Episode 3: Website Security

Hi Welcome to another episode of Coffee break with your web chick live I am a few minutes late today

I had some technical issues again But here I am, and I'm ready to go and I'm ready to talk about website security for your small business I want to give you a few tips in case you're concerned about hackers getting to your website Let's face it, the only way hackers could never get to your website is if you've never had a website The only 100% guarantee that you won't get hacked is to not have a website but there are some good thingsthere are some things that you can do to make your website more secure and many of these things go for all platforms and some some of the things I'm going to talk about are specific to WordPress because I do happen to specialize in WordPress I've got my tasty beverage in my Patrick mug today It matches my pink shirt Excuse me one second

Yes, I need my caffeine to get started Okay, so if you're concerned about hackers getting to your website here are some of the things that you can do to help prevent that #1: Especially on WordPress, don't use admin as your password When you think about it, using admin as your password gives any hacker or computer that might come down the pipeline 50% of your login credentials So they're already halfway to logging into your website without your permission if you use admin as your username

It is the default when you set up WordPress, but you can change that when you're setting up a WordPress site #2: Choose a secure password In other words, not password123 If you check out, howsecureismypasswordnet or for short hsim

pw You can put in the password that you want to use and it'll tell you how secure it is It'll tell you how long it would take a hackuh

a computer to crack your password Install a firewall like secureuh#3, #3: Install a firewall like sucurinet – that's s-u-c-u-r-i

net This supports websites built on any platform and services start at about 10 bucks a month #4: Set up a scanning service There are free services like Nikto Which is actually cirtnet/nikto2 and that's a free service Or starting at just 17 bucks a month

You can get Sucuri's SiteCheck and again that's sucurinet and those two work on all platforms For WordPress specifically, I personally like and use wordthe WordFence plugin they have a robust, excellent free version, but if you decide that you want the freefree version

I mean the PREMIUM version, it's only $99 a year and that price goes down if you purchase service years in bulk, so the more you purchase, the more years you purchase, the more you save on the per year price Services like these, these scanning services, not only do they detect things that could be going on externally that are a threat to your site, but they can also detect vulnerabilities within the site and kind of warn you ahead of time, "Look, you've got something going on here that you might wanna check into" Number five this one is specific to wordpress

There are plugins that you can install like limit login attempts or if you use word print word fence there is a Option in word fence that lets you turn on a login attempt limit and I have mine turned on believe me Number six another good security measure is to use a comment Spam blocker there are a lot of free spam blocker plugins that are available for wordpress I Was using one called anti captcha that worked quite well until I wanted to make my site more mobile-friendly and the Spam Blocker Conflicted with the mobile technology that I had selected to use So I went in search of a solution, and I found something called clean talk dot org And they are just eight dollars a year So Akismet is probably the most Popular spam blocker, but it's also five bucks a month Which [is] still not a bad deal if you want to use the most popular one I do like clean talk it has Protected me very well from comment spam, and you can't beat the price for eight bucks a year On a side note, but they both do Sorry clean chalk and Akismet do both work on all platforms They are not specific to [wordpress], and there is a free version of Akismet But technically you're only supposed to use it for personal websites and since we're talking about small business websites You really shouldn't use the free version of akismet for your small business website, so to review Things that you can do as a small business professional to protect your small business website From Hackers number one don't use Admin as your password Number I mean don't use admin as your username Number two choose a secure password and again, that's the short url is hs I? M Dot Pw the long version of that is how secure is my password dotnet and that will tell you how How long it will take a computer to crack your password? Number three invest in a firewall like secure a net once again It's Suc, you are I [dotnet] It's about 10 bucks a month number four set up a scanning service my favorite word fence for wordpress But there are also there's also security also has a scanning service, and there's also something called Nikto number five Limit login attempts, that's specific to wordpress and number six use a good comment spam blocker Again, I like cleantalk org that works on all platforms

I use it for wordpress and I've been very happy with it for about two years now It has really protected me very well from comment Spam, and it's invisible your visitors don't have to Do the the captchas and putting in codes and all that kind of stuff it just works behind the scenes very quietly and very effectively so those are my tips for protecting your small business website from Hackers I Look forward to your comments your questions and if you have suggestions for an episode something you'd like to hear me talk about something you'd like recommendations for Whether it's wordpress or any other? Website platform I would love to hear from you I also take questions and suggestions for social Media and email marketing I am your web chick Bonnie Clayton your web chick biz at Your web chick Tm on Facebook and until next time Have a great day

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