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Hey there, its Andrew from Andrew Plimmercom

In my last video I talked about the importance of small businesses, small local businesses embracing online technologies such as Youtube Facebook, that sort of thing and I stand by that I think were sitting on ah ah once in a lifetime opportunity for those that do, and I am not talking about SEO ok Look I wanted to talk to you today about a company that I have been very proudly associated with for the last 3 or more years A company thats now called Get Tools Direct But when you, I was first approached by the CEO and founder Andrew Watson um it was then called United Tools Maroochydore A fantastic little business, a fantastic little local business but a local business and no more

Andrew wanted to embrace online Technology and create an online presence Three years on ah Get Tools Direct is one of largest online suppliers of tradesmen tools Australia wide and ah hats off to Andrew for stepping outside of the square and embracing technology to get what he has got now It really is an Awesome story um I am not saying that he has not been without challenges, of course thats life theres always going to be challenges but now he operates or the warehouse operates out of Caloundra its a rather large operation um probably 15 20 staff and ah its something that he should be very proud of Ah its just an awesome story how are small business had gone from local to national and think that there is a ton of opportunities for lots of small businesses, locally everywhere to do the same thing We now love in a global community and people ah will shop globally

So you need to ah step outside the square, get over your fear factor and have a crack, so thats my message for today Andrew from AndrewPlimmercom Have a Good one Cheers now

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