Floating Social Bar – Awesome WordPress Plugin

In this short tutorial, we’re going to show you how to add this Floating Social Bar you see here that anchors the top of the page as the user scrolls By the way, if you want to know how to make this website you see here in under 90 minutes for a few dollars, please see our How to Make a Website video

Log into your WordPress dashboard Go to Plugins Add New Search for a plugin called Floating Social bar That's the one we want there

Install now, and Activate Now if you scroll down, you'll see the Floating Social Bar on the Settings link Here you can choose the services that you want to display, so we'll choose Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn And, you can also rearrange them You can enter a label, and we’ll show on posts as well as pages

We’re going to use a Twitter link, so we’ll need to enter our Twitter username You can leave the rest as default This check box here, if you want it to be a static social bar instead of a floating social bar, check that and you can select whether the display above the content, below, or both But it will have it floating Go down, and Save Settings

Now we’ll just logout, and see what our site looks like There you go There’s our social bar, and you'll notice when we scroll down, it's anchored to the top of our page And, it's great for people to like or share your posts, which means basically free publicity for you So I highly recommend you use social plugins on your website, and this is a really easy and effective way to go about it

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