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"What should I ask for when looking for email campaign services and software tools?" Come look at what's important for your email tools to have Hey, good day folks, I’m André Givogue, your friendly host here for CareerFH! "What should I ask for when looking for email campaign services and software tools?" The internet has given new opportunities for business owners to reach their customers

By using email marketing, awesome relationship with customers can be built At first, in the early days of the web, it wasn't as easy as it is today Instead of becoming a programmer and doing everything yourself like in the old days of internet, you can now get email campaign services and software tools to do all the hard work at a nominal monthly fee But before we get into what to ask for; let's look at the benefits and why you'd want to consider email campaign services and software tools for your business Everybody using the internet today has an e-mail address if they want to enjoy the many benefits of web 2

0 or social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc That means collecting e-mail addresses means a direct opportunity to market to that specific person for free In the old days, the equivalent would of been a business owner get's the name and address of a customer and once in a while he'd send a paper mail out at the cost of printing plus postage Let's say he had 1000 target prospect that has already shown an interest in his business at a cost of $1 That means $1,000 just in marketing budget

Let's look at today's scenario, the same business owner pays roughly $20 per month, he's got the same list of people with their e-mail addresses, now he can deliver value messages in his newsletter 3 times a week straight to their e-mail inbox and periodically once a week send an offer In that one month he sent 12,000 e-mails to the same list Two thirds of those e-mail where about a great newsletter with content and the other third was a call to action And all that for $20! He's also well recognised by his audience and his messages are well received Essentially you get repeat customers to come back for free every time you push the send button

One of the first things you want your email campaign services and software tools to do for you is have the autoresponder capability built in your back office The autoresponder sequence is a series of pre-scripted messages delivered to your audience over the period of a week or month Those series are mean to keep in touch and build rapport by building value Example: You can have your welcome message sent on day 0 Your second message could be a tip about what you do sent on day 2

Your third message could be another tip sent on day 5 As soon as someone enters their e-mail address, they would fall under that series; which leads to my second thing Opt-in pages, you want your email campaign services and software tools to automate the process of opt-in, and unsubscribe requests In the past, you had to manually collect e-mails, enter them in the database and for every unsubscribe, you had to go into your database and manually remove them Now all that can be done automatically

Customer support and training It's not enough to just get the email campaign services and software tools anymore You want the full value of trainings the companies offer After all, they are in business to make your life easier and they are expert on the subject so make sure they offer that for free The support is also important because as a business owner, you don't want to spend the time to figure out what the problems are, you're paying for a service so having access to live phone support or live chat is an absolute thing to consider

Email deliverability is another overlooked item If the email company you're using has been marked as "spammy" then they will appear on ISP (Internet Service Provider) black lists, which means your e-mail will never get delivered in the inbox but instead be blocked by your e-mail provider To put things in perspective you got to understand this You have an inbox folder to get e-mails, if the message looks spammy it will go into your junk mail but if the sender of the e-mail has been blacklisted, anything they send will be filtered out by your ISP before it even reaches your junk mail It's like another added protection for users

Look for simplicity and easy editor With WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors, you don't need to be learning the HTML coding to make your e-mails look professional With a simple click of a button you can customize text, color, fonts, etc just like a word editor You want to able to segment your list and track the open rates and click through rates which mean filter it out by additional fields

Say you’re a signer and are going on tour; you can target all your subscribers from one city and let them know that you'll be there and they can get tickets This is a perfect example of segmenting your list and targeting Then you can see how many people opened your e-mail and how many people purchased ticket giving you hard numbers to make precise estimations on your next city There are many other factors that you can look at also but save you the time here are a few of my personal favorite companies Aweber is by all means one the best of the best in my opinion

It's been an industry leader for a very long time and I've seen them grow since 1998 They are very honorable, have excellent training, services and I personally recommend them to all my friends who needs to build their list Get Response is another one up there; they also have awesome training and have been around for a long time also Both Aweber and Get Response are integrated in many shopping cart solutions If you are into network marketing, multi level marketing, then my recommendations goes to MLSP

Not only to they offer the autoresponder for their members but they also come up with 30 pre-written message sequences which makes it a simple push button solution to build relationship with your leads With the Internet continuously expanding, it is very true that the potential for business is limitless Email promotion offers a whole new way to obtain new customers Using the above suggestions will assist you in finding your email campaign services and software tools What about you, why are looking into email campaign services and software tools? Share your thoughts and comments down below and thanks for watching this episode CareerFH – Start Your Career From Home Today!

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