Facebook Pixel Opt In & Google Analytics Opt In DSGVO Lösung Pixelmate

hey my name is daniel kocks i am glad that you are back today At the same time, you want to make money online again in today's topic something about the dsgvo talk here specifically about the facebook pixel and google analytics how do you do that nowadays with the new ones? dsgvo legally safe and from sure means that it is above all the most important can insert and here I would like to introduce you as I for the website How to make money online? I have this new dsgvo real thrown a ticket back I must say I was completely finished with my website yes and then the new dsgv high then stand because the questions are okay how do you connect now in facebook pixel correctly Because for online marketing as you know or maybe not yet for online Of course, marketing is facebook's Facebook pixel very much ausschlag google analytics is just as good as we want to know who was also our site and above all how long it was on our site and I've looked at many solutions for free as well as some which cost a little money to end up there on the website love straight she is so since point de and the dsgvo plugin for wordpress pixelmate I want to show you so pixelmate is the wordpress plugin what I use for my website now what you see now is the homepage of the pixelmate plugin and again slogan here already says the easiest way facebook ads google analytics & co continue to use in wordpress let's scroll down a bit sooner or before it comes into effect The new dsgvo was pleased to offer an opt out that is, a site visitor came on its site cookie plugins jacked up but from the beginning all cookies packed that means if he did not want a website visitor to be tracked he physically had to opt out but nevertheless you have to he clicked that already knew that he was on your website say the facebook pixel and google analytics have both already works now with the entry into force of the new dsgvo since may 2018 it is elsewhere now we talk about the so-called opt in which means that means one website visitor is now on the website and will be first so I will first of all external resources blocked that is the facebook pixel does not do anything google analytics does not matter if you have amazon partner for example A product on Amazon also makes the Amazon plugin even linkable nothing and the same applies to youtube because even youtube calls in between at home but that is another topic with the we can know each other later and this plugin or speak as long as the web pages Visitors did not click on whether all of these resources are blocked of course he can not watch youtube videos during this time either he clicks on if in engi page to reload I'll show it to you live my side and then all things are switched in the background so again here as an overview where recently wordpress spring people show what that plug-in exactly but can sometimes the overview of the website So you can embed the facebook pixel and that's really simple As it is written directly and without code I can do additional events Incorporate that comes to fruition when you naturally fit a show and lichtenberg would like to know when someone did something but that it was a separate one topic that goes so far but that is a special topic for the facebook pixel and of course you can opt out or opt in in the cookie Generate message the same is google analytics lets easy to integrate the same as facebook pixel we see We'll see you later number important google analytics may be used in germany only if you have a clue ip addresses anonymization that the last three pay the ip-address these are automatically blocked by this plugin we continue to block all external resources like I just said is for example youtube 1 1 a yes in the program, what synonymous in between telephoned home and user data stores also leave this blocking yourself so that you can work quite safely or dsgv opera form that If we look at this plug-in now before I use the pixel mail I had a plug-in just what had worked for the facebook pixel a plug-in which only google analytics has included and I had one plug-in what the cookie messages has displayed as you may know in wordpress the fewer plugins you have installed the better it is for the performance of the site is the performance of the site well you bring in google better and so on that is, of course, should be one of them its as little yes to install plugins as possible and as you can see here replaces this one plugin directly three pieces that is not only that plug-in not only makes your website a little safer it will be more automatic but ante by the fact that you have three plugins against 1 Let's see what else is here, we can see what the plug-in that will cost you a loss for a website who 29 euros for three websites 49 I can tell you I have the first Variantte taken for 29 euro but maybe we will come again later let's jump on my website and I'll show you First, like the coupe or how the koki message looks like, let me have one open new tab and on how to make money online marriage now I hope Of course, that's not me any longer I accepted and I have a second let me unsubscribe here shortly if the website is loading here now i had the cookie of course already Do you accept the integration of the cookie message below Everything is freely adapted that means I have those the background of mine website color adjusted you can enter the text yourself as you want and Of course you can also give one where your privacy statements linked as has just been discussed, the website does not do anything at the moment blocked, I click now synonymous if everything remains blocked click I also start to reload the website and in the background automatically the facebook pixel and google analytics are active as can you we test that up here now, there are two plugins, one is the one check facebook pixel so that facebook pixel check plugin i'll let you in linked to the comments below is a chrome extension that can be attached just great to test if the plugin or if your blocking an opt-out if videos status still works out then we still have the facebook pixel hero was this facebook pixel helper shows her exactly what exactly facebook from direct- and as you can see right now there is no facebook pixel online so let's go on, and then you will see he is above, for example, reloads so I have now accepted the cookies and directly So of course you see down here a website visitor can Rescind decision at any time this is great you are very hopeful for your web site visitors and it is very very legally compliant now let's click again in facebook pixel checker and the way you see it is installed it reloads and works and the facebook pixel helfer also shows us page views time pixel code everything works again for you i click now also want the code revoked and you look directly into the valley that means that pixel with plug-in lacquered your resources that is from the present time is the website legally usable so you believe now you have ever seen the proof that it works now how is it integrated to log in for a short time I assume that you know how to enter plug in installed if not that I show you very briefly that means you click also install plugins clicks on plugin if you upload the because if you bought the plug-in you get Sent a download case and became a download link can download the file which is in a zip format and then you click just to select file again speaks new plugins plugins install plugins add to then select file and then you want the file from where you have just downloaded you just get down install on now did you do that as you come here below a pixelmator and that's it, that means you have one on one all the settings you need for the plugin I personally find it very clear and very easy to use the first point is how addressed whether car or whether in as yes the developer of the plug-in itself says after the 25 05 after the entry into force of the basic data protection regulation is only in the case of right choice is the same for all external flipped blocked that it did for example what I just said he with youtube videos google funds or google maps you're on the safe side though you make the check mark and at the beginning all resources blocked clicks for example a website visitor on my website on skin and comes on one certain page where videos are embedded I tell the website visitor that this video is only visible after he has accepted the cookies and not that it has to do to work in compliance with data protection, of course This is also a part of it, I bring it in the window for a moment what I mentioned in the directive so this website is operated dsgv eu compliant please click on go to load all contents of the website and so the access to get all the information and videos Of course it can also happen that yes that is read over or it will Just clicked away and the website visitor just sees one website that looks uninteresting he thinks that a technical error it is just you own a legal website unfortunately these days still web sites out there that are not quite up to date which one nevertheless I recommend you of course go this safe Go talk openly with his web pages and everyone can understand it Now as I said google analytics you're just wearing a google analytics one here and everything works automatically it will anonymized as described here and there is nothing else to consider special event you can just paste them here with copy pace and also like They are automatically deposited directly at the right place in the code same applies to a facebook pixel you will code your facebook pixel just enter here and everything works automatically facebook pixel has special event shortly this you just copied into this field and memory and it also works more scripts here I have to stand you I do not know ad hoc what I should embed there will be examples Made by madame or conversion magic or adwords I have until now still not being busy but certainly working well down here is simply the look of the kuki message here at einsplus you like this bar will look like this below or look and what's on it as you can see that is the text we see have just read the stain so easy your link to privacy under field you link the data protection and then you have only just the accept text or the button where your website visitor cookies accept or stop where you are after that you only save on changes and yes he is finished as I said this plug-in I was in the beginning was my idea why Actually you will not get any money for such a plug-in I spent a lot of myself plugins viewed as I said in the end had me several different you all have done any part of it and I have loosely synonymous two weeks and forth does not have a plug in with the other does not work then the website will not look like this again should then partially things reloaded or not sometimes is activated on the facebook pixel sometimes not the same applies to google analytics and I believe if you yourself now a bit with dealing with wordpress plugins has been annoying and most of all time consuming, therefore, when I discovered this plug-in and before everything seen then it costs me only 29 euro once thought with direct for this 29 euro it is definitely worth 3 plug ins to exchange with one and that is still my opinion now I have made this video for you here the pixel with plug in by soitz is the best plugin I have ever seen installed in my wordpress and a part that I have not explained yet have the plug-in where did we have it because the plugin was shared with a Lawyer developed specifically with the dsgv plugins we work with sabrina kreishaus of likes together that means this plugin is still too developed together with a lawyer no other plugin I've found before you have such a strong one reference or so gives the feeling that you really on the Safe side is and what more could you want to be on the safe side and his website just let it run and not somehow every day to expect a warning and you can do that for only 29 years leaves over 429 euros so again very short back if you are interested for a dsgv-compliant solution for integrating the facebook pixel google analytics youtube and so on I can only tell you the plug-in pixelmator Just download hearts so I'll get you also link the link in the comments to the site here so that you can directly find what you are talking about and the itself again can make a picture as I said just plugins after you Download it install plugins here download the file Select which you got as a download after the installation do you have your rider with pixelnet you just have to just yours now configure things to enter your data and finalize changes Save and you have your cookie message you have one legally binding integration of facebook pixel and google analytics codes and hate if i'm honest within a half hour everything is done you need and can just run your website legally safe For example, if you're marketing and marketing marketer and building blocks finals I will upload a later video about wordpress I use for for example the price architect for that i am a fan of i had In the beginning, other solutions looked at it is quite click on the wrong thing mentioned on youtube but I'm not a fan for it alone An American solution is not very good on ours now European data protection regulations come in but that's one Other topic as you said would or do you build your small sales trades wordpress on eg sf architect you need no further licenses too buy these to this plugin or this one this yes that the plugin with the kuki message and all the trimmings works automatically in any case that means all your future Finals are quite safe and compliant I hope I brought it understandably over I hope the sound was good I like to write something in the comments if you have questions I try so well how to do it I have the plug-in for 25 years now actually already before since the beginning of may it is continuously updated continuously maintained as you can see a second where always as you can see no it is here dsgv pixeln tutorials there is a own facebook group for this plug-in where you have to ask if so the developer answers very quickly then just click on facebook and in the group jump it is in my opinion to everything thought and I have nothing to complain about not to complain about with 1 said the best plugins veh i know and beside the whole legal security here you also save three plug ins in comparison to one most of all still the performance of his website I hope he has that I would be pleased if you like my one like thumbs where and if you are of course always informed about news Just write to the channel and subscribe to it future automatically when I have uploaded a new video again I was pleased to introduce the plug-in here I would be one again nice day daniel vos

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