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Hey guys this is Spencer Coffman here today I'm going to show you a plug-in called WP Empire Builder now I have never used this plug-in from what I understand what it does is it it's like a complete cPanel and WordPress database right inside your personal website so it's like a child theme but it allows you to create a bunch of different websites within your website and then it automatically adds them into your cPanel so you don't have to log in and take care of all the details in there so I just loaded it up and I got a warning message that said you have to upgrade your site to the Empire version so I haven't gone through it yet so this is kind of an off-the-cuff review for this plug-in but bear with me we're gonna work our way through we're gonna see what it's all about and you're gonna decide whether or not this plugin is for you from what I understand it's a pretty cool plugin if you can use it I would highly recommend it already even though we haven't gone through with the review so we're gonna click this button here upgrade your site to Empire version and it says all right congratulations click here to manage your WordPress Empire and we'll check this out so we can add in our cpanel username and our cpanel password and then it says you only need to save these credentials once an empire builder will remember them you can change them whenever and if you are in a hosts that doesn't have a cPanel you have to read this now because if you don't have a cPanel login this plug-in will not work for you I'm not going to enter in mine right now if I have to we'll come back and do that so what I'm going to add a new site so you're creating new directories and subdirectories so let's try this Empire test Empire Builder test site description test of Empire Builder all right oh look at you could also import some content from an existing website so I'm not sure if that has to be connected with already built in here like if you already have it on your site and you want to clone it or if you can actually import this look at this you can import it from another website okay with the username and password for the word logging so you could import this from you can't import it from Amazon but you could import it from another website that you have admin login details to for now let's just hit create site and see what this does all right Empire Builder test has been created you can visit the dashboard edit the new site let's check out the dashboard okay so here we are on the dashboard it says Empire Builder test visit site edit site we've got our plugins it says we have one post one comment 2017 now look at here we got my sites network admin dashboard cell web domains that's my main website empire builder test so basically you're creating a bunch of different websites let's see what this one looks like obviously it'll be a default nothing on there but we'll check it out Empire Builder test Hello World okay so this is a pretty sweet plugin basically what it allows you to do is create an entirely new website within your existing website so if we add a new post to our test let's see what the permalink will be so let's see we're gonna call this one WP amp build test one goofy name for a post but that's alright we'll know exactly what it is alright so there we're gonna change the permalink settings to get rid of the date – custom structure post name custom structure okay Save Changes now let's go to posts and let's view this thing and let's see if it has cell web domains com Empire test and then our post name okay so this is basically an extended website of your existing domain name that's this version now there was another spot for subdomains so let's check that out we'll go back to the regular network admin dashboard you have two sites and one user let's create a new site new domain let's see what this is so we're going to do this one as new domaincom site title let's call it new domain and this is a new test domain all right so now we'll hit create site let's check out and see what happens all right new domain has been created let's click on this ok as I suspected so you must own the domain name in order for it to be created because I don't own this new domains dot-com and but let's see if we can edit the new site my site's new domain dashboard there we go now look at this site's domain was not mapped because you did not provide cPanel credentials so had I added the cPanel credentials this entire new domains dot-com site would have been added to my cPanel in a folder and subfolder as a sub domain and probably a WordPress install all my plug-in files theme files everything would be created in my cPanel so this is such a cool plugin I mean the potential we're just breaking the surface this is so neat let's check out this post and let's see where it brings us it looks like if we hit view slash new domains com ok so basically what this means is if you want to do a new domain you can direct your website to this place and that would probably happen automatically through the cPanel credentials being entered in and then your website will direct and you can build it all right here so this plug-in allows you to control every single one of your websites on one website let's say you manage a bunch of client sites and they give you your WordPress login you can import their site right here source site you can put in their domain name right here you can put in their site title and description add their source site and their current username and password and import all of their WordPress details into this one location then you would be hosting it for them it would be on your cPanel though but if you have client sites you could have everything and you could control it from one master site and have all of their content right here basically from what I understand plug in and if you have any insights or if you use this plug-in put something down in the comments below because this plug-in is so neat it is piqued my curiosity I right now recommend you try this plug-in if you manage multiple websites try it out use it put some feedback in the comments below let's get some discussion going and see how cool this thing can be pick the plug-in up in the description below I'll have a link down there for you and feel free to subscribe to this channel share the video with other people so the bottom line this is a neat plugin and I think it's worth trying until next time

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