DVA26 – Quels plugins installer sur son blog WordPress ?

Hi and welcome to #DisSeeAlex, the show where I answer your WordPress questions So today, for episode 26, I'm going to answer a friend's question: Christophe, who was wondering, what plugins we should install when we create a blog

Here we go ! [Intro] So it's true that when you start with your blog, you really have a lot of things to do, we really have a ton of information that can be found on the Internet, in books, etc A little bit everywhere You can be a little overwhelmed when you create your blog So, Christophe asked me what were the most interesting plugins to install when you create your blog I made a small list, I looked a little in the plugins of the Marmite and a little bit in what was being done

I tried to make a list as small as possible, but I found a fortnight still to install Remember that the number of plugins is not really something very important There are sites that run with 80 or 100 plugins, so that's not a problem So here, I'll start my list with just a backup plugin, really matters the most, because you have to make backups Otherwise you risk losing all your work in case a problem should occur on your site it can be a piracy, it can be a problem at the level of your host, always have a backup solution

For that I can recommend an extension called UpdraftPlus or you have another one called BackWPup, you can use one or the other, it's really very popular extensions, I advise you especially to install them to be able to be sheltered Then, something that is very important is SEO when you have a blog There are a lot of SEO extensions, but I will advise you the most popular that I use which is simply Yoast SEO It is an extension that will allow you to optimize your articles, to optimize your site for the SEO After that is not everything, but in any case, it is something that can help you for SEO

After backups and SEO, we will move to security It is true that I could recommend you many small extensions to install for secure your site, but here there is a "big" extension that came out, French extension in addition, which is called SecuPress, which will help you to secure your blog As much as you install it, you will see there are a lot of things that are corrected automatically After there are other things that you will have to do to precisely secure your site, but in any case, this extension allows you to secure a maximum of things, I encourage you really to install it After we go a little bit in "aesthetics" with the extension called Real Favicon Generator which is used to add a small favicon

You know it's the image that is found in the tabs of your browser So that, it actually allows to be recognized by its users quite easily It's better than having the small default image that's usually a small white sheet, it does not have much personality, the idea, when you create a blog is also to create a brand, really something that is easily recognizable Playing on the favicon, it allows to be recognized as such Remember to install this Real Favicon Generator extension

Anyway, do not worry, you'll find all the resources under the video Then we will start in the features with a form extension By default it's not something that we find in WordPress, some themes board forms, but we can not do everything we want, so me what I recommend is to install a form extension There are free, paid, the one I use, which is paid, is called Gravity Forms, after I understand that not everyone wants to invest in a extension of forms, otherwise, as a free alternative you can use Formidable Forms, it works well, there are also limitations because they try to push you towards the paid formula It's up to you to see what's best for you, but to start with, Formidable Forms is in my opinion, a good choice

After, when one is blogger, one can be led to make redirects to send on some products that may be affiliated or not necessarily, but we may want to do beautiful URLs on his site So, beyond the configuration of WordPress, you know, when you go in permalinks, in settings => permalinks, you can put beautiful URLs on your site But here you can also make beautiful URLs for example to say: "If you want to To know more about this product, go to monsitecom/my-product rather than having you an extension URL that no one will ever type You can install a small extension called Pretty Link and that allows you precisely to make beautiful outbound links to other sites After, in the same vein, you have an extension called Redirection, which can do also the same job as Pretty Link, but I must admit that I use both

I use Pretty Link to make short links to other sites and Redirection I use it rather internally to make shortened links to different pages So it's up to you to see, but you can only use Pretty Link or Redirection I do it really to segment the two; It's a small choice that I did like that, but now now that I have a lot of links in Pretty Link and in Redirection, I prefer to keep two, maybe I should clean up one day Redirection it also helps you to correct what is "Error 404", it can be pretty good to prevent people from ending up on error pages So here it is: Pretty Link and Redirection

After, we can talk about all that is social sharing: add share buttons to social networks Be careful not to "blinder" buttons, it is useless, it is better to put a limited number of buttons, whatever the extension you use, after me can recommend you Social Warfare It's a freemium extension, that is to say there is a free version and a version pro, the free version is very good to start, you can go on it, it will allow you to display share buttons and display them in various places You can display them at the bottom of your article at the end of your article or also on the side of your article when you scroll down the page, or in any case when your visitors will scroll down the page, they will have no bad reason to not click on it So, there will also be sharing counters that will display with this extension, it can be pretty good for social proof, because if visitors see that your article has been shared 100 times, 200 times, 300 times, they will tell each other "Ah, then there is something interesting!" because there are people who have taken the worth sharing

So share buttons, it's really very interesting to install By the way, Nicolas made an article on the blog on it, I will also put it in the resources, in the description We will continue in the interactions that visitors can have with your blog One of the things you can ask for, too, is that people put comments So WordPress by default has a system of comments which is in my opinion very Well, it's not worth it to opt for another comment management solution, but what you can do in any case is to offer people to subscribe to comments

It can be really interesting, because by default, people put a comment, but they never know if anyone has answered them so that's a shame What you can install is the Subscribe To Comments Reloaded extension, so there people will check a small box, and they will subscribe to the discussion and will be able to receive any future comments on the article they commented on So that's really great After there is another extension, because the comments are also double-edged An anti spam extension called Akismet

So there, there are not really any difficulties since it is installed by default on WordPress, activate the good, configure it like that, it allowed to filter the comments undesirable Me over, I added an extension called Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin, again do not worry, there are all the links in the description, but that allows once again to add a complementary layer of security Because sometimes Akismet makes false positives, sometimes there are comments of spam that pass, so there with this extension, I confess that I have no more spam that pass, it's really an invulnerable barrier I recommend this extension: Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin Afterwards, to continue, I should have talked a little bit before, because it's an extension that serves to optimize the performance of your site

A cache extension, which allows you to cache your site So what does it mean, to cache? If I explain quickly how a website works: you have your WordPress which is on your server, you have your database Whenever a visitor arrives, your WordPress will make a call to your database for retrieve the info and create a web page that will be displayed in the browser of your visitor That's fine, but doing all these trips can take time A cache plugin will generate all your pages automatically and it will send them to visitors much faster than if the entire procedure had to be done

It's really shortcut, it can do things much faster In addition to this to continue to accelerate the loading of your site, you have the extension Imagify, which can compress the weight of the images so to reduce it You should know that images is the part of the site that is usually the heaviest Reducing them will speed up the loading time of your pages Note well: Imagify

It's a freemium plugin, you have a free version to some extent and after it will be necessary to switch to the paid version After there are free alternatives, but I do not know them too well, can be that people will be able to mention them in comments So here we come to the 14th plugin if I count well is called WP PageNavi So it gets interesting when you're a blogger who starts having a small little "bottle", that is to say that there are really a lot of articles on your blog By default, the WordPress pagination if you look is "next" "previous"

In fact you go on the blog page, you go down below and you see "next page", after you have all your articles, still "next page", etc, etc And after if you want to come back you have "precedent" That's good, but to navigate, it's really not that great and even for a question SEO, it is not very optimized either What you can do is install WP PageNavi extension and in fact it will create a beautiful pagination at the end of your blog

If you go to the blog page, you'll see it, page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc Until it comes to the end of your blog There on the Marmite, I think I have almost 30 pages of articles, it's really not bad, I invite you to take a look, you go to WPMarmitecom/blog and you will see all down, there is a beautiful pagination, that's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and after you see 10, 20, etc and it goes all the way

it helps the search engines and if your visitors want to go back in your last articles, it will be much simpler for them, they will have a better overview on everything you have to offer And finally, the 15th plugin I want to talk to you about, it's a plugin that's very important, it's is not the only one of its kind, but it's the one I use and I appreciate the more for now, it's called OptinMonster So, what is it for ? It's used to gather subscribers on your blog You need to know that it's really important to get people to subscribe to a Newsletter when you start a blog, because it allows to logically keep contact and create a relationship with the people who follow you It's really very important! The subscribers of the Marmite will be able to confirm it to you! In any case, that's what they told me! But now, by default, it is true that we can integrate capture forms – we call it like that – on a blog, but we must admit that they are ugly! OptinMonster allows you to create beautiful newsletter forms

You can have under your articles, in your sidebar, but also who arrive in pop up, who arrive by sliding on the side: here (to the right) or here (to the left) or a bit anyhow it allows to display professional capture forms and it really allows to have subscribers to your newsletter So here, this #DisSeeAlex was long enough, I hope I answered your question Christophe and you too who still listen to me You will find all the resources in the description of this video If you liked it, subscribe to the Marmite YouTube channel, I plan to post not badly other videos on WordPress, tutorials, etc WordPress advice

Why not blogging tips, I'm happy to share what I could learn over all these years So here, thank you for having followed this video and on this, I tell you very soon Chao!

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