Elementor Addons & Widgets: FREE Plugin With 8+ Elements

If you are using Elementor, one of the most popular page builders of WordPress, and want to have more elements to play with for free, I think I have something very interesting for you Hello everyone, my name is Robert and in this video, I am going to show you the Elementor Add-ons & Widgets plugin which you can install for free to enrich the number of elements available on the left side of your Elementor editor interface

On your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins tab and click on Add New Search for Elementor Add-ons & Widgets and then install the first plugin returned After you activate it, go back to one of your pages and click edit with Elementor If you see no link that says edit with Elementor don't worry, just click edit and then the edit with Elementor big blue button Now you will see new elements on the left side of your editor interface

This is the pricing element which you can use to build pricing tables like so The other one is for building a services section and the third element is something you can use to create a posts grid section like so This element is something you can find useful if you want to insert a section with your latest blog posts, for example, into any of your pages or even into a blog post created with Elementor

If you scroll further down, you can see two more widgets; one named Elementor Recent Posts and the last one Elementor Posts By Category If we compare them with the default widgets of WordPress you can see the differences in a matter of styling and options Both have enhanced content alignment and more fields you can use! Now, going back to the dashboard, search for Elementor in the WordPress repository and you'll discover more add-ons developed by several talented third-party developers

You can install any plugin you find useful and if you wish to learn more about WordPress here are some videos which you might be interested in We upload new videos every other day so please subscribe, share and give us a thumbs up, or down no problem We respect your opinion and we are looking forward to reading about it in the comments section below I am Robert and I thank you for watching this video until the end!

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