Essential WordPress Plugins 2016

– In this video I'm gonna be taking you through my essential WordPress plugins for 2016 I've got some free ones and I've got some premium ones

So well let's check them out (calm music) Hello it's Alex here from WPEagle So in this video I'm gonna take you through some of my essential plugins for 2016 Plugins that I use all the time on pretty much all the websites that I create, and I've used and tested and think are really good so well let's get straight into them Okay the first set of plugins, I've got five of them for you, are premium plugins which means there is a small fee in order to get hold of them

But it also means that they're of a much higher quality than the free plugins that you see And you get support, and you get free updates, and yeah basically they're just really good and worth the money, and they're all plugins that I've used myself and have paid for, etc So let's get started with number one Okay so the first one is a reentry from last years video And of course it's Gravity Forms, which is plugin I use on pretty much every website that I create that needs a contact form

So if you're not familiar with Gravity Forms, it's obviously a form plugin as the name suggests, and it allows you to create all sorts of forms using a really easy to use drag and drop builder within WordPress So why would you need a form plugin? Well obviously for Contact Us page it's really useful to have a form so that people can get in touch with you But you can also use this plugin for more complex things like multi-page forms, say for an application form on a financial type website And you can also include conditional logic on those forms which basically means that the fields in the form can change depending on what people input as their answer It also comes with a host of add-ons which allow you to plug it in to different systems like Woocommerce, Mail Chimp, and all sorts of things

And they all come free if you take on the developer license which is the one that I've got and I renew every year because as I say I just use it on every single website that I create So yeah if you haven't checked out Gravity Forms, and you're not using it on your websites do go check it out, I highly recommend it So Gravity Forms is available from GravityFormscom, I will put a link up on the video now, and the price starts from just $39 for a single licence The next plugin I want to talk about is called Maintenance PRO, and it's a maintenance mode plugin

So, a maintenance mode plugin is useful for when you're building a website and you want to get a page up on the domain that kind of says you know coming soon Maybe with a counter, some forms, links to social media that sort of thing And that's what Maintenance PRO does for you You simply install the plugin, turn it on, and it creates a lovely maintenance page for you with a section of different templates you can choose from and you can work in the background while you're logged in and all your visitors to the site see a lovely page and you let them know when your website will be ready Now of course there are a number of free maintenance mode plugins out there which will do a similar job, but I've not found one of this kind of quality which has some really easy to use templates and it just basically looks great, and again I use it all the time when I'm building websites and I need to hide the site until it's ready to be launched

Maintenance PRO is available from Code Canyon, I will put link up on the screen, and it's just $15, a bargain Third plugin in this list is a new entry this year and it's Woozone which I'm sure a lot of my viewers are familiar with Now Woozone is a plugin that turns your Woo Commerce site which we're gonna get onto in a second, into an Amazon affiliate website It's enabled you to quickly search for Amazon find a price you want, and download them onto your website, all the images, pricing, all that sort of thing And basically allows you to create a mini kind of store using WordPress full of affiliate products from Amazon

Now this plugin has had it's ups and downs I will say that, we've been working with it through some like other tutorial videos which I suggest you check out I've got some on how to use the plugin to create a site from start, all the way through to launching it And yeah some of my viewers have had their ups and downs with plugin with regards to support But what I will say is that the plugin is updated regularly, the support do get back to you if you're patient And I'm here for you if you use this plugin

I've got lots of tips and of tricks and advice on it So I can still recommend it whole heartedly because it's a great plugin, and there isn't many others out there that do what this plugin actually does in terms of allowing you to create an Amazon affiliate website really easily, so yeah worth checking out Woozone is available on Code Canyon, I'll put a link up right now, and it's just $34 Fourth plugin I want to talk about is Easy Social Share which again was featured in my last video, the one I did last year on the plugins But it's been updated and it's even better than it was back then

So this plugin allows you to add social sharing buttons to your content, to your posts and your pages It covers all the major in social networks, and some of the less known ones as well One of the things I love about this plugin are the button templates that come included with it So these are the buttons for Facebook and Twitter and Linkin, and Pinterest, and all those sort of things There's loads to choose from which means you can find something that fits your site really well

Oh you can have counters on them You can have them floating on the side You can have them at the top of the content, at the bottom of the content, or both if you like It's got some really good mobile settings so you can adjust your buttons so they look really good on a mobile and a tablet And yeah basically it's just got everything you need

It's got loads and loads of options if you want to adjust them, or you can just go through the wizard and get it set up in a couple of minutes So I haven't found any plugin like this whether it be premium or free in terms of adding social sharing buttons And social sharing buttons are an essential part of a blog stroke website now a days because you really want to encourage some social sharing because it just helps you get traffic, and your SEO, and all that sort of stuff So this plugin is highly recommended If you haven't got social sharing buttons on your website you need to get it now

Easy Social Sharing is available from Code Canyon it's just $19, I will put a link up on the screen now My fifth and final premium plugin for this video is called Twitter Feed, and yeah you guessed it It allows you to add your Twitter feed to your WordPress website in a really easy and stylish way Adding your Twitter feed is a great way to make your site more dynamic as of see it pulls in your live Tweet as of when you Tweet onto your website so everyone can read them and they can click through, follow you, share, retweet, all that sort of stuff The reason I love this plugin is because it's really easy to set up and install, and it's got some fancy options when it comes to displaying your Tweet

So you can have static Tweets you know, just Tweets you know there on your page You can have Tweets that scroll in and out, fade in and out, all sorts of things So that's why I love it because it awful looks really good once you've added it to your website so go check it out Twitter Feed is available on Code Canyon, it's just $15 and I'll put a link up on the screen now Go check it out

Let's get on to the free plugins There are some great plugins out there for WordPress that are free to use, and these are the ones that I use on a regular basis so let's have a look All the free plugins are available from WordPressorg, or you can just simply install them by going to Plugins and Add New from within your WordPress Dashboard Now the first one is everyone's favorite free plugin and that is Akismet, Akismet helps you get rid of that annoying comment spam that you tend to get on WordPress website

You know the stuff for Viagra and all that kind of rubbish that you get in your comments when you start adding content to your website What Akismet does is it goes through all your comments that come onto the website and using some server based data it will flag them as spam if it's seen them before as you know a spamming type content Allowing you to just moderate them as and when you need it and you know clearly see the real comments that you want to add to your site and reply to and allows and stuff So yeah an essential one for your WordPress website The second free plugin that I want to talk about is called WordPress Fastest Cache, I think that's it Faster Cache, WPFC for short

And this is a new caching plugin that I've been trying out this year, and I've had some great success with it So caching plugins are an essential thing to install on your WordPress website because they make it load faster which is obviously a good thing Because Google likes fast sites Your visitors will appreciate a fast site Everyone loves a fast site so why wouldn't you install it? Now there is a load of caching plugins available for WordPress, there's some big ones like Wfree, etc

Which I've tried that before but the reason why I love WPFC is because it's really easy to set up and configure There isn't huge amounts of options that you need to wade through There's just a few that you can tick a few boxes and then kind of measure the performance increase that you get from that There's not much more to say about WPFC apart from go get it, install it, and if you are using other caching plugins I suggest you take a look at it Because as I say it's really easy to use and you get a great performance boost from it just from the most basic of settings

There is a premium version available if you want it But I found the free version works just fine and there's probably not much reason for you to upgrade to premium unless you just want to squeeze a few more seconds off that load time on your website The third plugin I want to talk about was featured in my last video and it's back again and it's Woocommerce Now Woocommerce is an ecommerce plugin so it transforms your WordPress website into an online shop, allowing you to sell products whether they be physical or digital, or whatever you like It supports a host of different payment gateways so you can take your money from your customers using Paypal, or Sage, or Stripe, or there's a ton of different payment gateways that kind of plugin to Woocommerce

So it should have one that suits your needs Speaking of extensions Woocommerce has loads which makes it one of my favorite plugins So say you wanna sell some bookings for an event, there's a plugin for that So you wanna sell training, there's a plugin for that If you want to sell subscriptions you can do that too

There's an extension that fits into Woocommerce to do that Basically the list goes on, Woocommerce as it comes is powerful but and with all the extensions it really becomes something else So if you're looking to sell anything via your website your first stop needs to be Woocommerce The fourth plugin I want to talk about is Yoast SEO one of my favorite plugins I use this on all my websites and you'll find it in a many of my videos, it's a great way to make sure that your website is SEO friendly

SEO means Search Engine Optimization So I'm talking about getting your website ready for Google so that when Google comes in it finds all the words in the right place and can read your pages really well which of course will help you rank better It's also got some other features like XML site map, so you can submit a basically a map of your website to Google So Google knows exactly which pages and posts you want it to index and where it can find them You can go through each and post on your website optimizing it for certain keywords

And Yoast is there for you, helping you optimize, giving you suggestions, and all sorts of things I've got loads of videos on SEO on my channel so be sure to check them out But if you're looking to improve your search engine rankings then Yoast SEO is definitely an essential plugin that you need for your WordPress website Okay the final plugin that I want to talk about in this video is Google Analyticator Again this was in my last video because again I use it all the time

It's been updated, it's got even better since then But it's basically an easy way to add Google Analytics to your website For those of you that don't know what Google Analytics is, it's a package that you get from Google for free And using this plugin you can add it to your WordPress website and then you can track your visitors as they kind of come to your website and browse around It's full of all sorts of reports but basically you can see how many people have come to your website, how long they spent on the site, what pages they looked at, whether they filled out any forms and tons and tons of other information

So yeah it's really essential just if you want to find out how well your website's doing But it's also good if you want to optimize your marketing efforts because you can clearly see what's working, what's bringing traffic to your website and what's not Now Google Analytics uses a kind of tracking code that needs to be added to your pages and this plugin kind of makes it really easy to do that So you don't have to worry about you know coding or editing theme files or anything like that Just install this plugin connect it to your Google account, and off you go

So that's the end of this video on my essential plugins for WordPress in 2016 I'd love to hear which plugins you use on your WordPress websites, which ones you love, and even which ones that you don't love so much Be really interesting to hear that Also if you've got any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you as well Please post them below

Subscribe for more videos and if you could like this video that really helps me out too But until next time, goodbye for now (upbeat music)

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