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Hi this is Daniella from Daniellaio and today we are going to have a look at how to integrate your Ecwid store into your WordPress site

So to integrate your store just hit Plugins, in your WordPress backend Click on Add New, and then search for Ecwid And there you go, it is right here Click on Install And then Activate

Ok so it now right here Click on Setup, and then Connect So I am already signed into my Ecwid store right now And there we go Ecwid's backend is directly available right within your WordPress area, so if you dont want to go over to Ecwid's backend you can have access right here through the plugin directly

That's it, it is as easy as that If I go over to our site now, you see that shop was added here – this is the demo site, there is nothing on here Click on shop, you will see that the store is now available So we have access to our products As you can see the display is different from what it was in my other demos, that's because Ecwid uses Chameleon skin within WordPress

So what it does it is it automatically checks out the colors of your site and the fonts and will change everything automatically to match your site But you can see there is black in the background, and my links are this color blue It changed everything automatically and it also changed the colors of buttons to blue If you want to compare it I can show you what the demo store actually looks like So this is the demo store, and this is what our products look like without the chameleon skin on our WordPress site

As you can see the colours are different, and the fonts are different Blue is a little bit darker, and the font is with serif That's it, it is as easy as that to integrate to WordPress If you want to take it a little bit further, you can go to Appearance and Widgets and you will have access to a bunch of different things that you can add For example if you are using side bars, you can add an Ecwid badge if you want to promote Ecwid at the same time

I wouldn't really recommend this but more importantly you could add a product search right within your site You could add recently viewed products You could add a shopping cart There is a whole bunch of new options that you have with the Ecwid plugin And, here it all appears here, so shopping bag, search bar, recently viewed products, and our shop

If I click on a few things it will probably show some recently viewed products And yep, you can see them appear here in the widget on the side So this Daniella from Daniellaio, thanks for listening

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