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In this Divi WordPress Theme review for 2018 and 2019, we’ll evaluate and analyze the Divi WordPress theme by Elegant Themes We’ll focus on its core features, design options, unique characteristics, and performance metrics to give you an in-depth look at this theme

We’ll also show you how you can access a free step by step tutorial on how to make your own website with Divi As well as, how to leverage over 25 pre-designed entire website layouts for FREE So let’s get to it! We’ve created a post that accompanies this video on the OHKLYN blog, which you can find a direct link to in the description below, and in the info card for this video In that post, you’ll find more information regarding our analysis, as well as a discount link to the DIvi theme and discount hosting – should you decide it’s right for you These will also be in the description below and are affiliate links that help fund future free videos like this one, so we appreciate you using the links provided

Let’s firstly take a look at Divi from a design & functionality perspective Elegant Themes leaves no stone unturned when it comes to Divi This theme is packed with almost every type of graphical element, module, animation, and layout style you will need Once you have downloaded and installed this theme, there is very little else that you need to source yourself You will need few, if any additional plugins, and all third-party integrations such as Google Maps, or connecting your email service provider is made really simple Aside from your own branding elements and image resources, everything else will be there ready for you to use

Furthermore, Divi’s new pre-made layouts include a number of free images that you can use on your site, allowing you to get moving quickly On the OHKLYN Blog, Under resources here [pause for 3 seconds], or by following this link in the post for this video, you’ll be able to view 25+ free professionally designed website layouts that you can use as a starting point for the website or blog you want to create Many of these layouts are accessible directly from the Divi Builder under the premade layouts tab here [pause for 4 seconds] But, we’ll get to this in more detail shortly Let us quickly show you a few practical website using the Divi framework so that you can get a glimpse of what’s possible with Divi

The first example we’ll share is the Chelius Designs website The quintessential modern day website that makes use of friendly visuals and focuses on ease of use for a pleasant and straightforward user experience It also makes good use of the built-in Divi animations to add a bit of excitement Next is Kasisto This website’s design is extremely simplistic and straightforward It makes excellent use of how Divi can be used to break down the content of your site into individual chunks of information

Nice slide in animations and image carousels give it a bit of life Then we have Timeline Missions This website is for a production company that specializes in creating videos for action and extreme sports The website design is suitably dramatic and appropriate for a company that dares to take on just about anything It also shows how well you can integrate a lot of videos and moving visuals into the Divi theme Lastly, is the OHKLYN website and blog Yes, the OHKLYN website is currently built on Divi

That either makes us incredibly biased, or it will give you confidence that the Divi theme is actually worth investing in We’ll leave that up to you However, we analyzed 1,000s of WordPress themes and narrowed our choice of theme down to about a dozen that we would actually use Divi’s usability, extensiveness of features, and industry-leading page builder are some of the reason why we used it From a functionality perspective, The Divi theme comes with most of the elements you will want to use on your site

This includes features such as an audio player, email optin, video sliders, and countdown timers A dynamic, interactive website is paramount to keeping your audience engaged with your content With Divi’s built-in animation, drop shadow, and module customization options, achieving this becomes a lot easier Divi also comes with a complete store, so that you can quickly and easily create a shopping experience on your website that is consistent with the design of the rest of your site Sortable and filterable product listings, individual product pages, image galleries, add to cart functionality, and customer reviews and ratings are already there waiting for you

Divi integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce to enable this experience Divi has extensive customization options through the WordPress customizer, its theme settings, and a powerful drag-and-drop page builder That means that everything we have just mentioned is really only a starting point for what can actually be achieved using Divi We have dedicated two sections to these tools to give you a thorough run through of how they can be used Let’s take a look at the theme customizer

You might be worried right now that a theme as extensive as Divi must be bloated and complicated, filled with so many bells and whistles that it’s overwhelming to get started with However, Divi’s customizer is standard enough to be familiar to anyone who has used the default WordPress customizer before, yet powerful enough to give you full control over your site From the theme customizer, you can easily amend the global settings for your site The main options available are: General Settings, such as the Site identity (including the site name, site icon, etc), Adding your logo as well as a number of other general customization options are managed via the Divi Theme Options section here [wait for 4 seconds] Between the theme customizer and Divi theme options panel, you’ll have control over almost every aspect of your site

Back to the theme customizer Under general, you’ll also have access to the layout Settings (such as, page width, height, sidebar, and accent style) Then there’s the Typography options, etc Within the customizer, you’ll also have control over the header and navigation options Divi comes with five basic header variations that might not seem like a lot, but paired with all the other header settings gives you a wide range of possibilities These include the classic horizontal navigation at the top A centered logo option, or centered inline option Slide in menu Full screen option As well as vertical navigation options, with the menu on either the left or right

Among many of the options within the customizer, you can amend the footer layout, button style, as well as manage menus and widgets The great thing about Divi is that you get access to a huge amount of documentation and tutorial videos on every aspect of the theme, which makes progressing through the learning curve much easier On the OHKLYN post here, we’ve provided a link for where you can access this [wait 3 seconds] Ok, let’s move on to our review of the Divi page builder A page builder is one of the main reasons for investing in a theme like Divi

A WYSIWYG (or What you see is what you get) page builder lets you become a web designer in your own right, without the need to learn code From the get-go, one thing that really sets Divi’s page builder apart from the competition, is that it has one of the best back-end page builders out there, as well as an intuitive front-end builder that allows you to preview changes as you go You can easily add sections and modules within the WordPress page creation dashboard It doesn’t provide all the functionality of the front-end builder, but it’s more than enough to start structuring your page and adding new elements and content It might also be a less intimidating starting point for someone who has little to no experience using a page builder

Here is what the backend builder looks like [wait for 4 seconds] As you can see, you can easily delete or add elements such as a text, image or “call to action” elements Here you can amend content, and alter module, row and section settings with ease For example, here is what you will see if you edit the text module If you have never used a page builder before, it might be slightly intimidating at first However, the key to mastering it is to play around until you’re comfortable with it

The Divi page builder is standard enough that it should be very easy to pick up if you switch from another page builder The page you are “building” will be divided into sections that you can add content to This content takes the form of rows with columns and modules For an in depth look at what’s possible with the Divi Builder, follow the link provided to the Divi documentation, then navigate to the ‘Getting Started With The Divi Builder’ tutorial here [wait 3 seconds] For those with more experience, you will be glad to hear that Divi adds CSS to an external stylesheet instead of injecting it inline

This is a general best practice for website design and development and is something quite unique to the Divi page builder This is what the front-end version of the Divi page builder looks like [Wait for 4 seconds] You’ll notice the options look very similar, however the difference is that you can view everything in real time which is a great feature One that is very often preferred by beginners and people new to web design You can simply click into any element and make changes easily [wait 4 seconds]

Let’s take a look at our review of how the Divi theme performs in terms of page load speed, and from an SEO perspective, etc You want a website that performs well not only from a user experience perspective but also from a technical and SEO perspective Users will be frustrated with a page that takes longer to load and might bounce right off to another search result Similarly, Google considers page load speed as a ranking factor and therefore is quite important Divi has some on-page SEO optimizations tools built in

This will give your site a jumpstart when competing for visibility online However, we would still recommend leveraging an SEO plugin such as the free Yoast SEO plugin to really push your site’s search engine rankings up a notch We have tested Divi’s page load speed using Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insights According to our metrics, we would give it a score of 7/10 for both desktop and mobile devices While this isn’t excellent, it’s fairly good for a theme that comes packed with so much functionality and a relatively high number of graphical elements

This is a trade-off you’ll need to consider, and one that we were comfortable making From a user perspective, Divi’s standard layouts provide a very intuitive and easy to use experience The designs are bold, modern, and can be easily customized to enhance the user experience (UX) design of your site Similarly, Divi is 100% responsive, and provides access to control the look and feel of your site on all devices We’ll now take a look at the support available with the Divi theme, as well as access to videos and documentation

When you purchase Divi, through either the yearly subscription or once off fee, you get full access to premium support services You also get access to all future updates as long as your subscription is active which means your theme will never get outdated and you’ll always have access to support Elegant Themes provides comprehensive and illustrative documentation on the Divi theme complete with video tutorials that you can refer to in order to learn more about specific aspects of the theme On top of that, there is a huge community of Divi developers and users that freely share their knowledge or showcase examples of their work built on the Divi theme On the Elegant Themes blog, you will find many Divi specific articles and tutorials to help you get up to speed on specific topics or answers to specific questions you have

Lastly, let’s review the pricing options Elegant themes come with two straightforward types of pricing options that also cater for two very distinct preferences Yearly Access @ $89 annually, or Lifetime Access @ $249 once off Both of these options come with the same perks and features [no need for LONG pauses between bullet points] You’ll get access to all themes Access to all plugins Theme updates Premium support Unlimited website usage And their risk-free guarantee (which is a 30-day money back trial period) If you take the annual subscription option, as soon as your subscription ends, you can still use the Divi theme, however, you won’t have access to support, new themes, new plugins or updates The Lifetime Access fee is almost equal to paying three years worth of subscription fees That means that if you are serious about building your site with Divi, it’s probably worth taking the once-off option for lifetime access

To get access to an exclusive discount for either option, follow our affiliate link in the description below or on the OHKLYN blog post If you decide that Divi’s the right choice for you, we would encourage you to view our free 2hr Step by step tutorial on how to make your own website using the Divi theme You’ll find a direct link in the description below, or from the OHKLYN blog you can navigate to our ‘Free WordPress tutorials’ page, and click on one of our Divi tutorials like this one here [wait for 3 seconds] And that completes our Divi WordPress theme review for 2018 and 2019 We hope that you enjoyed this video, and are in a position to make an informed decision on whether Divi is the right choice for you

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