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Yes hey here is jens again and i was asked how to do such facebook windows the side of a blog hinbekommt and zwr I show that to you on the basis of a wordpress blogs this widget is called at the side where you usually insert banner can and things like that so and already we are on my labtop more specifically, we are at developersfacebook

com so then let's go to documentation scroll down a bit to the social plugins here social plugin or social plugins so here we have all this here the link can be found under my video under this video in the description Just click this link and then you come here you should not facebook developers account you have to set up a first and prerequisite is synonymous to have an app so then we could go to plugins here right here Setting everything is usually already preset so here you can still everything possible settings smaller higher cover image hide such things just a little bit try around then you press here to generate code when you're done I take like the iframe code you take you copy here the normal so everything makieren and then copy so exactly then you log in to your wordpress account goes Here you can adjust on website or customize website because you can then edit the widgets and adds that quite normal here at the widgets just paste it to the one you want place where you want to have it just insert save do not forget and you have already the inside as you see it here, there are of course more things embedded videos so look here a bit to see exactly what i wanted to show you exactly After that, I was asked and when you did that, it looks like this the right side so much fun imitation I hope I could help you if you liked the video then give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel thank you very much for your attention, your jens

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