it hasn't been updated to 492 which is as of today, the version of WordPress that we're running So if you're watching this video in the future, whatever version WordPress core that you're running, be sure that any plugin for that matter is compatible

So this one particular plugin only allows you to take the nerd code when you sign up for Google Analytics Google will give you what's called a UA number, a unique number that you'll be able to take over and once you install this plugin it gives you this little screen that you can copy and paste your own code inside of So, that's pretty cool but it doesn't do anything else other than link your website with Google Analytics So you still have to then go over to Google Analytics and log in all the time and see what's tracking and see how many visitors you have and all the analytics Now Yusuf taught us a few weeks ago about a really cool tool called MonsterInsights and there is a free version but there's definitely is a more advanced paid version

Now this thing, this is kind of a beast, just like it says it's a monster It's gonna allow you to track everything and it's gonna put all of the stats literally right inside of your dashboard So it's a really cool tool that brings all those nerd code, tracking elements, all the charts, all the information directly to your dashboard So be sure to come over and check this out I'll put the links to these in the description box below as well

I'm not affiliate marketing, I'm just telling you about a really cool resource that might help you better track your traffic I mean, you have to know who's coming to your site right? You have to know that Alright, shoutout to Yusuf thanks so much team, bye-bye!

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