Diario de Affiliate Marketing: Por qué hago lo que hago

Hello friends, welcome to "Living Well And Happy com on the beach"

Here We are today in this beautiful place in Corsica (Corsica), a French island in the Mediterranean, taking advantage of a little bit of nature When I started affiliate marketing I realized that there was a lot of first class information, very good information but too much and I as a beginner was not able to distinguish between the tips that were for what level, at what level one is, I was not able to know if the information I found was for me, as a beginner, or if it was for someone who was already in a medium or advanced state of affiliate marketing and your online business I was super confused because I got a lot information, here is one finds incredible things, more and more information but it also makes you a mess in the head because they are too many things and, as I say, at what level are you in order to apply what things at what time, that's why I decided to look for a mentor, a person who already has 20 years of successful experience in affiliate marketing, ask for their help and start working with them side by side to get me out guiding me as a beginner to take the first steps Go step by step according at my level, moving forward, doing things well Then I decided that the information and the process that I was following start sharing it with other people who are in the same position as mine beginner in affiliate marketing and be able to share what I'm going receiving step by step so that other people can also start

and that they can really build their business in the long term and that until the next video!

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