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Welcome to this FB Infiltrator review Facebook Infiltrator is the new face of social marketing

Direct social media marketing is the future Instead of trying to get customers from Facebook to come to your site, you can now go directly to theirs This cutting-edge WordPress App is going to change everything There's no shortage of praise for FB Infiltrator Here are just a few examples

What makes FB Infiltrator so special? First it's super simple to install and setup No programming or special skills required Next, you will have a functional landing page inside a Facebook in under two minutes You'll get more clicks, conversions, and traffic than you ever thought possible from social media

There's never been anything like this and it is without question going to set the stage for the future of social marketing And right now we've secured the absolute lowest price available anywhere just for our viewers And our exclusive bonus package is something you won't get anywhere else I'm going to hand this off to the developer who will give you a quick look inside of FB Infiltrator So for the next few minutes I'm going to demonstrate the insane power of the FB infiltrator and why your customers are going to be absolutely blown away by it

So watch me as I crack the biggest algorithm on Facebook that lets me put Landing pages and lead capture pages, as well as sell and promote products, right inside Facebook News Feed and posts And I'm going to set this up in just 90 seconds to show you how easy this whole thing is Okay guys, right now I'm on the FB infiltrator dashboard, and what I'm going to do now is choose the template that I want right here I can choose whatever sort of niche-fitting template that I have, then in the editor I'm going to set up all the cool stuff First I enter my app ID

This software is 100 percent compliant with Facebook Terms of Service So, the App ID will connect with my Facebook account Next I'm going to enter the headline text that I want I can play with the colors and the font styles, and make other adjustments to make it look really sexy I'm going to put in the sub headline here, and I can play with that, too, to make it look just right

And over here I'm goin to go ahead and insert my YouTube video I have pulled it up over here in the tab and I'm going to check the auto-play box so that the video auto-plays The last step is to set up the call to action- I'm going to go ahead and set up the background color of the button You can make your call to action a lead capture, or a Buy button or a Download button or Opt-in button whatever you want All you have to do is select "Form Code" or "URL" For this demo I'm going to use Lead Capture I'm going to paste my code over here and now customize how I want the button to be, and that's it

We're pretty much all set now Let's pause for a second let's refresh this page

Let's see exactly what we've done here in under two minutes Alright, in just a few seconds we've built a complete, SEO-friendly Landing Page with video, text and Opt-in form, ready to infiltrate Facebook When fans see this stuff inside their Newsfeeds and Fanpages, they'll stop dead in their tracks, because let's face it, you don't see that every day Right? You normally see a flood of regular, boring status updates, photos, videos, links to articles, stuff like that

Right? But what you don't normally see is a video with an Opt-in form So when they see something so extraordinary they will certainly pause to examine it And being noticed is what every business owner is after Now I'm going to head over here and share this on one of our test Facebook pages, to show you exactly how this thing works In just a few more seconds, alright, I'm going to "Preview and Share" and hit the Share button I'm going to share this on the Facebook page and then come back and take a look at exactly what this looks like

And that's it Like I said, in just about ninety seconds Now let's go test this baby out on the Newsfeed and on the Fanpage to see exactly how it looks, so that you know how your clients and visitors will see it Click over here and look on the Fanpage We're going to find the post that we just made over in the Newsfeed

And this is on the Fanpage but its also sharable right here so when people see this they're definitely going to pay attention Okay JV's, now that we've established just how awesome this product is let head back to the FB Infiltrator Dashboard so I can show you around more cool stuff that makes the software a pure animal We've added a ton of features and I'm pretty sure that you're going to love this, alright First off, we've got so many cool pre-built and customizable templates that your customers are not going to know which one to pick Honestly, they're all great-looking and they're optimized to get the most clicks

And right here in the editor we've stacked an array of features that has shaped this product into a monster Now you can choose different backgrounds, you can also upload your own custom backgrounds You have total font customization in the headline and the sub-headline alike from font color to font style, all through to alignment You are fully covered

But I already mentioned this so it's not news to you But here is something that I haven't mentioned yet You ready? All the way down to the bottom of the page here, you get either set up your lead capture or Call to Action Also, if you go to the main dashboard you'll see detailed statistics and this way your buyers will know the conversion rate of their Landing Pages and all the other cool stuff that you see down here So that's it

The things you can use this plugin for are limitless You can use it to promote coupons, or you can use it to get more customers for local businesses, use it to sell products or make special discount offers and promos, or, you can also use it to collect leads and build lists from hyper-targeted audiences How creative will you get this is a software? You can use this host contests, weekly giveaways, or just about any other type of marketing campaign FB Infiltrator is that good Here's a peek at the bonuses you're about to get for free! ~ music playing ~ music playing ~ Make no mistake, FB Infiltrator is a game-changer

Are you going to ride the fence on the new Gold Rush? Don't miss out on this very limited offer at THIS price, and with these exclusive bonuses Visit our site at the link below right now and learn more Thank you for stopping by and watching this FB Infiltrator Review

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