Expert and Members Directory Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Sam here from CreativeMinds In this video we're taking a look at a plugin that allows you to build a specialized expert and members directory right on your WordPress site

It can control the look and feel of the directory and you can also filter and search the directory There is also an add-on available for the plugin that allows users to submit and manage their own directory profiles with admin moderation Let's check it out So first let's take a look at what the index page of the directory looks like You can choose for the pictures to appear larger or smaller and you can also choose from different view options for this index page

The index page also includes a search option and you can search by keywords, you can filter by category, by service There are also other fields you can choose like language, and you can also create your own custom fields When we click on an individual member, you can see that the profile includes the text and information about that expert or member, including an overview, education, and experience Over on the left, we have all of the categories, all of the services and languages that match this particular profile Also another section that includes an address, a link to this members Twitter profile and other social media

At the bottom of the profile the system automatically generates a list of experts who are related to this particular profile based on the categories of the profile From the admin side, you can see all of the profiles on the system Editing profiles is easy and you have multiple options for sections that you can fill out on certain profiles Like education or publications, experience, etc All of these are fields which are included in the profile

Also a ton of different setting options are available with this plugin You can customize the index page in a whole range of different ways You can also add your own custom css and also change the labels You can even add API Keys for Twitter so the links and the followers show up on expert or member profile pages The Expert Directory Plugin is the perfect solution to building an expert or member directory or academic institutes, organizations and companies

Don't forget there is also a community add-on available for this plugin which allows users to submit and manage their own directory profiles with admin moderation Visit cmindscom to download the plugin and add-on today

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