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James Schramko here with an SEO news update and this one is about paid links and Google’s stance on this, given the recent slap of a florist company for having sponsored articles written with full follow links, which I think Google have deemed as paid links So, the natural question is “What does this actually mean for us?” Well, in times like this whenever there’s been a big announcement, it makes us all reflect on our strategy and campaigns, and I’ve got to say, we’re in pretty good shape over here at SEOPartner

com and Linkjuicecom and here’s why When things like this happen, a lot of people throw their hands up and they say “It’s all too hard!” and they leave the market And if they’re doing dodgy tactics or they’re doing things that are frowned upon by Google, then they probably should leave the market What this also means is that links are still really valuable if you can happen to get good quality themed category-specific links, then they are worth something

And it’s good to mix up your links with follow and no-follow You want to be getting links from different places but always relevant and as natural as possible So how do you get natural links? You create amazing content Companies like Linkjuicecom create original content such as articles, PDFs, videos and infographics and then we give them to the customer to put on the customer’s website, so the best content is going on your own website and we promote it using different tactics; not just one tactic

So we regularly look at our results and so far, we’re still well in the 80 something percent success rate, and now that we’ve categorized sites with different color codes, we are able to make sure that we’re always doing the right SEO tactics for the right website In fact, we are able to tell someone if we’re not able to help them One way to find out of course is the website check that’s available on SEOPartnercom We’re pretty confident that if we say we can help you, we can

I think large corporations are always going to push the limit because there’s huge profits available to them if they can succeed and I think Google probably like to make an example of people who are blatantly doing the wrong thing Now, I’m not saying that florist was doing the wrong thing, maybe they just innocently send out flowers around Valentine’s Day, which could be a specific promotion But they are clear, if you’re going to do promotions or advertising, make sure you put a no-follow attribution on your links When we get links for customers, we’re actually putting content on a mixture of sites that have follow or no-follows, so the link profile is going to look very natural It’s normal that people would share good content on social profiles and that’s what happens

In fact, a lot of the work we do has a compound effect because real people share it and real people find it and that’s the whole point In fact, people will even actually buy things And if I could change the metric from search results in search engines to Return on Investment, or search query click through rates leading to sales and conversions, then that would be ideal Now, a lot of customers are still not at the point where they’re even tracking conversions properly or optimizing for the right phrases, and we’re here to help you with keyword selection, etc So when you order one of the packages, we will have a look at your keywords if you ask us for an opinion and help to make sure that you get a return on investment because we want you to be able to stay onboard

Remember with content, there’s always varying levels of quality An article can be a good article or it can be a bad article If you get it from one of the numerous cheap suppliers, make sure that it’s not just being passed off as original when in fact it’s been copied because that does happen In our team, we hand-create everything We hire all of the team full-time

They only work for us and there’s rigid quality standards that they must meet We’re also using multiple components It’s not just about one tactic as in the case of this particular paid link problem We’re using RSS submissions, we still use social sites, we have our own properties that we’re able to put content on and of course, we’re always emphasizing for our customers to get the best content on the customer’s site with the right key phrase and then you stand a very good chance of getting great ranking So in summary, if you’re doing good work and if you have a sensible approach to SEO, you’re going to be fine

In fact, it’s much harder for people who take shortcuts, it’s much harder for people who compromise and it’s much harder for the cheats The best thing you could focus on is getting good quality content on your site and then promoting it in a safe way We’re here to help at Linkjuicecom and SEOPartnercom

I’m James Schramko and I’ll catch up with you next week

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