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Hi friends, this is Charlie from techyvcom And today we are going to see plagiarism

So what plagiarism is ? Lets say suppose your teacher has asked some of thr students to write an article or some essay, let's see you are a writter and you have some juniors, whom you have asked to write some articles or essay's like that So, in that case they will come to you and submit their work In that case, you will have to check whether they have written their content creatively or they have just copied and pasted the content from another website So copying and using other online sources is in our article or essay is nothing but a plagiarism So we need to check this whether it is directly copied or not

For that there is free online software, for that kind of detection Now we will see with practical example Lets see, this the wikipedia page and I have copied this content in the text file And I will now check What my plagiarism detector show

So I will choose the file from here ok Now, let me click on search button So it is in the progress And here you can see, the copied content or content of the text file are available on these links

Lets say yahoocom then wikicom, studycom, and here wikicom from where I actually copied this content

From here it directly shows whether it is copied from any other online source or website Now I will click on this compare click button So let's see what it shows So it shows that manner that the highlighted text are copied So the text's are compared with our file that we have submitted

So it will show the comparisions which are the text ok Now let's see another method This is how you can work with text file Only you can upload text file, no word file or any other file

Now let's say, you can also use this text box Let's say I am copying these text Let's say this website and I will check what this website shows So again, searching and it shows me that this content are directly copied from these websites

Like this manner These are the list of websites, from where the content are copied As we can see this is the website shown in our list That's the first and also you can compare the text in this cases well Here you can see the total word count

Then the third thing you can do is that, you can enter the url Let's say suppose the page from where my junior have written the article, we will suppose that way because it is real and we don't have any kind of that page So let me just copy the url of this page and we will see here and let me click on search One thing that to use this website, you need to to sign up in this website before using this functionalities It is totally a free ware You just have to provide your email id as username and password and you are done

So it's free sign up So this is the url from where my article is written and see for the search source The url and content of the url are copied from these sources These much sources The bolded text are showing that they are copied content

So these are the different list of from where the content are already existing This way you can compare and do duplicate checking So this is the website for that So that's it For more tips and tricks, your can visit techyv

com Thank you for watching this video

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