Get Free SSL Certificate: How to Install Let’s Encrypt on DigitalOcean or Vultr

Hey guys what's going on over there? This is Kimsea from basic blog Talk welcome back to the tutorial in this video I'm going to show you how to install that in creep and get free SSL certificate for your WordPress blog and you might ask me why I do we need to install ISL certificate well there are two reason that you mind the security feature and the first reason is to rank a website higher and if you are blogger and monitor your blog which advertising or after that marketing you minded the traffic and the certainty is so reliable to operate that we hope that if we do grab it SEO optimizing and over time will enhance variety of which and of course and site security involving search engine algorithm so the website that have the SSL certificate higher security will rank better than the lower security and another reason is that your blog audible precise content the finance transactions is unit your user to in to to submit your okay the master cut the wizard had I don't know whatever sass they related to the payment transactions and reminded the SSL certificate to secure deuce transaction for your website that's why we need to install the SSL certificate on WordPress pop and guys there are many SL certificate providers for you so you can find your quality want and however the most popular and recognizable nowaday is letting grip and many people know that it is a free SSL certificate so it today in today tutorial and I'm going to show you how to install the legend clip and get that free SSL certificate for your website ok guys I'm not talking much about that so let's go in deep into the 30th but before you are going to follow this tutorial i recommend you to unless you you do have finish you know how to set up the user privilege and you have installed the length snake on your Juventud server and as you can see here i have installed all of this and I have created a wordpress blog on there so I will install the ASL subhead on that disk lock so let me show you if I Drive it HTTP hopefully it's not working yeah that's that the suit not working because we not ready install ok so I will assess to my server using s 850 clients all right I just loved it and if you don't know how I can create they just so privileged and how to access to the server using putty you can find the link below at the description I list some links I guess how to in the show that have been sexually server how to install them stack install WordPress blog and so you can look down there on the below of description if you watch on YouTube or if you are watching on Facebook and you can find the link to my youtube channel so I little the link down there so maybe around here I don't know where it on the side just find the link to my youtube channel so you can find the adder roulette tutorial and the command I use in this video so I hope you find it ok so I just opened the terminal and access to my server and as you can see here I just SAT for my server so it's much more sexual so at access to my server using the password nice and the first time I logged into my server you see I have some tech need to be a bet and other security so I need to run a command sudo apt-get upgrade no it should be this how can I run it this upgrade yeah I need to upgrade my co environment and before running any commands and make sure everything is up to that okay guy in my tech unit for complete upgrade episodes so I'll be back as soon as possible okay guy now the upgrade process have finished so let it's time to start our tutorial guys and to install the let increase certificate on your server you need a certificate client to to manage to to generate the key and manage update so you can use a discreet from github of the leading grip or you can use a third ball to to install letting click on your server so in this case I will use boot so I just add a third book client and no no add the third boat or a pussy tree and you know I I find this car to run and avert write a positive rate okay okay I just passed the command here and know where your back man just look down there you will see it I just add the repo spree very positive to my server so I just hit enter to add it just hit enter again to continue okay now I already add repository to Mars language server so the next step I need to update to make sure I am on the latest version of this co environment okay now I finished up that so just install the Python third boot Apache plug-in so just copy it from here and paste it here I just started to do I've got installed Python boot and Apache just hit enter and yes to confirm the installation okay guys so now it's time to generate the certificate for your domain name so the one you use let and click the disadvantage of this SSL certificate provider is that it's not really provided will help function so you're not going to secure all domain of your subdomain so you need to do it manually I mean that if you have a lot of supplement it might be difficult for you so I recommend you find the other ISL certificate that provide you the real card function that you can secure all your subdomains and but in the case you only use the top-level domain and wws and sub level domain so it's not the program and what is more good news is that I know that increase will provide the real card function maybe in 2018 and and also you just find out the official blog so they known that information on the blog so just find out that information in this case I will secure my domain name and there's throughway and if you before the top-level domain and sub level domain wwg just a page to do search both yes that's a patch and then test the the domain name and Nestle you get for your another domain name so in this case I just use the top-level domain and I'm not prefer the WWE phone so I just use the embankment one I just hit enter it brought me to input the email address so I just input my email address and hit enter and then it asked me to agree the term and condition of this way so you just tie a for I agree so I just hit in her and in this case I ask you something like would like to receive the newsletter or something like that as you prefer it just just to a sub the newsletter okay now it prepared a pack model for you so just waiting it and you have to abstain for that and one for just the boat HTTP and two for unknown or one for using HTTP the non sexual person and HTTP the sexual person and if you use the option to and it will redirect HTTP to HTTPS and mean that you prefer the sexual person so in this case I just put to only prefer the sexual person okay we dance so now let's check it you can start with this URL to check is your website with the sexual just to verify it and wait for the skin finish yeah if you see something like this and you see here this would be okay I think Trust is yes okay whatever I think I do this one is much better and if I can assess with HTTPS does mean everything is working a y'see yes and as you can see now our wordpress lock is now secure and i can see the cringe over here and if i try some nice calm without the HTTP person and you can see it really like to the sexual version of my blog no that's nice so what I'm going to do neck is to set up the crown job so I'm going to set up the schedule for removal so I just copy it here and enter and as you can see here we have absorption in yeah average is true for the know I'm good at nanos so let's go down there and what I'm going to do is I you have to ascend you can set up with this command it do if you prefer to renew your SL every day at 3:15 am

but in this game I'm not prefer to to renew it every day I just renew it once a week so I just use this command and I save the log file at this location so that I can check if it's there any problem with removal so I just use this command just copy this and egg and Y and enter and you can save the control to whatever you want in this case I just enter I just that now we ready install a new ground job and okay so with that same for watching the video and I hope it's helpful to you and if you play with some trouble or any problems just commonly down there and the video and I will try to respond to your problem your issues as soon as possible and also if you know ready subscribe to the channel please subscribe and why don't you join me and I will try to find the useful video useful to three or four use I guess blocking online marketing web development and social media marketing and so on and you can come and me what you want to learn so I was trying to find the way to three editorial for you and guys and I will finish this Saturday now and saying for watching this video and please look up there at the widow and we see additional tutorial and also don't forget to subscribe and if you liked the video please look down there at the link below I leave a link for support me and if you prefer to buy me a coffee and we appreciate that and saying for supporting me and also you can look down there and and if the up letting to voice video so you can on mailing and get twenty love free hosting credit when you spend ten dollars for your hosting account and again and it is my last bye bye so bye bye see you again in next video

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