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Today I would like to share with you something that is very essential for any kind of marketer or business owner, irrespective of online or offline businesses This something is what we called email marketing tool or software

Normally email marketing software provides you 3 basic features, the first one is to create a sign up form for subscription, initiate automations, follow up campaigns, and also help you to schedule or send a broadcast email, promoting certain kind of products The main reason why I wanted to make this video is to make sure that people don’t waste their money on any fancy, complicated email marketing software such as AWeber or Get Response, especially for those people who are just hanging around, who are just about to start on their online business journey or they probably have subscribers or leads which is less than 2,000 For most small medium enterprise owners, most of the time, their clients or leads are not even up to four figures, they probably have like one thousand plus subscribers, clients or leads, on and off in the period in a month I think that it would be a big waste if you use such complicated email marketing software such as AWeber or Get Response And you have to pay like, sometimes over 20 dollars per month for using it Even though 20 dollars per month is not that much, but I think that would be a great waste if you’re not fully optimize the use of these amazing software

However, if you have over 2,000 subscribers or leads who are really attentive to your emails and are being very responsive to your email broadcast, I would suggest you that, please don’t watch this video, and you should be using either AWeber or GetsResponse If you’re not in that case, you should be listening to me very carefully, as I’m going to recommend you two amazing email marketing software for newbie So there are two email marketing software right now in the market, that have free starter plan for you, and are fundamentally enough to get your business running, these free plans offer a lot of features and functions for you to capture leads or subscribers with sign-up form or opt-in form, it allows you to send follow up emails in automated mode, and also allows you to broadcast an email to promote your product Whatever I’ve said over here, probably is not be suitable for everyone, unless for those people who has less than 2,000 subscribers in a month and only will send less than 10,000 emails in a month, Or, if you are a newbie in digital marketing, and eager to get yourselves handy in email marketing tools or software, and you want to learn how to use it and learn what is all about Then you can definitely try one of the email marketing software, which I will recommend you in the next section

The first one is Benchmark email marketing software! When I first started my online business digital marketing, I used Benchmark as my email marketing tool because it offers a free starter plan for newbie like me, which allows me use so many features in this amazing tool, and get myself well trained in email marketing campaign One thing I like about this software is that you can adapt to their interface very easily and you’d able to carry out your email marketing job just right away within minutes, by putting in email automations And they have signup form and opt-in forms for you too, in their free plan For sign up form, they provided you different type of forms for this free starter plan, such as pop-up form, small embedded form and the most interesting one is the third party form This third party form allows you connect to social network media such as Facebook, and WordPress For those people who has online business in Facebook, they can easily connect this email marketing software, which is Benchmark, to their Facebook fan page, so with this amazing integration between Benchmark and Facebook, those online business owner in Facebook, able to capture leads or subscribers, whenever there are any visits to their Facebook fan page So when you’ve connected Benchmark with your Facebook fan page, you’d able to see the Signup Form feature at the tab section on the left

For those who visit your Facebook fan page, they would able to subscribe to you through Benchmark software One of my favorite features in this Benchmark’s starter plan, is that they have amazing email templates, which you can use it in your broadcast email or follow ups When you’ve reached to the dashboard and composing email templates, the interface is actually quite user friendly, where you have multiple options to create your email templates You have 1 column full width, or half width, of you can even customize the width of your email templates The best of all, Benchmark also provided you several types of email template, which you can you it These templates are pretty professional and attracting, just like one of those which you’ve seen in magazines, and they provide you different kind of industry for the email template, you just have to click on any template which you like, and you can start design, compose and write your email, and finish it in just minutes

It has a drag and drop feature, which you just only have to click, drag and drop any kind of elements such as video, or any kind of elements which you preferred And you can input any kind of social network media sharing icon inside your email template so your reader would able to share your email to other people if they are interested on your email offer You would only take within minutes to finish your email templates, you send it right away or you can schedule your broadcast in anytime which you preferred If you could ask me what is the best feature for Benchmark’s free starter plan, I would say they have provided a lots of amazing email templates for you, in any kind of industry All you have to do is to select the one which you liked and you can start right away, and those templates are extremely converting and attention grabbing, I would say, to allow your email readers to take action, once they have read your email templates So this is one thing which I liked about Benchmark So the second one is MailPoet! Currently I’m using this autoresponder software for my marketing campaign, this is not because it is better than Benchmark, there are two reasons why I chose this free plan offered by MailPoet, the first one is that MailPoet is basically a plugin for WordPress platform, and you can only access it with your WordPress dashboard and use it

My website is run by WordPress dashboard, so I have the convenience to use it, and I can do literally everything by just going through my WordPress dashboard, and it makes things so much easier If you don’t have a WordPress website, you might not able to use MailPoet, that’s why I recommend you Benchmark in the first place, which you can carry out your email campaign without having a WordPress website, you get to choose to use either one Both of them actually are pretty good indeed, it really depends on different scenario or situation For the second reason, I will reveal it to you when I proceed with this video All right, so just bear with me throughout this video Well, MailPoet also offer a free starter plan as well, where the subscribers limit is 2,000

So I believe that newbie probably won’t have 2,000 active subscribers at the beginning, even though you have it, probably 50% of the list are idle or non-responsive, and you probably can remove them out of the list and make sure your active subscribers is less than 2,000 Or if you have more than that, why don’t you just create another account in one of these autoresponder software and you can do more than that, right So as usual, the free starter plan has enough features and functions for you to carry out your email marketing campaign, such as, automated emails or follow ups, opt-in forms, email templates You might not be able to enjoy the analytic and reputation management tool, which I think you can always use third party analytic tool to do the job, for example, google short URL tracking link, BITly link and etc So there are actually many loopholes where you can carry out your marketing campaigns or business with as little expenses as possible

As you can see on the screen, I basically have installed MailPoet onto my plugins in WordPress MailPoet recently has upgraded to version 3, which is amazing, they have basically upgraded the drag and drop editor when composing email templates And I’m going to show you one of my broadcast email being sent by MailPoet For this broadcast email, it is actually quite simple and easy to read And in fact, it can be much prettier with all the pictures and stuff, but sometimes I prefer my email broadcast to be simpler and informative in the sense

So my readers can get what I’m going to tell Moreover, you can input the sign-up form from MailPoet at your website home page, at the bottom widgets, where visitors can easily sign up and get the free gift if they are interested, when they are landed on your webpage Well right now, I’m going to reveal the 2nd reason why I chose MailPoet out of any email marketing software, which is it’s amazing integration with another paid software which is Optimize Press So, I’m going to cut it short Optimize press is basically a plugin for WordPress, which you need to pay, that can produce amazing and attractive webpage, squeeze page, landing page, sales letter page, and etc you need within a very short period of time

When I use Optimize Press to produce squeeze page or landing page with opt-in form for me I can integrate the opt-in feature with MailPoet, when visitors input their details and submit, the MailPoet will automatically capture the subscriber and automatically send the follow ups which include the welcome email to them Which I like it so much because I don’t have to do any other things You can see that Optimize Press allows me to build amazing squeeze page very quickly! You can improvise in such a way that the opt-in form can pop ups and you can connect the form with MailPoet under the Optimize Press dashboard, when you try to edit and compose the squeeze page So this is how I do it, I paid around 95 dollars for Optimize Press for one-time payment only, and produce amazing webpages, and I use MailPoet for free plan and connect it with Optimize Press in my WordPress dashboard I’d able to carry out a full capacity of my email marketing campaign yet without have to pay for any kinds of software monthly or yearly So I just basically pay for one time, and able to enjoy to do my marketing campaigns without spending any more money So this is how I do it, if you think that there is other free plan offered by any other software, please drop me a comment below I’ll try to look at it, I’ll welcome for any comments I hope you guys enjoy watching this, I’ll see you around

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