Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2018

yo YouTube what's happening man this is Mark Z today we're going to be discussing Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing we're gonna be talking about nine nine nine yeah nine free traffic resources you can get for absolutely free absolutely free we're gonna go over to them not quite in depth because I want to break each one down in separate videos but today we're gonna be talking about nine of them and we'll be back with some demonstrations and good stuff like that after the Josh all right so I am back and like I said my YouTube channels barely been up a week I have like five or six subscribers right now so you did not probably come in and off of a subscription to my channel you probably searched for me here search returned so anyways this video I put out last two days ago actually was it Sunday I put this one out so this one's called lodge jacking and it has an affiliate academic review in there and there's my goofy finger pointing which I see as a youtube cover or whatever you want to call it anyways yeah so this is if your cap and launch jacking 20:18 you do get back around a thousand almost two thousand results on YouTube and by the way I am using a different browser so there's nothing cache or any phony tricks that I'm playing here this is actually the Safari browser and I've done one of those dump everything back to the beginning of time things or Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing whatever anyways you come that type that in there and of course just join along strong great marketer I don't know who this guy Chuck when he put out a video about the same thing but years ago and then of course there's lonely little me and the free slot right there like I said literally there's no BS here that's two days ago ever miss that video so that's on YouTube now Google search you know we have the guide Jeff LeMay who has done ten thousand dollars in one night launch jacking which is great and then you have some other guy up here and yeah it's a mother guy and you have blackhat stuff and then there's only me coming in there like number five I guess or six on Google right now and it's they said those three days ago I upload the video I don't know anyways and there's no John Armstrong and her at all which is really interesting I'm surprised that he is not on the Google search so then he goes Bing and I decided to go ahead and come over here and I did my other videos which is the affiliate academics review now of course you know affiliate academics is going to come out you know near the top and you magliocca he's gonna be up there and then you're gonna have that can go away don't you love those weird calls that are going around the country these days I don't want to grass so let's just keep going on if you want to really know about the weird calls just go ahead and Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing leave a comment below and I'll tell you about it so anyways um you know three four does Alan he's gonna be on there of course super affiliates thirsty coke or whatever and then you got a little owe me right here now of course it's gonna pick up my picture beings kind of weird people like it I'm not really too sure about it actually be honest with you so anyways um here's my video on that affiliate marketers and you see it went up April 15 doesn't have that many views but again you know it's ranked on page one of Bing that's the most important thing in all those is you have to get ranked on page one or you know the search engine results really don't do your whole hell a lot of good nobody really goes to page two three or four or five and six unless they're bored or you know they think that maybe they'll find a golden nugget under there anyway so this Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing is a yahoo and on this one I did click magic because I did a video on click magic and I told you early about the bad traffic sources like if you get a bad fiber seller you will definitely end up you know almost losing your click magic account so anyways I did a click magic thing and then of course no click magic I mean you're gonna have you know some other things on there and you know you're gonna try to get the page one or at least as high as you can in the rankings with my methods here and so my click metric review where the hell are they go oh it's right here it's below these videos so these videos here of course outrank mine they've been out for longer and their tutorials and whatever so anyways um they are here and that's all good and dandy no I don't watch them from being there obviously but I'm right here I'm gonna think of things April 13th up with this video up so anyways that's a little bit of what can be done with the methods that I have learned recently about how to get your videos ranked on page one now you can take this method and really celebrate your Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing in 2018 so YouTube is one source and I'm gonna touch on a couple other sources really quick I think a top three sources right now top four sources right now for getting free traffic in 2018 I don't even want to say top four let's go over to nine real quick because that's really not a fair thing to do let's see if I get this on the main video again there we go that's just me let me pull up my list so I'm sick I said yeah YouTube which I just showed you how to get on page one and I have a link below if you want to sign up for more information on that well go further to depth on how I did that and then you've got Pinterest which is really I've heard this over and over again and I'm starting to see some results in Pinterest trust me my Shopify store 2016 was pretty much all sales when shopping on Pinterest and I was a dumbass I'll just be blunt I didn't figure that out until it's too late so Pinterest is a great traffic source and I hate people that call Pinterest its Pinterest learn how to read Facebook Facebook and do the group thing you can do the skip dot thing and all that good stuff we'll go into that in more detail when I discuss Facebook free traffic capabilities but I don't know we shall see I mean it does have two billion sup users and it's probably still gonna be around even though you know it's like everywhere all that scrutiny this week stealing dating we all knew all along he has our data I mean you have to be a fool not to know that right so there's no surprises here no no hidden agendas I don't think blogs blogs are very very important whether you have your own blog or whether you're just promoting your videos to a blog or whatnot or you got a store blog whatever it is blogs are very important they have a lot of SEO juice and they will get you a lot Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing of traffic Twitter this is key with Twitter is you have to tweet a lot if you don't tweet a lot nobody nobody cares about you know ethology so you're almost like really going on overload tweeting and sometimes people think that's almost spamming but it really isn't in a Twitter world that's the hard thing to understand but it is a good source of free traffic in fact in one of my Shopify stores on 2016 height we did something out next thing you know boom had a sale on that product immediately I knew exactly where it came from so it's very actionable very quantifiable type data to it had there reddit yet be careful with Reddit you can get banned really quickly but it is a good source of traffic free traffic I might add again this is a free traffic course right Harris isn't talking about paid traffic tumblr yes tumblr they still do that get yourself a tumblr account it's nothing else with the post your YouTube videos your traffic ok the last two here I I've had some success with Instagram but not a ton and I need to really dig into it more the probably this de gram is you can do some of it from the web and you can fake some of it but Instagram really wants you with your cell phone in hand snapping pictures which kind of brings with them 9 there's snapchat which is again something that is good but again you're gonna need your phone you're gonna need your phone a handy-dandy phone to be able to take pictures all the time and that's the thing if you're not out and about you're not taking pictures with your phone constantly you know face down in the glass posting something you don't see any type of results you can do some auto pilot type stuff and you get influencers et cetera et cetera but we're talking about free traffic so that stuff kind of costs you a little bit more money than what is it Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing anyways once again let's go over to that list real quick YouTube which I talked a little bit about showed you some proof right there of how my videos are ranking already Pinterest of course you know I should have stuck with the Shopify stuff I was making pretty decent money you know enough to like keep the store running and actually have a little bit of cash to invest in other things of course I didn't so this is where I sit right now Facebook again we can go more into depth there are some little tricks that you can do you do yellow trafficking their blogs of course they're old school but trust me you have to have some sort of blog somewhere to get traffic Twitter tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet you're gonna be tweeting all the time reddit it is a source of traffic it is free just be very very careful and be very considerate Medicaid's what's called Instagram snapchat I will find out more when I start digging into it anyways that is pretty much it for your free traffic in 2018 affiliate stuff here I hope you've been enjoying the videos make sure you subscribe I believe subscribe is over here right down here right below there's a subscribe button it's red I command you subscribe to it please do please subscribe to my channel subscribe notifications to get notified when I post videos luckily this week it is Wednesday and I am putting out a video this evening it is Wednesday April the 18th 2018 just so you can correlate oh this guy lying did he really put that video up yes I did I really have had this channel for about one week and I'm hoping to grow it there's several videos out there feel free to watch them watch parts of them you know feel free to click any links that you know I'll link to different places you can follow me on social media you can click to some of my free ebooks I give away free ebooks because I don't feel that I should charge for some of that stuff this upcoming training I'm thinking about charging a nominal fee for it but you know I'd sign up if you want to links below all that good stuff so I will see you again soon and hopefully a few days like I said I don't really have a tight schedule definitely I will try to release at least two a week maybe one a week really depends on where my schedule fits that week I do enjoy doing these I really really really honestly honest-to-god truth I'm really like so we need to send me a laptop because my MacBook is old it doesn't have enough RAM to keep up so starting this video literally took almost 45 minutes to get going I had to reboot this laptop shut down a whole bunch of things just to get this going but I do enjoy doing this and hopefully you enjoyed this video like I said leave comments below you know subscribe subscribe it's right there subscribe love everybody that's already subscribed and I will see you in the next video this has been Mark Z make money online biz at biz op Channel and this has been more Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing have a good day

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