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hello and welcome to seventh part of my free learning video series your own website with wordpres this part is about the ten main wordpress plugins and what you can realize with it So there are quite a lot extensions for wordpress and me want to introduce the ten most important what I mean you need on almost every website So needs for a contact form caching to make the website faster and so on I am felix patzelt the founder of wwwcallanerd

help and I am pleased very much that you are here today before I start with the top ten I would like to explain that a wordpress plugin is ever a plug in also an extension called that adds certain functions to wordpress added so to the for example, a calendar function caching function a contact form and there are very many different possibilities a goal however, I can only do that once in install my wordpress plugins Can I have so many you want to be I did not have to take care then install too much that then the side slowly I will go in my next video what the biggest wordpress problems and their solution are now again, I show by reference an example where i put my wordpress plugin finds so here is the Survey page of my wordpress plugins and after you're logged in you can find this in the menu below plugins and then I'm not anymore reliant on the plugins deep there I can only speak in my name wordpress version on the central wordpress server access via the button install up here and then I can all with plugins available are automatic for wordpress So after I install here then I'll click this page now Then I go for a few suggested I but also for keywords or looking for certain other criteria or with the popular ones recommended and so on So I'm looking for one now plug-in namely that's true that's what I give then up here right in the week press and then I click this I now want to present suggestions then install this plugin create backup here click here Now install it on me now made then installed the whole partially a few seconds in part a few minutes and then I see the activate button just because I'm there click on activate it means that not that then directly a backup is made with many plugin for This one must be on now Save or click on the additional functions That is why quite often it becomes multileveled still activated after the boss make adjustments so that the whole then really works after that we have seen how to make a wordpress plugin installed and what the world press plugin is coming to the now top ten of the most important wordpress plugins this starts with number one eustacchio for the So search engine optimization is here a typical page of google and of course i want to be with mine page and with the individual contributions which I have as far as possible because then I get the most clicks and that is the most of the most from the blog or an internet site Here below you can see the entry I mean and there I can the headline and the text that is there so the meta description the meta description then change and that works with the plug-in jost seo that looks like this and here above what I see here is the same view what that looks like right now as with google so i will too already has an idea how the text i am a give down here so also the headline and the text because that is in principle my showcase what I have and what I mean then blog article can advertise what you still have can make is then a keyword So enter a keyword that values example wordpress tutorial or something similar and then the article automatically on this concept Check if that's the right one length has too many names of keywords gives if that is well readable so of course a rough orientation though It can often be very helpful and then you get such a traffic light from josef ceo at every post and can then see that is so far in the off marienfeld good or just not so much and then you can to improve that Now we come to place two and up second place is bb almost escape Optimization by caching caching was is that at all so that means that not every request directly on The database is also from wordpress relatively slow and loading times of a few seconds can mean but that cached as much as possible So for example html files css files the pictures and as much as that goes and that then possible in a package packed and therefore must I do not remember every detail now take care of yourself but there is plugin the all these technical stuff for Mostly take over and me what does that best on is the easiest to use and at the same time the highest speed and at the same time the highest speed increase brings bp is almost cache to show which advantage that brings here one time speed measurement buycom i can any site on yours speed check out so I enter here the url domain and then i will get the loading time in this fall now 23 1 seconds without caching and what else is important from which server outlook that fair so each server also different fast and if i take a measurement now make a sweden server here I should not do the next one with an on america because then slows down only by the server location so that's what ever advance which before after test should do that the same server location be for the fatiguing server and after that later I have then the caching activates so the setting after the plugin installed and activated I think down here in the menu and then I can as a caching system via this option activate up here and there is different under options but these configuration like me you have the You can also do that and that works well with and brings and brings a big increase in speed to show it off when that happens and if we still have the settings Can you do that even up in the go toolbar and after I did that I have a speed of 15 seconds You can see it reached down here and that is just a second drive faster so that is really very good and that only by using this caching plugins but you have to too be careful Changes to the page will be made first displayed after caching has been deactivated because I'm not reaching for it anymore I also enabled caching My database and we always get the current data and if I contribute now that we will work in again the database is stored but the caching delivers what previously cached that's why I have to caching for one certain page or generally first disable it when I get one page work and at the same time there are I still caching in my browser I must also be able to prevent this for example, by giving them the incognito mode would be and then too investigate clique because then I can make sure that the caching if possible it can be disabled still some caching rest Give my computer that too is routed through multiple servers and the data packages about it then go though so i can really be sure that I then see the current page on the i'm really working and still working another thing should be be careful interactive functions can be affected So, for example, when I'm learning curve and then i click from course to course myself through and also have progress display and then it can be that this feature will not load anymore because then in each case in the database is written and then read works by caching the function no longer means I have to for certain areas disable that you can do it but that's for advanced So you should definitely know it if problems occur either because you do not see that page has changed after seeing that caching is still active or because interactive features do not work at once work then I come to next place place three contact phone 7 a contact form with e mail function on my own page You can see a contact form here and there are many different ones areas and there I can each one Create your own contact form and then also determine the fields themselves the e-mail he is not sent and even the customer gets flour who completed the contact form in the then a summary stands and I can do it all individually edit and there are so see here I build my side and here below is the contact form deposited so was a so-called widget I have a short code here inserted and then that will contact form automatically displayed and in the design of the team displayed here I see the overview of my forms So left in the menu or forms after the contact phone 7 is installed and here i see the same lip the same short put again and if i am now on contact form click on the entry then I come on the survey what is there now concrete is made to whom this is sent So if someone because registered has in the contact form who gets the mail so the websites operator then from the dregs posted which weather deposited but then I can do that as well Build interactive elements here in the brackets you can see up here which I can use there june for the name telephone and so on and can then edit the e-mail yourself which I send then that really is very comfortable you can because very many things join in Let's come down to fourth place Automatic backups exist different plugins for transcription akiva and others I personally have the most hits I like it very much important that you always have current backup has that can be yes that the website is hacked or you also provided what blasphemed and thus good man backup did not know I did it manually but that for example every day makes frequencies side where many visitors so that's safe for that how does it look after me? I can take it downstairs the menu under settings from drews securing this menu can now find me if i save on clique now create a backup and additionally i can also do automatic regular I'll do that here under settings and then at file hedging plan and database hedging plan, I can then adjust how often So insured is if all four every day every day and how many backups saved become if the last two or three do it all can I then set up here and In addition, I can too adjust that all in automatically an online store is transmitted it may be that the website hacked Everything is solved and then it will be the backup on the same server if the but then on the other hand google drive in the dropbox automatically then they can not get lost like that See that too after getting on now he then clicks backup down here that takes time a bit because everything is tilted then I can guess that then under my computer almost packed in different seat the database individually the plugins service upload and so on that's really well done that one only the respective one pulls down what one needs and not complete with pratt is stored because many now data but I really need it there only these data need themselves really individual at each wordpress differentiate side and there I can here download here with a click and have that if I do not do it automatically I have set up here below now from my browser in chrome to example then open and somewhere Save coming to place five word Fans live antivirus scanner and So e-mail notifications On the one hand, I can imagine this virus scanner to my computer but in this case for a website he always looks what's up for Attacks are what drives you and me then partially notified in wordpress silva and partly by e mail and that's what I'm saying here is the Survey of word fans after it have installed and the smart scan could perform and then I see up here very clearly one problem was found who loses which problem is that look at those were these problems there he has been, for example, gives the file wp config – temple point php yet there should actually be more because after I installed wordpress then have then only as config and this temple file I need that no more this only in the reason installation to print and there can be example, someone on a tire because of that it is good if i delete this file and then I'm on the safe side At the same time, this plug-in tells me even if there are upgrade because pending updates are the biggest reason wordpress is hacked and this notification I can also as e-mail often both are not my next logged in and still then there are risks that's why mails outline for so look in this case the plugin award window cutie needs an upgrade because all upgrades updates are not will be made a potential safety gap and thus a Attack target for hackers and I get also other notifications to example up here is still mine page has been updated and that's good to know because it will yes automatically updated meanwhile at wordpress often and that's why I can Here again, it just works the page as before because of a update always something broken it may or may arise relatively easy to fix often but at least that's what I wanted to know more notifications i For example, they receive that someone logged in my page that binds me there mostly myself Being here is also possible though someone call my second logged in that's why up here in the subject on which side was logged in and who did what he had in this case an admin login on the page colin / demo and I look up too which district came which many had which was that with the username and that leads to being allowed because that can yes also be a hacker and now we are in sixth place full online shop as this is how it looks, for example So with a people is a demo in contain this team and then you can shop directly on how this is here Of course now who research Optimized but you can do that too then adapt well for yourself also a whole page where you have a lot Options so you can have the biggest set different colors amounts Prices then cancel as you get here you see, has a rating system and that really is very mature with One click you can install it Of course you have a lot of work to do always moved extensively in the online shop is and with a click you can shopping everything was knowledge kortmann tech author had everything you needed needs what was important is the German market is where commerce germany's plugin because there are certain legal researchers in the middle of germany like eg bandage always cost the shipping costs must be linked to each article or that the vat included exclusive should be specified and I can do that with german life elegant do not install that only and the environment is an addition to beech that's the way it looks now different rule with now for for example, small business owners would then I just have to go back where the prices then arise that the sales tax is released because of the small business regulation and I have still different other options yourself It can be very comfortable we come to place seven times true for the newsletter integration so the I can use this newsletter, for example if a visitor on my website was and he goes then he comes probably not necessarily again but if I then hard a popup and offers a newsletter with one interesting offers for example have a pdf with the teeth interesting points on a topic what my troupe is interested then sees this that will be different again like to see if that if newsletter really high quality contains information and then stop the blog articles are in there there you can tell about the visitors tie his side and that goes along I simply have mails there many templates as I can choose to install it in my page comfortably a plug-in then I say there the e-mail addresses the mentioned the lists of mails and in people I can then Different templates can choose the Can send it for myself adjust that as little as the visual editor of unrolled and with it I can then I have to assemble my newsletter also different statistical evaluations where on it was clicked So for example the first second third headline how much how many times was opened as well bode on it clicked that is really very good and then i have a lot of possibilities to think about what I would not have now if I just take the emails email out fancier than newsletter I would not have that if only a normal e-mail as a newsletter It would come to place eight and there is judo related posts and this is for automatic contribution suggestions just like when visitors are down the page are the first way and that's why just as well with the possible Contribute to infantin as long as possible Keeping the side that's good too for cfk because then google b are cadres interesting posts interesting content and then I will too Hearing aid at google and for that I can do something like that here on my side that I have more suggestions what you can visit what one also holds thematically for example on the category or keywords fits or performs then suggested and can also be weeping of twitter now clicked on it to get even further optimize this still different options such as So the whole thing looks like it's on the left he where in the list with bigger ones pictures or only with text there are many Options can say that contributions appear because that too to be seen in my pages wise, that should be too and there I have a lot of options I can use it for our coming now ninth to last place kismet that is usually already at wordpress with preinstalled in the basic installation because that's a lot elementary function offers namely the Removal of spam and that very much automatically I have to do something once activate I'll do that over the wordpresscom side there I need too an account for click now on it and afterwards with usually from snake taxpayer but i have here also reset then continue go and then it's free are and reliably removed the spam on every web page automatically comes through the offered every day Do it very often and that is very comfortable so and now to last place ten and there is logo translate wordpress translation for different languages it may be that my website at the same time in german english and other languages ​​should also appear On the one hand I can then join the team and Translate the plugins and what but others also know the new ones content such as contributions or pages that looks quite so out of the way, for example and there is then almost indicated and some progress in the translation and certain things automatically can be translated as well as that So here I can get on it click and then the different ones options the different sentences there then change the then each enter translation here then save back sync and Of course, do not forget that then always save because otherwise it works lost time and as an addition even that under construction plugin as if mine just moved or I would like to what a great deal on the edit home for example, can stand the send maintenance mode and that looks like I can do that then write my own text what We should now look for example in the morning the website back there and or Also in countdown, everything I build want and that is really great too You also need it more often we are really finished now, thank you me for watching and the next Sometimes it's about the biggest problems from wordpress and lima can solve this Until next time

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