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CPNCardcom has �Reversed How Traditional Marketing Works

� �we are a Digital Marketing Company here to help bring an ever-increasing number of customers to you for FREE! I know you don�t believe it will be free because Traditional Marketing has brainwashed you to thinking otherwise by charging you a lot of money up front with little results CPNCard Has Reversed How Traditional Marketing works Instead of paying us a lot of money up front, WE ARE GOING TO PAY YOU to participate and advertise with us for no cost what-so-ever! Not now, not a year from now, never! We don�t want your credit card, your check or cash, nothing! We earn our revenue from customers looking for your deals, all you do is do what you usually do with Traditional Marketing, provide Deals and Rewards to our Card Holders which attracts them to your business and we provide the tools and means to make that happen, again, all for NO COST to you, ever! For the Business Owner: CPNCard has a new Digital Marketing Strategy and has �Reversed How Traditional Marketing Works� a �Digital Marketing Company� that pays you! CPNCard� is an Instant Discount and Loyalty Rewards program unlike any other! CPNCard� is launching nationwide in 2014 offering deals to 100�s even 1000�s of businesses locally and nationally as we �Build America�s Largest Savings Network

�? CPNCard� is bringing together every concept of savings in today�s marketing world to maximize it into ONE CARD! Instant discounts and loyalty rewards to local businesses that you can also get nationally as you travel Access to 2,000+ national name brand discounts Plus 200,000+ deals and coupons to download and print or send to your smart phone Senior65+ deals exclusively to those over 65 Travel deals, Pet deals, Kid deals, Healthy Choice deals, entertainment and event deals, restaurant deals, gas deals, auto care deals and much more! All using today�s newest technology online, via tablets in our participating businesses and smartphones

Even more is planned as we launch CPNCard� has put together a program so unique so that anyone who participates will gain from its use! It is Synergy at its best! CPNCard� has �Reversed How Traditional Marketing Works� and is blazing a new trail to marketing like reverse engineering the entire concept thereby unleashing a tremendous wave of win-win-win-win situations never seen before! Card Holders will get more and more ever-changing offers as they shop Businesses will get an ever-increasing number of potential customers to market to for FREE! Fundraisers can raise funds effortlessly with NO Selling and NO Collecting any Money�Fundraising made fun again! Individuals can join us in sharing the CPNCard� Marketing Program as Developers and Distributors and earn income Bucky Helms w/ #BIGdeal Marketing Community Developer (478)461-1010 BHelms@cpncardcom www

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