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Truly, what are the benefits of a free e-mail marketing service? What type of business is it right for? And, without any ado, what is the final judgment on a free e-mail marketing service? As you've read in our other blogs about figuring out which type of online marketing software is right for your business, we're very much in the corner of providing as much information as possible, to allow you to make the right decision for you and your business If you are considering adding a online marketing service to your mix, these simple questions will guide you through making the right decision

What Type of Business is Right for a Free E-mail Marketing Service? Small businesses and Start-Ups Free e-mail marketing services are ideal for those small startups with limited funds and staffing This is a great way to stir up some publicity Businesses Unsure About the Benefits of E-mail Marketing Surprisingly, there are those businesses fluttering about that haven't exactly decided to put a toe in the very lucrative water of email-marketing Free is free, and it is a simple and painless way to see the incredible benefit of email marketing as a whole Marketing Budget Constraints We're all feeling the pinch, and across the board marketing budgets are slashed

However, a free e-mail marketing service isn't for those businesses already in the email mix, but, instead, for those who are already constrained without the added destruction of the economy Small businesses and start-ups will benefit from the limited service options available through a free email marketing service Staff constraints With any free e-mail marketing service, there is very little oversight and management needed Those businesses that take this free plunge will find that managing their email marketing campaigns will be simple and easy Though, with a paid email-marketing service, more staff, time and money is most certainly required

What are the Benefits of a Free E-mail Marketing Service? Free Clearly, this is the greatest benefit Free is free Free is awesome for constrained budgets and staffing capabilities Free is fabulous for start-ups Free allows you to try out email marketing without any consequences

Simple Unlike paid services, a free marketing software service is simple and easy There isn't a lot of fuss Free services are easy to set-up and get right into marketing with extremely uncomplicated complimentary design templates With in minutes, you'll be sharing your products and services with your dedicated supports while driving more curious customers to sign up for your e-newsletter What are the Disadvantages of Using a Free Email Marketing Service? Free As the old adage says, and what we've always reinforced, is that you always get what you pay for

Free is limited Free is limited customer support Unable to Fully Customize Your Email Campaigns One of the beauties of a paid email-marketing service is that you're able to do whatever you want to make your email stand out and represent your business to the max However, with a free email marketing service, you're limited to the templates they offer, along with limited uploads of graphics, icons and social media links Limited List Size Support Most, if not all, free email marketing services impose a limit to your subscriber list size

Meaning, you're only able to send out your emails to a certain number of people This is incredibly inhibitive and ultimately restricting your overall growth of your subscriber list Limited Analytical Tools Above all things, understanding your subscribers' habits and trends is what makes a successful email marketing campaign However, if you're unable to track this critical data, then you're unable to respond accordingly Though many free email marketing services do provide analytical tools, they're limited

You're only going to get the basics Advanced analytical tools allow you to adapt and change, something that free services don't allow What Are Your Competitors Doing With Their E-mail Marketing Campaigns? It truly doesn't matter what type of business you're in, but looking to what your competitors are doing with email marketing will inform your choices Chances are, your competitors are following email marketing trends, while increasing their budgets for their email campaigns Your competitors, along with other industry leaders, recognize that e-mail marketing is the predominant way customers interact with you

So, What Is The Verdict On Free E-mail Marketing Services? In some, yet very rare cases, a free e-mail marketing service is ideal However, businesses that use this type of software will quickly grow wary of the limitations and will evolve beyond the software's capabilities Similarly to free fax software, free survey makers or programs that send free SMS, you will, without a doubt, get what you pay for If you're truly interested in joining with the e-mail marketing brigade, understand that cost is the least of which to consider Look to long-term plans, and understand that this investment will pay for itself in the future

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