Discovery Tools Online Course from the Darden School of Business

NATALIE FOLEY: Hi, I'm Natalie Foley from Peer Insight, an innovation consultancy in Washington, DC So I'm excited to tell you about Advanced Discovery Tools

It's an online course that Peer Insight co-created with the Darden School of Business And we designed this course out of our belief that great ideas come from deep inspirations and insights into the needs of the people that we're trying to serve And so, in this course, we share with you five tools and methods for gathering those insights And these include journey mapping, personas, framing, job-to-be-done, and ethnographic interviewing, as well as a few other bonus materials So the methods you'll learn in this course come from the field of human centered design

And during the course, you'll learn how to connect with customers on a human level and really get beyond what they say and observe what they do and perceive weak signals about their unarticulated needs And then, amplify those signals to generate truly novel insights So in order to invent, we need to first discover And the five tools in this course will show you how to discover opportunities that have always been there, but have been overlooked, so that we can generate products, and services, and experiences that customers will truly love, even though they probably couldn't tell you that in a survey So we'll cover a new method each week

And with each one, we'll tell you why it's valuable We'll walk you through trying it out And then, we'll share real-life stories about the method in practice And then it'll be your turn So we'll ask you to experiment with some of those methods, go deep with it, and then share your experiences with your online classmates

So great products and services depend on connecting with real humans where it really counts So join us in Advanced Discovery Tools to learn how to connect with those in your world

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