Follow-up to Affiliate Side-step

everybody this is howard at mlmsupportme and i wanted to just visit with you briefly i had another hangout just a few minutes ago and in earlier discussions today with with my business partner we talked about a problem in our industry and it's not just in the mlm industry it it's an affiliate marketing and you know you may not think that affiliate marketing issues really really affect you but they do and i will explain it this way as a uh

network or in mlm marketer you basically rely on some of the same principles as affiliate marketers after all that you perform work or service uh generally uh in some instances one time and then you receive pay for that over and over again whether it's in selling subscriptions or signing up members into your organizations uh generate continuing income or recurring revenue for you that is pretty much the way an affiliate marketer works, he puts up a website gets traffic to it and and uh creates content generally one time in many cases or direct people to purchase service whether that's a subscription to something or a a recurring membership fee they might continue to receive income from that just as long as that person remains a qualified member so it frees up your time either way reap the benefits of free time that you can spend however you want to but many people do spend that time uh

doing other things that will generate more of that recurring income now back to affiliate and mlm uh why you should be concerned and let me just say this is uh this is something called that i call the affiliate sidestep there are people who think that they can get a better price by not purchasing through an affiliate link and um that's wrong it it's incorrect uh because the price a person pays is not affected whether they go through with uh

promoter such as an affiliate marketer or purchase directly from the vendor or the company the price is the same so there's really no incentive for for a a purchaser to sidestep that affiliate and that really harms the affiliate it cuts that person out of income that they that they depend on you know they have business costs they incur costs to set up a blog to purchase a domain to host a blog to uh it generates with their time or pay to have content generated to purchase and to subscribe to e-mail inservice and to send emails out or to have that content of emails generated for them so they they may also purchase leads to to market their products to products they promote so there are there are costs will be no affiliate marketer the benefit is the that freedom of time to do the work fup front generally and then reap the benefits on an ongoing basis however i am when a person uh making a purchase removes or strips out that affiliate link then it steals money from that affiliate and they do it just because they think that get a better price like i mentioned earlier may do this so that they can substitute their own affiliate ID in url and get a commission off of something they are purchasing themselves either way is wrong so the message here is that as an affiliate please honor the affiliate system don't cut other affiliates and out of the purchase that is rightfully theirs uh that sale, rather, that is rightfully theirs two things you won't get a better deal by doing so and you also preserve that affiliate marketing system for other people too to be able to make a living from home they work from home they earn money from home either to supplement their income from a job or to be their primary source of income or or maybe their only source of income there's lots of dollars stake here so you know it's it's a good thing for all of us and it's a good thing it if it will continue to be around uh but but don't try to uh

to shortchange people and I know you wouldn't but others who might be able to see this at some point in time this recording act they may never have thought of it in those terms so it's probably one of those things that you really don't need to bring up and talk about that on the other hand you kind do so that's why partner tom and i focused on that in our discussion today and i'm writing about this in my blog and decided to do a quick hang out on this as well so i'll leave you with the thought for today and yes this is an affiliate link of the service and i subscribe to very proud to represent and recommend to you and i'll provide other recommendations later in future hangouts in future blog posts but for today the recommendation is for the empower network and you can become a part of that go to this website and learn much more about it Empower Network and the services that are provided through them for you to help you build and grow and further develop your business and that's MLMSupportme/emp so just remember that i'll try to get a clickable link in the description underneath this video ah just as quickly as i can but in the meantime just type this in it's not too long mlmsupportme/emp and that will get you where you need to be to take advantage of today's recommendation so I'll leave it with you with that in this uh if you would like further contact you can certainly uh email me at support@mlmsupportme I'll leave that up and conclude the broadcast goodbye everybody

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