Getting Started with Email Marketing and List Building

hey hey hey it's you're gurl Ms Ileane I'm so glad you're able to join me today I just want you to know that I feel like I'm taking a big risk because I'm outside but I wanted to get out here and just soak in some of us absolutely gorgeous weather that we're having in Philadelphia however the risk is that one of my neighbors or my friend mr

Rodney will begin to mow the lawn – or mow someone's lawn so that's the risk my hashtagologist is here so I'm already feeling more secure so how is the sound and king of blazes is here hello hello and could you just let me know how is the sound so far good wonderful I wanted to use my earbuds because I thought well at least that will give folks more of an idea that I am doing something and uh-huh at least they'll think I'm talking on the phone and I forgot how to get rid of that okay no I don't want that okay so what I want to talk about today is email marketing and there's been some new things coming up on the horizon that actually helped to eliminate excuses I know there's all kinds of excuses for why people haven't started their email list I don't have any money nobody cares about what I want to write and oh you think it's gonna be a good one huh Tish okay great well let me take a sip of water for some reason my mouth that dry OOP that almost turned into a gulp sorry if you heard that okay so we decided to keep the glasses on and I think that might be a good decision now I just got to remember to look at over here I don't know why they need to fine make a phone and put the camera up at the top I just want to get that off my chest okay so email marketing how can you get start it with e-mail marketing so one thing that I'm really really pleased to tell you is that I have two email marketing tools that I use and both of them are offering free trials so there's one of your excuses right off the bat you don't have to have any money how cool is that right well you have to have a credit card that I think you still need to give them your credit card but you can get started yes I mean hashtag eileen youtube churches in session and actually this was super cute saturday sunday weekend but i went to the gym and i sacrificed so it's not as super cute as I like it but still not bad so I'm excited I'm really excited to tell you about these things and so the first tool that I use and you guys who've been following me for a long time know that not only do I use this tool I'm also friends with these guys that work at AWeber because it's right in my neck of the woods and I go there for their meetups you know they have Philadelphia small business meetups has their meet up there and I've gone there for their grand opening when they purchased a new location it's not quite so new anymore I guess it's about four or five years old now but still you know it's a really neat building and they have some really cool people working there and one of the things that I love about it is that the guy who started AWeber his name is Tom I want to say Klunzer our Kulzer I'm sorry if I'm pronouncing that incorrectly he's very innovative guy and he's relatively young and he started with the autoresponder a technology that we all take for granted nowadays with email marketing providers most for the most part most of them offer the autoresponder which is like a follow up series that sends out emails automatically I mean you can set that all up in advance and Aweber is a perfect tool to do that and like I said you can get a 30-day free trial of Aweber hey Gord it's your first time on my life yes Gord has been following me over on Facebook we've been chatting and also Gord is on my anchor so I'm so glad I don't know did you hear about it when I announced it on anchor today Gord or did you just happen to get the notification so all the links that I'm providing for you guys today first of all they're all affiliate links you know you already know that but we're all gonna go to ileanesmithcom and it's gonna be slash something so in this case if you want to sign up for the 30-day free trial for Aweber it's ileanesmithcom slash/Aweber ileanesmithcom/Aweber okay so now we're going to eliminate the next excuse because we already eliminated the excuse about you're not have any money right I've been watching a few people on anchor but learned about you and when I watched you with Owen and Nick up you can't make the comments too long when on my phone Gord because the the last sentence always gets cut off so all you have to do is paste that last sentence or retype that last sentence into another message because the messages only stay for I don't know why they do that they should just stay there and I could should be able to scroll through them but that's just not how it works I wash you with Owen and Nick anchor is a great platform for me oh thank you so much I actually made it into the top 20 on anchor yesterday so I have to give myself a pat on the back as a matter of fact I wanted to tell you I forgot to do housekeeping I had that written on a separate piece of paper I was supposed to do my youtube live yesterday but I could not tear myself away from that anchor app because I was recording a podcast and if you are interested in that podcast just go to ileanesmithcom/10 that one was about podcast rankings that was a really juicy one and the one before that was even juicier and that was about multi casting and that's a ileanesmith

com/9 okay that was a housekeeping forgot to mention that all right let's put that piece of paper away we're done with that I'm so used to picking up my computer doing the screen sharing now I just have all my little screens written down on paper it's good to use pen and paper sometimes – okay so you get your free trial for Aweber however that like I said that eliminates that first excuse of not having money the next excuse is I don't know what to say oh I'll sign oh hey yes hi from a porch with Ileane talking taking a page from Cliff ravenscraft yeah Oh Larry you know what I forgot I'm not actually on a porch I'm actually in my yard so it's taking it to higher ground yes but I do like Cliff's porch talks and also when he's exercising but if you follow me on Anchor you already know already to the gym so I don't have to do any more walking today if I don't want to I can just sit here and YouTube all afternoon okay so you don't know what to write that's the next excuse that we're going to eliminate my friends are a weber and you know i'm taking i'm taking credit for this I am taking credit for this okay because like I said I go to the meetups at AWeber Erik Harbison that's Erik with a K by the way very nice guy he's the marketing manager or director I don't know what is he's a head of marketing I guess you could say he's the CMO of Aweber and so we always chat a little and so the last time I went to the Meetup I said to him you know the biggest problem that people have with email marketing the biggest struggle the biggest challenge because I have that challenge is we don't know what to write in our emails so I'm taking total credit for the fact that a weber came up with an 86 page guide oh by the way I signed up for your meetups in my area oh good for you Tish we got a year but you should talk about that on anchor you should tell us what the meetup was that you signed up for and how the meetings are going and all that that's an excellent topic to cover one anchor so this guide from a weber gives you you're welcome for the idea Tish gives you templates to tell you what to write in your emails so bear with me because what I did was I took the liberty because I feel like it was my idea wasn't my idea they already had they had a guy before about what to write in email but I didn't know I wasn't thrilled with it but this one is the bomb it's already got me motivated I've already written a couple emails because I'm email marketing it's not really something that I was active in you know not as active as I should be I should be more consistent all right I gotta be a morphic assisting y'all know I'm a work in progress just like everybody else here right so here's just a little a couple things that they're they go over in the guide and I printed this out so I'm just going to read the bullet points bring value to your readers write your subscribers are busy and they don't always consider your emails as top priority we know that right hashtag I mean working progress WIP WIP it up thank you as you talk about your product or service be sure to position it in a way that highlights the value and benefits it will bring to subscribers like this is what I'm doing you know I'm telling you guys first of all you can use my affiliate link Aileen Smith's calm slash Aweber or if you want to just go right to the guide you just go to ileanesmithcom/write W R I T E not the other right right because that doesn't work right now but this is what to write W or ite so ileanesmithcom/write okay remember your subscribers are people you know you all know I don't forget that because I do which are all on these platforms will really get up close and personal with each other but I mean I know a lot of other marketers don't do that not that I consider myself a marketer I'm a content creator I have too many business owners view their subscribers as a list of faceless email addresses just waiting to be turned into dollar signs well that certainly isn't me and I know it's none of you guys that are here gourd or Tish or Larry we all think of people as people and oh there's a couple other people here hi insert name hate those well we're going to talk about that that is part of the template Larry but we're going to get a little bit more detail oh and guys make sure you stay because there's a really cold banging bonus Wow bonus feature that I want to tell you about I don't have a bonus but it's a bonus feature that my other affiliate program has and I'll tell you about that coming right up alright so number 3 spark interest in your emails right you provide readers with valuable and helpful information keep it engaging that will ensure your emails hold the attention of your subscribers to stand out keep your emails concise and relevant to their interests and how many emails did we get in our inbox where people don't want to keep it concise those are ones you just say delete yeah maybe I need to unsubscribe from this list yeah I did that a couple times this week repurpose content you already wrote yes yes we're going to talk about that too we're talking about that you know and I think I'm going to come back to the templates about what to write because I'm really starting to get excited about this other thing I want to tell you so I have two more things I want to tell you about a weber and what to write write to one person instead of 1000 and you know I hear people saying this a lot and I don't know that people do it per se I tried to do that a lot especially for example when I'm on Instagram and I know Larry if nobody else knows this is Larry okay because most of the time when I'm doing mr Graham I'm talking to him oh if anybody else happens to be watching that's good for them too but I don't say hey y'all I'm like hello dear hey my love hi honey right I'm talking to Larry I'm not talking to ninety-nine people and they're saying you should do the same thing in your emails I don't say that a lot of people actually do that but it's good to go for it let's try it right and see what happens and get feedback from your subscribers I thought you were talking to Nikki hahaha no Nicki don't watch make you'll have time to watch my Instagram you cannot barely to talk to her when she here she raised my refrigerator and then when I start she'll turn something on the TV and then when I started asking her questions she says mom I'm trying to take a break okay what that could be a serious sitcom so anywho we're gonna get back into the tempt the actual template's I'm just going to give you example of one no actually two of the templates but before I do that I want to get to this next vendor that is gonna help eliminate your excuses and that is because in case you don't know leadpages for the very first time in history is now offering a 14-day free trial so you got your free Aweber now you can get your free leadpages and we're you gonna go for leadpages you know ileanesmithcom/leadpages right with leadpages they had the drag-and-drop landing page builder do you know I had just heard about that oh yes because of the webinar tisha went to the webinar right they do let they have the drag-and-drop landing pages now I know that on the free trial you get access to the landing pages okay there's a couple of other things here that I'm going to mention about leadpages that I don't know if they're included in a free trial or not I need to ask excuse me as a matter of fact let me take a sip alright so now I've done a video to show you this next feature and that is lead boxes oh my gosh Gord is saying he's used leadpages and it's excellent the lead boxes is really one of my favorite because we all know that pop-ups no matter how much we hate them everybody tells you how great they are I mean all the top marketers the ones with the cube mungus email lists oh use pop-ups or they use the welcome mat that comes down when you're reading an article and then all of a sudden it comes down don't you want this thing oh those drive me crazy I think even more than pop-ups but what I love about the lead boxes is that the lead boxes is a timed popup box first of all it's just a box second of all it's timed so it it sees that you have actually had time to consume some of the content on the page it doesn't smack you right in the middle of reading the first word which is what those and welcomemat things do which drive me nuts hang on one second sorry so leave boxes and like I said you can time them you can also set them so that people don't see them every time they come back so like in other words if you're a frequent visitor to my site as long as you're there like once every 14 days or something like that you're never going to see now I use my very sparingly because I have a guide about YouTube so I only have it one of the pages that talk about YouTube and if you ever go into my blog you know I have two blogs but I'm talking about the basic block tips blog right now there's over 600 articles on that blog there's probably ten pages that have a lead box but it does work on those ten pages because you know I'm giving juicy juicy nuggets of information about YouTube and my lead magnet is a PDF download about YouTube okay so it works great so and if you want to see it in action here you go all these links are going to be Eileen Smith calm I know I mentioned basic blog tips but I just wanted to tell you the big portfolio of articles that I have but ie smith

com Eileen nuggets hash tag Eileen nuggets thank you Tish yes so I want you to see first of all a simple landing page this really is not just a landing page it's really an opt-in box but it can stand alone as a landing page if you want to just see what it looks like you're gonna go to Eileen Smith calm /youtube – tools okay I'm not gonna say that one twice because that's not the one I want you to see anyway the next one I want you to see is the opt-in box this is really cool I really want you to go and check this one out and this is what we call the lead box okay so it's like the pop-up now in this case it's going to pop up right away because I'm giving you the link all right so it's ileane smithcom slash and this is all one word youtube checklist youtube checklist you're gonna get a li box love love love that okay it's one more thing then the big big surprise that I wanted to tell you about and my MK we do Oh Mary Kay we do leave boxes yes because leadpages is really like the number one landing page and their because they have so many customers and because they've been doing it for so long now pop up oh thank you so much Larry for putting in that link because they've been doing it they have so many statistics about what converts well and you have so many different options you know and in fact even if you get overwhelmed with all the options that they have there's ways that you can sort it it could be best landing pages for ebook best landing pages for you know or whatever Larry great help great Eileen help or hash tag Larry great Eileen helper Larry if you go also or or Tish if you can also put Eileen Smith comm slash Lee pages and that would be great too okay so for the the next one before we get to the big reveal is lead digits leave digits oh my gosh that's when you okay no spaces between Eileen and Smith tissue that's okay leave dishes oh my gosh I know you guys hear all the top marketers do this I know Amy Porterfield does it on just about every every podcast episode touch the same dang but Larry got it he puts HTTP and I think that made sure that he definitely didn't I know is that goofy keyboards probably that autocorrect on the iPad iPad Mini right okay so it's so cool when especially if you are ever doing any kind of public speaking or on your podcast where you know people maybe they're not on your website maybe they have time to at least remember this number and then all they have to do is remember a key word so for example if you want to see my lead digits sign up this works on your phone okay this doesn't work there's no link here but here's the number that you're going to text you're going to text two four four two two two I'll say that again four four two two two cuz I know somebody's pulling out their phone right now if you're already on your phone just got to wait write it down and type the word Eileen I Ellie hey any don't forget the a ie a and text the word Eileen two four four two two two then it'll say I'll ask you for your email or whatever and then you'll get the delivery of one of my PDF I think it's just the same one than YouTube five things to grow your YouTube channel okay time for the big reveal hey Carla text the word Eileen to IL e a and e she deleted it right away see I know what it is this iPhone autocorrect in your spelling that's why I always say don't forget to a I Carla got it oh ok Carla you go girl thank you so much for coming by the way appreciate you all right the big reveal but Baba check out check out one word check out iris miss calm slash check outs and you'll see the announcement from a leadpages that's the announcement from YouTube because if they don't make it I'll have affiliate with them well I sort of do but anyway I'm a smithcom slash check outs you'll see the announcement from leadpages that now you can turn any of your leadpages or your own Larry got the down-low whoo-hoo now you're on my list more than once Larry thank you you're on my list of bazillion times it's okay one thing you know for sure I'll send too many emails do I okay so wait let me tell you how cool checkout is on any Lea page or any lead box not with the lead digits but leadpages and leadboxes now you can accept credit cards so instead of me giving that lead magnet away for free I could say of charging you two dollars or five dollars or 15 dollars or two hundred and fifty dollars or whatever amount I wanted to charge it's all integrated now in your leadpages and in your lead boxes I'm sorry I don't have example to show y'all because I was too excited I wasn't more excited to come on here and tell you all about it then I was actually set one up because I could have set it up for my course but that's okay it's just knowing that I can do it I have a whole week and maybe by next week next time we come or not I'll have some sales or something to tell you guys about but is that cool or what that's some groundbreaking stuff right there else nobody else is doing that to have that integration of building the email list and you know first of all leadpages integrates with over 40 different services of course Aweber I just I use job form for this type of thing okay great but does jat form give you a landing page I thought Jack form was just for the forms but and Larry don't you have leadpages I don't know why I would just thought that you Handley page it's probably because I talk about it so much the JAF phone connects to MailChimp okay yeah MailChimp well leadpages connects to MailChimp and like I said they connect to 40 different providers service providers and I don't even know them all but of course no leadpage is too expensive oh okay well leadpages has one of the best affiliate programs around so I guess the MailChimp doesn't have one cuz I know they're free up to a certain port Eileen phases cute effect I leave Facebook hashtag Eileen faces that's what Instagram is all about so um yeah oh wow I'm just so excited about leadpages having this checkouts thing that you know almost feel like this is now like a downer now to go backwards and talk about the email templates from Aweber even though the email templates are hard too because you know if you if you got people on your list now if you're selling them something with the check outs you know you still want to follow up because more than likely you want to put a low ticket item on your checkouts right let's face it we're not the big time marketers that may have something that we could sell like a five thousand dollar mastermind program right from a lead box I know somebody out there can do it I'm just saying I don't know if it's any of us but maybe not right now but who knows maybe in a couple years I know I feel like I could do a whole course on anchor I could tell you all so much and there's a bunch of people over on anchor who are you know teaching anchor hey Sarina our podcast hi how you doing I think this is your first time coming to one of my lives I appreciate you for coming thanks so much okay so bring it on you like the long videos all right I'm feeling comfortable and it is so gorgeous out you know what I'm gonna take a risk usually I never would flip the camera around right oh you love my content oh thank you all I can picture right now is Eileen's neighbors congregating around her yard this is Wow one it is oh hi what am i that's not one of my neighbors that's one of those people that put those little flyers in your door but I am going to turn the camera around I'm oh I flipped it twice sorry oh so now you'll see the humongous tree I have in front of my house oh I can listen to you all day off thank you well Larry it's Eileen you to church early today and some some teenagers gonna play basketball that just walked by hi how you doing here's another one of the those guys not exactly one of my neighbors but one of those guys that walks up to your door and put the put the paper in your I'm so glad I'm sitting out here cuz I don't want them walking through my door putting that trash in my that's that's all I do I don't even open it I can't even tell you what store is wrong it goes right in the trash okay and I would scold them right now but I'm talking to y'all so she says you to say well yeah and cuz if I see them like abnormally like it's just say I was just pulling up from the gym and I saw them putting stuff in people's doors I said don't put in my door because I don't want no looks trashy I don't like it so okay I didn't mean to go off on a rant or forgive me of me oh my gosh well the beautiful thing about me in this spot right here is that I brought my own my notes out here so I'm not going to get too far off topic now we're going to talk about the email templates that a weber gives two of the most important ones and this is kind of like what Larry was saying earlier about the fill in the blanks things and that's what these templates about you're the reason I went to anchor oh okay ready to our podcast is that your handle over there on anchor rated our podcast I don't know if we're following each other and make sure we're following each other and of course I can't check because I'm on my phone so uh right on rated-r that was hashtag right on from my hashtag colleges thanks Tish Oh guys make sure you guys connect with each other radar fm okay then I told myself to bring a pencil uh oh I did because my little portfolio that I bought this out had the little thing on the side where I could put my pen in fact let me just show this off this little portfolio I didn't get it from work I know everybody if I thinking she got it from work no I didn't actually I representing temple wait representin Temple University yes my daughter graduated from there I would be very open in to your hosting another anchor FM livestream showing what you've learned okay I'm not a temple al but my daughter is actually I dropped out of Temple I can tell y'all cuz ya'll my friends I didn't like temple and then Temple is in Philadelphia I live in Philadelphia rated-r and it's weird how that does when I flip the camera around it puts everything flips and then it foot that's weird so anywho yeah we only go back down memory lane with my experiences with Temple I do remember just one philosophy teacher that I didn't like now while I was taking philosophy I don't know oh I know why I you know they make you change all those liberal arts courses especially when you're a freshman my major back then was computer science but you know it was information wasn't called information technology back then well maybe it was information science maybe it was called but anyway just the thought of back especially back then because y'all know I'm old so we're talking the 70s just the idea of sitting in a room information systems yeah that might be it I like you the way you are now Eileen thank you so much Tish sitting in the room a cold room cuz you know back then you really had to have the rooms cold for the servers and stuff right well I was probably the same as it is now but you all you're in the room by yourself it just seemed like you just sitting there man into servers sending commands here and they do that that hasn't changed because we have somebody at my job that does that now and like I'm glad I didn't get that degree even though money money money but I don't know I just you know I'm ready to talk to people all right so okay here is a template and they do have a lot of places where you can fill in the blanks so it's gonna sound kind of awkward me reading this so what I'll do is try to pretend like this is my ebook and I'll use my ebook to fill in the blanks right so subject line Larry snow here's your free ebook right y'all got that that's what you're going to say in the subject line we used to have this thing when I first started email marketing you said don't say the word free no that's all that's old school stuff you could say the word free all right okay so now we're going to repeat we're gonna we're going to also reinforce that personal personalization you get a free ebook yes and you get a free ebook then you'll get a free hi Larry thanks for signing up for the Eileen smithcom blog as promised here's a free ebook to help you beat a man that was a filling button just click the link below to access it he's feisty that's the name of the e-book Eileen feisty get my free ebook alright cuz our said just click the link below to access it then you say get my free ebook and then the link right now that you're in here's what you can respect in your inbox this is the petite guys you have to set the expectation as part of it the other part of it is you actually have to fulfill that expectation so just like I tell you guys here on YouTube I will be live every weekend I mean something had to really happen like no electricity or I'm not feeling well or I don't know my phone got hit by a truck something had to really really happen in order for me to not be live right yeah so y'all expect me to be all here and y'all my audience you my peeps I had to serve y'all email marketing works the same way alright you set that expectation but in order for people to know like and trust you you have to fulfill on that promise alright we're almost finished you'll get blankety-blank updates with the latest blankety blank blank from blankety-blank you also get the exclusive blank blank I couldn't figure enough blanks to fill to ensure you never miss an email from us and this is a key and I actually had to contact the folks at Aweber to get them to show me how to do this to be sure your to ensure you never miss an email from us be sure to whitelist our email address by adding us to your address book now I wish I would have had this instruction a long time ago but a weber has an article that takes you through all of the different email service providers providers Gmail and Yahoo and outlook and I don't know I don't know I can't even think of the other ones off the top of my head how to whitelist and email address and each one of those provides now an example they use Aweber because it's their blog post but I asked them to give me that link so now I have that link and I will be sure to put it in the description for this video to make sure that everybody knows I say the whitelist message when we get new members to our association okay when you say it to them okay because you seeing them in person absolutely if you get chance to see that in person and you know what that reminds me that's something that maybe I should mention on my anchor right or on my podcast let me write that down Larry you're brilliant mention on podcast that's why I like having you around okay so Larry is brilliant yes he is so you know because the times when see the only thing about that white list thing is hopefully when they first sign up for your ebook they're looking for that email because they want that ebook so if they don't get it they're gonna go to the spam folder or whatever I will mention a whitelist option too yes why not I'm starting to use viewed it as a video email message to new members oh man that's the bomb Larry yes we're going to talk about some other screen sharing and I was going to do that today but I just couldn't resist coming outside and viewed it I might also include that but look forward to that maybe I just do that with the patron with my patrons over at patreon and talk about the oh and if you haven't considered becoming one of my patrons on patreon you just go over to patreon

com slash eileen ok yes an area viewed it is a gem I think that's what you say Tish I'm sorry I was delayed on actually reading that ok so having that instruction for people to know how to add you looking comfy great day yes it is giving them that instruction upfront so that later on you know you'll be whitelisted and then you won't get as many people they don't even get a chance to open your email because it's going right in their spam folder you know like I checked my spam folders regularly not so much on Gmail but I also used Yahoo for some of my mail and I check it regularly and I would say at least twice a week there is a really good email in there that comes from someone whose emails I open all the time like I have no idea why Yahoo is putting it into like I always open this email what's wrong with y'all well yahoo I know I probably need to stop using them Google's a lot better and Google will catch most of the spam with it I'm talking about Gmail now but every now and then I may have to go over there and check that inbox as well and Yahoo's goofy yeah Yahoo is goofy it's just I got that email of so many different places hundreds of places that I don't even know where to begin to like change it just thank you long gmail has listed my emails as promotional so it's not just Yahoo well yeah you know the thing about it is like everybody doesn't have those tabs set up in Gmail like for example I don't I never is it's been what four years since they came up with the promotions tab I'll use promotion set all my all my even I want my emails I got rid of the tabs yes I want my emails that's why I gave them my email address I don't need Gmail to help me decide of this promotional or not so I have five inboxes just for that reason what inbox for Gmail no well I don't have all my Gmail I keep them separate because like for example my one email is where everybody wants the guest post so I literally have to go through those emails because sometimes they get it the guest post right but half of those emails I don't even want to even respond to the email to tell the person no way I might ever letting you write on my blog right you have 12 Gmail accounts yeah but you have them gone into the 1m box though I don't I keep them separate I log into different accounts and I do all that through Chrome because like I said the one inbox is strictly for when I sign up for somebody's email list that I only most of the time I'm signing up because I just want to see how good their emails are okay your have them separate as well yeah I want to see like what are they writing like why this person's so effective at email marketing and so I will you know follow their emails and then there's just a couple of emails that really do excellent job of curating content and that content not only can I use you know for my marketing and social media stuff but I also can use it for work because they also get into more generic topics that may have more global impact that I can use to share stuff on a social media accounts at work because my my work is more like multinational and more global and all that so anyway I did not finish the template and almost we got a got sidetracked on a white listing thing but that was important that's why I spend so much time on it so the white listing is important to make sure and like I said I will put that I'm pretty sure that it's ileane smithcom slash white list but I'm not a hundred percent sure because I don't have that on my notes I brought all these notes out here with me but I didn't forget to do that one so don't worry it'll be in the description and by the way why you guys are there can everybody please give this video a thumbs up give it a like because I know sometimes you guys will come back and leave a comment but most of time y'all forget to come back and leave a comment and I might be sitting there for a couple hours without any comments I'm like darn it I should've told everybody to comment but I'd be y'all doing fantastic with the chat and everything but unfortunately you know how it is on YouTube the check goes away so next all right be sure to ensure Oh sometimes I did for my YouTube up right now Eileen thank you thank you for the thumbs up more right ensure you never miss an email from us blah blah blah do the whitelist thing then then one more two more sentences then the name of your site so I Lee Smith comm is and then I insert what I do a blog or a podcast or social media diva diva if you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to get in touch you can contact me here and then put whatever your contact information thanks again and your signature so that's the welcome email for an e-book and the welcome email for download I kind of feel like you know you're almost cheated a little bit with that template cuz what's the difference just wording of a different but honestly you know my intent when I said to Eric that day you know some people just don't know what to write and that's really what I meant I said people need to have their hand held and I'm one of those people that's why it was easy for me to tell them and I probably sound is so passionate saying it to him I literally want you to hold my hand and that's exactly what they do with those templates all you have to do is insert the name of your product or insert the name of your ebook or your download or and the person's name you know I didn't even think and nobody's gonna say oh that's the same email I got from Tish she said this ain't nobody cares about that oh you love my passion Oh Patricia's here Patricia how are you struggle as well with what to say in emails without coming off too salesy absolutely Larry Dave I'm telling you get that go to Eileen Smith comm flash right w RIT and get that evil because the templates really you could tell that they spent time they took care to put that those templates together because they give you I want to say there's 30 or 40 different templates I can't remember the number off the top my head good work here 11 o'clock in India love my videos oh hi how are you thank you for coming so sorry that it's getting late there for you will you watch the replay and when you come back please leave a comment okay and share us on Twitter or Facebook thanks Larry okay guys so so distance eliminate this the excuses and that's why I thought it was really important to bring this message to you all today because I didn't even really think about it you know leadpages announced this free trial about a month ago No maybe three weeks ago because I did a facebook audio about it Larry on porn it whatever Larry's awesome um and but it didn't dawn on me until like I don't know yesterday or something when I was like really thinking about what's my topic for my email for my youtube video this week and I was like why should I talk about email but then it dawned on me you know you can start an email list with the two top email tools out there for free why do they have this is that when I started right you get 30 days with Aweber and you get 14 days with leadpages so here's the plan here's the plan guys you write your heed your lead magnet or you create your lead magnet first this is the first thing you want to do you're gonna create an e-book some kind of a download you put together a video that's gonna be unlisted you're gonna put it up on Wistia or whatever right that is going to attract your target audience right you're gonna offer value you going to put some personality into it whatever it is you're gonna make sure that it's good your if it's a ebook you're gonna make sure that is you know all that all the I's are dotted and the t's across and there's gonna be some great graphics on the cover maybe not so much worried about the graphics on the inside but the covers got to be nice and professional looking I mean I don't have anything against canva but you don't want it to just look like oh she made that in canva you know you just keep it minimal keep it clean having white space around your title make sure your title is the fonts are nice and chunky on the title of your of your eBook and there's contrast between the text and the background you want to have this real busy background like you know like for example like say if I was my background was my cover for my ebook I don't want to have that and then have white type there over top of the sky right cuz that's not contrast and nobody is going to be able to read that he's gonna have to have well I wouldn't even use that shot for cover of a book unless I was to put all my text over here where the tree is on the right wall for me it's on the right hand side right so I just use that as an example okay so do you catch your lead magnet or that giveaway that download that digital thing that you're going to give away you get that together first then you can sign up for a Weber you got to start with a weber because if somebody signs up it's no good to have a lead box somebody puts in their email address and you don't have nowhere to send them although leadpages does have a way that you can just hold on to that email and they will store the email for you and then later on you can upload it to a web or but I don't recommend doing it that way I recommend have your giveaway then sign up for a weber then go over to leadpages connect your aweber delete page just create your landing page or your leave boxes or set up your lead digits okay lis digits is really advanced but let's just say the landing page because like I said I'm not sure if the lead digits well I'm pretty sure the lead digits doesn't come with a free trial so let's just say your landing page period all right you got your landing page setup then try it out you got a couple weeks there you may even want to try a Facebook ad I don't know I'm not trying to talk about Facebook Ads I'm just saying you may want to do something to generate a little extra traffic to your website so that they can see that oh you just got here Oh Mick Banzai I actually watched you prune in the bones aye-aye today I didn't get a chance to leave a comment because I was casting to my TV when I was watching and a whole bit then I decided to go on live one you too when I did I watched a YouTube video and I gave it a thumbs up I did do that I did that before I even started casting so yes you're welcome and I'll be sharing it too when I get off of here cuz I thought that was cool just you know it was relaxing watching you from and then you talked about how you cleaned that the we you did talk about I wanted to say something to you sorry for the little side bar commerce conversation everybody you said something about cleaning the weeds out of the bottom of the bonsai but I didn't know I didn't see what that was I didn't I don't know what a weed looks like on a bonsai maybe it was too self-explanatory and I was making too much of it but anyway okay so yes what I don't know the difference between what do they look like how many how would I know cuz look like everything was green to me so I didn't know that they were weeds you know I'm not a gardener just like the garden seeds just honest a little small a bit smaller yeah that's the problem I'm not a gardener so yeah so you need to like actually point at the weed because I don't know they all look like plants me I remembered I used to think those little um well mr right and he told me because mr Ryan is the master gardener and I was a I don't even know the name of those little yellow plants they look like buttercups or something it's like that's a weed I was like oh thanks for the feedback we'll do that next time yeah I mean you know for some but I mean first most of the folks that are watching your videos are already into bonsai and into gardening but for somebody who's just getting into it for the very first time it's kind of like look they all green as far as I know they all plants okay so getting back on topic so you got your plan you make your lead magnet sign up for a weber sign up for leadpages right then you pick up your landing page you set it all up I've told you about how to you know style it so that it's very attractive the pages has all those dragon you can use the drag-and-drop editor but they have all those examples you don't even have to get into the drag-and-drop drag-and-drop is for people who are picky and like oh I want my thing blue and no just use the templates they have okay it's okay cuz they know oh oh man it's not seriously this it's not that serious for us to subscribe to your channel if you got to say please you just got here the way you wrote please anyway so haha so anyhow guys I just want you to know hi enjoying the live stream hey Raj how you doing coffee black is here yeah I played your I know you probably saw that I plead your um segment and I answered your Norman Connors question today you just starship oh the answer was Norman Connors I hope you said I hope you heard that over on tanker so yes okay thank you will clap it up and give me leave me some comments and stuff but you probably did but I don't know because I've been on here for about the last I've been on here for our so guys with that I just realized I've been here for our so remember guys if you want to even find out some stuff that everybody else is not hearing over here on YouTube or over on anchor you want to get in with the in crowd the folks over on my patreon page like Tish and Larry and Believe It or Not Derral Eve's is over there and we got Jan and we got aunt Raya and fryer Wade and I don't want to miss anybody but I'm just saying okay I'm going to think of something really good to post over there this week because I've done my rounds now with the podcast and today with YouTube and so I got to take care of my special special friends over on patreon and I will do that and so maybe I will continue this email conversation with you guys because oh and tisha subscribing to bonsais channel and go over some more these templates because Larry expressed an interest in that and so yeah we can do that Larry no and if you get that free guide from Aweber you got any questions on that or maybe we can sit down there strategize about exactly how to apply apply it anything that you know you're not clear on that's the least I can do and I'm not sure when my next a weber meetup is but I will definitely okay thanks Larry I will definitely whatever you ask because I know you're not a a weber customer but whatever you ask I would definitely mention if I can get a word in with Eric hurt in edgewise err it's funny because free socks yes the last the last meetup I didn't go to I couldn't go and I was kept that's all they kept going through my mind is I'm running low on socks I definitely got a good oh my gosh yes I love my a weber socks okay yeah tisha hasn't put up any videos on her channel yet Mik Banzai we're we're working on two she's gonna get a video up there cuz you know you can do slashes you don't have to be on cam to do videos especially with all these tools they have out now so many incredible tools that are out now to just make videos out of slideshows and things like that and you know YouTube is getting rid of that editor you could have used that editor but that's going away next month so maybe that's an idea too for me to show one of my tools I actually use half Animoto yes I'm encouraging you want anchor to do audio yeah I'm in sub anyway because there's still a connection and you know I think the audio piece is really great for you for one thing just you have such a lovely voice and you know it's worryfree you don't have to worry about anything whereas with video you've got so many different things to worry about but whereas with audio is especially anchor it's easy even if you get interrupted it's okay you don't have to publish it if it gets interrupted like with me with live video like if I would have got interrupted today that would have been which I did kind of by the guy who comes around with the fliers in the door oh that would have been like you know yeah hashtag I leaned spinal I have to set up anchor but now publish haven't published anything okay make sure you follow me over there my bonsai I think that folks at anchor would appreciate hearing about bong bonsai and gardening and maybe some of your other interests something I'm not sure what else you're into besides the gardening stuff so my ladies and gents you know what I want to do okay don't go anywhere because I want to try and I had a hard time doing this in the past the last few times I was on my phone I was not able to save that chat oops whoopsie but I want to be able to save the chat so you all just stay right there if I go back into the house into the computer you're getting a chance to oh cool this is really going behind the scenes thanks for hanging in there with me no login max make you log in yeah as I suspect it yeah we're going inside now yo just for a minute just long enough for me to find this video and see if I can see where I'm live at yep oh yeah hi Robert Solomon hi how you doin oh let me mute mm-hmm yeah there's a chat okay I can pop that chat out all right I'm a happy camper now it's a shame I can't um just switch over and go back to it go to my computer now on the same video oh wow there was so much I you know what guess what I'm not getting all of it guys and it wasn't that many comments you know I mean when I say that many I do this all the time I take the chat when I'm on a computer and it holds way more than what it just shoot me Wow how do I save the cheque I copy and paste it into a Google Doc that's how I save it copy and paste and I could tell when I went to copy it you know I scroll all the way up to the top and the very first comment that I'm seeing there I know was not the first comment today because the first comment I'm seeing says oh must follow you to read it our was Tish saying that so that was I don't know 10 15 minutes in we're rating arcane so all that all that chat from prior to that is missing so it's okay I mean you know there is a downside of YouTube lies and that's the chat I've always felt that way but that's not gonna stop me from using it it's still my favorite platform you know what I mean guys so I appreciate each and every one of you guys for being here today please please please do me a favor I'm going to end a broadcast now so please just give it about a minute and just leave a comment okay can you do that for me I greatly appreciate it so in the meantime connect with me on anchor if you have questions and maybe we'll feature your question in next week's video yes YouTube Church session is over thank you for coming god bless you good afternoon love you

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