Free Online Tools – Turn Speech To Text Automatically with One Click

To do closed captions, one of the first thing you need to overcome – How to turn the speech into text? A lot of people get stuck here, so I want to do these videos to help you overcome the difficulty, so that it won't be such a headache to transcribe all our videos I'm a very fast typist

I type about 90 words per minute For years, I've done word for word transcription for my church My first summer job was in a lawyer's office and I was hired as a secretary I did do a lot of word for word transcriptions for my boss I've done that for years & my typing speed was about 90 words per minute

And we're talking about those years when we didn't have computers I was just typing on an electric typewriter; so for me to do word for word transcription is an easy job, but still it's very tedious Say for a 60-minute track – for an hour it takes me about a little bit over two hours to finish the one-hour audio transcription That's quite fast already but now with technology, we don't want to waste this kind of time You are going to do it even faster

In this series of videos, I'm going to show you how to turn speech to text automatically We're going to look at a free online tool so that you can do this automatically/ Then there's also the YouTube closed caption transcript you can use I'm going to show you another site CCSubs where you can get audio transcripts right away And finally Camtasia I use Camtasia myself

I'll show you how you can turn speech-to-text there easily So with audio transcription that is automatic, you get the whole thing right in front of you You don't have to type this out It's done automatically for you Can you imagine – if you have to take this out? Maybe it'll take about 10 to 15 minutes but now with just a click, you can get the whole transcript in front of you

Or you can get video transcription to transcribe for you automatically So this is going to save a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of videos to do This is going to be a miracle time-saver for you, so let's move on to look at a few of these resources

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