Email Marketing Tools Tutorial Part 6 of 11

So once you covered acquisition and have their email address You have to look at what you gonna do to keep people on your list

But not only keep them on your list, keep them engaged in reading your emails Think about it you probably signed up to some internet gurus email list I don't know six months ago And the first week or so you were all over it, your listen to it Went and found YouTube videos on them etc And now look at it, after six months, you probably blocked them

Or put them into some other funny folder that you just don't see any more So let's look at the emails to your subscribers In order to be successful on the internet you gonna need traffic and building a list of loyal subscribers can help you maintain that traffic You know if you're able to sendain email out to 10,000 people well you have traffic on demand The difference between a subscriber or prospect and a customer is that the subscriber has opted-in to receive information but they haven't yet purchased from you

Now a customer on the other hand, they've made the first purchase and somehow submitted their credit card or given some sort of money like PayPall or an online check etc One of the most effective forms of generating qualified leads is email marketing So email marketing is very simple form of primarily one-way communication between your subscriber and you While electronic mails have been around since the seventies it wasn't popularized until the early nineties When Hotmail came out

And I remembered when I first hearing about Hotmail I was like, that sounds like some kind of porn site, but here it is, you know, twenty years later and it's quite the deal Since then just about everyone had access to free email Of course emails gonna change and grow We've seen it with Skype we've seen it with Facebook but email as form of communication is here to stay Even though you might get sick of spam in your inbox can you imagine going through a day without email? For some that might not be a big deal but for internet marketers email is still the most widely used form of business communication

Followed closely by Skype So emails to customers So, what about talking to your customers? This is the group of people that have alredy given you their credit card and that already trust you You will talk to them differently than you would to people who are still in the prospect category So what type of information should you be sending out to them? Alright let's take a look here

Will start wit surveys Well surveys is the first way you can get feedback from your customers As to what they want to hear about from you is to send them a survey That survey can provide a ton of useful information to you, about what the really want Just keep in mind that surveys are a pain in the ass to fill out so keep it focused on their wants and desires How can we help you more? What type of content would benefit you the monst? Try to make it multiple choice with an "other" category as well so they can fill in something that's not listed

You wanna make this as fast and easy as possible SurveyMonkey and Wuhoo are couple of companies that I have used that are easy to set up and provide really good results with some type of analytics as well You could find thoce at SurveyMonkeycom or Wuhoocom And the next thing you want to do is look at support tickets

What kind of request are you receiving on a regular basis from your customers? Are there items with in your experience that are deterring customers from easily using your product? If you look through your support tickets there's probably a few common questions that more than just one user has run up against In creating NicheBUilder, I've often look at the support sites of similar products although there's nothing exactly the same but, to see what type of issues people are having on those platforms This subjects make great broadcast emails to your customers Not to mention helping you avoid the same pit fals Next is using your product yourself

Do you use your product regularly? Do members of your team us your product more regularly than you? Where people are having problems and what do they particularly like? Also you want to look at who are your best customers? Can you get in touch with them and ask them personally where they're having trouble? While obstacles or headaches are keeping them from recommending your product to someone else? These also makes great subjects and content free emails Next, why are you different from the competition? When talking to your customers we don't need to just tell them why we're different They have alredy done business with us, you have to show them why are you different Referring back to your unique selling proposition How is it that they benefit by using your website or product? Where are your customers dropping the ball? If you're monitoring their interactions with something like GetClicky or Woopra, where's that they're getting stuck? You have to differentiate yourself through your emails

What does your customer ultimately want? Remember its 98 percent them and 2 percent you Okay for customer emails you also want to improve their experience How can you improve their experience? What are they doing well but how can you improve on that? Here's an example from Posterous: Down here you see they put three tips to get more from your Posterous site Okay they put here it's your site, personalize it The next they put, make sure your friends on Facebook and Twitter see your post

And then they show you a away to set that up And then they have, got low-tech friends have your post delivered straight to your inboxes And then they show you a way to set that up via email In this example they are specifically talking to the first things that people need to address after they become a subscriber Also on your emails you can teach them

The more you can educate your customers about your product the better consumer they become Through this education your convincing them to buy your products over someone else's Also referrals Sometimes business owners are hesitant to ask for referrals But often times you just need to ask for them

Here's an example from Netflix that shows their referral process during the holidays They do what's called a gift referral system Notice it isn't exactly a free gift, but a more of recommendation to give the gift to Netflix Can you think of some different ways you might ask for referrals? Or create a gift referral system for your product? Now let's talk about up-sells Another use of your emails can be to upsell your customer from the entry-level point that they were added to your list to the next level

Where you want them to be paying you more and more for whatever it is you offer So let's say that your business is run on the freemium model Emails can be that gentle riminder that you have other services that they can also purchase If you can increase percentage of your customers from five dollars a month to seven dollars a month or eight through the use of an auto responder email, that is a awesome return on investment You didn't have to pay for traffic, there was no sales pitch, there's no sales page, landing page, nothing's just taking that customer from five a month to eight a month

That's like forty percent increase Here's an example from 37signals They make that product that a lot of you know as Base Camp Base camp is used for tracking projects from start to finish In this example they're offering to upgrade you from just base camp to the whole 37signals suit

And that's a relevant up-sell because to create a higher lifetime value from your customer, you wanna move them up on chain products in your curriculum Hopefully gating them in all of them at some point If you only have one product what are the lateral products that they might need to help your product or service be more effective? What are your customers paying you for? What else can you offer them? How can you increase your customers average purchaser or average order? If you're offering a subscription service what's the next level of subscription they might be interested in? You got to sell them on that You might also want to sell them products from other people that are related to your product This might take place jas oint venture or through standard affiliate marketing just by getting a link

Here is another example of a upsell in their emails This one is from Allstate Allatate offers what's called an annual policy review You know the more different types of insurance these agent could sell the same person the better off their gonna be It also creates a switching cost

You know if the are switching just for auto insurance that's easy enough to do, but if they're switching their on auto, life, home, umbrella etc That is huge switching costs They gonna stay with the same company for years longer in this case Allstate just because of that switching cost In this email they're just reminding them of an annual policy review Much like going to the doctor, implying it's an annual policy review touches that sense of beening irresponsible if you decide not to do it

You can also show new features If you got something new coming out An update to your product, you're releasing a new feature, opening up a new service area or whatever else it may be Emails are great place to convey new features like this to your readers Seems like I'm always geting an email regarding iPad and iPhone Apps that are nowavailable from companies that previously didn't have them

Also you can send reminders You can use email to send reminders to subscribers In the screenshot below you can see your Dropbox send a reminder to their customer letting them know that Dropbox can be installed and accessed by more than one computer It's also important to note that the emails do only one thing and that's they sell the click Make sure that when you're looking at your copy you're not trying to sell your product

All you need to do in your copy is sell the click

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