Five Free Photoshop Alternatives | Best Free Photo Editing Software

Photoshop is one of the most powerful Photo Editing software, however it comes with a price tag So if you are just starting out or Photoshop is something you cannot afford

In this video I will provide you with five free Photoshop alternatives Also make sure you watch till the end because I will give you a sneak peak of the next video The first program is Photopea Photopea is a web base application, so no installation is required The programs layout looks very similar to Photoshop

Photopea natively supports Photoshop PSD files Photopea also supports most of the other common formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF etc The program also has some of the tools you will find in Photoshop such as: adjustment layers, layer styles, masks, text, and smart objects The next program is Photo Pos Pro Unlike Photopea, Photo Pos Pro is not a web based application, so installation is required

The program has two interfaces, a novice interface and a advance user interface The advance user interface look similar to the Photoshop layout Like Photoshop, Photo Pos Pro supports layers and Layer mask However there are two drawbacks the program is not support with the MAC OS and the free version has a file size limitation of (1024 x 2014) If you want to work with larger files you will have to upgrade to the premium version

Up next is Pixlr Pixlr is another browser based alternative to Photoshop There are several version of Pixlr Editor, the only version that supports layers is the Pixlr Editor web app The Pixlr will run on most modern browsers as long as Flash 10 or above is installed Pixlr has a lot of the Photoshop-Type tools (such as sharpen, unsharp mask, blur, noise, levels and curves to name just a few), as well as artistic filters and automatic optimization options

Pixlr Editor support formats such as JPEG, GIF and PNGYou can also view some PSD files, although those larger in size or complex in nature may not open Another free Photoshop alternative is PaintNET Paint

NET looks similar to Microsoft Paint, this is not a coincidence the original intent behind the development of the program was to replace Microsoft Paint with something better However don't let that deter you PaintNet is a powerful Photo editor It also supports layers, however you will need to install a plugin for masks The Paint

NET features can be expanded via third party pluginsPaintNET does natively support PSD files but can open Photoshop Documents once the PSD plugin is installed It's also very fast, and runs well even on low-powered PCs Last but not lease is GIMP GIMP is an open source Photo Editing program and is considered to be one of the best Free Photoshop Alternative

The software as been around for many years The program works on Windows, Mac and Linux Unlike some of the other Photoshop Alternatives GIMP is not a browser based application and requires installation GIMP supports Layers and Mask, the program supports file formats such as GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF among others, as well as partial support for PSD files A huge upside to GIMP is all the user created plugins

Some of these plugins replicate popular Photoshop tools You can also use some of the Plugins that are designed for Photoshop The user interface can be a little confusing, but GIMP provides an excellent user guide on their website So those are five free Photoshop Shop alternative, if you know of any other free Photoshop Alternative, please list them in the comments section In the next video we will talk about ways to backup your Photos and Videos, and the advantages and disadvantages of using certain options

So if you are not subscribed to the channel already, make sure to subscribe so you are notified when that video is released Thank you for taking the time to watch this video, I hope the information was helpful

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