Day 36: Online Marketing Tools For Small Business

Hi everyone Facebook live Hi members are pretty excited because I'm talking to you from a Tripod

So this is the first time I've actually done a Facebook live from a tripod and a tripod that actually stands at my height I've been for the last two years making do with a tripod that sits on a table and doesn't extend any further than sort of that much from the table and So I've actually invested in myself I've actually today gone out and done some shopping now two years ago I would have been shopping for myself In other words, I'd be shopping for clothes or shoes Or handbags coming to America and oh man, I'm getting great deals on those items But today I have Invested in myself with respect to my business as well I've made some decisions and this is what's So incredible is the transformation when you're passionate about your business when you're excited about the things that you're building within your business you get excited about investing in equipment that's going to Help you progress and help you build your business So that's the first thing as I've bought this incredible tripod I went to Best Buy this morning I didn't have any intention of buying anything, but I knew that I was up for some new things The first thing was a tripod I actually got half off the tripod And the reason I got half off is because I needed to invest in a new laptop One of the most important tools of the trade now my little MacBook Air that I've been operating from for the last Four to six weeks here in America and the one that I travel with always I had a look and it was dated 2011 so it was extremely slow and today was enough

Hi, Bobbi I just had enough I Went to today I had two webinars scheduled The first one was for my gold plus members and it was it was very stressful because the computer the laptop was so incredibly slow that it was just driving me mad and That on top of an Internet that drops out is just very frustrating So that was the first webinar and then Claudia ran her webinar at 10:30 am Eastern this morning for the 90 day health and well-being challenge and She was depending on me to record it So I was recording it But the laptop was so incredibly slow that I was freezing the whole time on that webinar, and that was just driving me nuts So I thought you know what? This is the time now for the upgrade, so I went into Best Buy's and This is what I ended up buying and it's a MacBook Pro Don't ask me what the specs are but it was sort of the mid-range one

It wasn't the one with the lower hard drive, it was sort of mid-range and It was an incredible price It was saved $100 so I got it for $1399 us Dollars and Then there was a student price or a student coupon as well

That was an offer So that was a hundred and fifty off So in total, it was two hundred and fifty dollars off the MacBook Pro and that was a great incentive to actually go ahead Yes, Claudia New laptop, so today just frustrated me like anything and Dad's with me here He flew in two days ago and we went out for lunch and You know what? I said to dad we should just go and have a look at Best Buy and so we went in and I was I had no intention of buying and this young man came up and he said did you know that there is a Student discount that I can offer you right now on one of these Mac books, and I said really he said yes so I You know, it didn't take much sort of convincing after this morning's episodes with those webinars Claudia right this morning Even though it recorded I was freezing the whole time And yes, what a good economic buy that was sir two hundred and fifty dollars off and the reason I was starting to get these discounts was because then I knew and Claudia we talked about this I needed a Camera So another great buy this kit which comes with a and extra $200 lens and a camera bag Seven hundred and fifty dollars down to four hundred and fifty dollars So he could do that and based on the fact that I was buying the macbook pro as well another brilliant buy and the other great thing it has the attachment here for oh I have yes, I brought it here Hang on Hang on it has an attachment for a Microphone So now I have the tripod There's taking me 18 months

I have the tripod I have the camera I have the microphone that sits on top of the camera for great content no drone yet No drone yet I just think that that means to just I've got I mean it's gonna take me three months to learn all this stuff, right? To really get to know what's going on here and the other thing that I purchased and he did some great deals on the add-ons And the next thing was this which is now it just gives you that capability to plug in to the MacBook Pro so that you can put your USB and a mouse if you want to and That way it's just got the new connector It's just a connector that allows you that access but what I want to do is eventually have everything on Google Docs Google Drive or Even Dropbox so I don't have to carry around that chunky USB hard drive so That's my purchasing today so The brilliant thing about this is I've invested in my business I have a tax deduction against my business so that's incredibly wise and incredibly smart if I was going out and buying clothes and shoes and Handbags, I wouldn't be getting that tax Deductible it Spence against my business So it's even cheaper for me once you calculate the reduction in tax or the income tax reduction so It's a very cool thing What an awesome sales guy was he Stewart? No, he wasn't Stewart That's that's so funny, Claudia He was he was a lovely he was very quiet he was very unassuming and he he was just very genuine and very authentic and very real and he was even a little bit shy and I just took a real liking to him I thought he was lovely and he was just very genuine and very honest and very authentic and He was telling me about he owned that camera and he was giving me he could have sold me a more expensive camera but he didn't he sold me that camera and it was based on his experiences with it and he could share his Experiences and then he said to me that the camera that I was pointing out was a camera without an attachment for the microphone and I didn't even realize didn't even think about that and he listened to what I wanted the camera for so he listened to my wants and my needs and He then said to me that this has an attachment for a microphone and I went great point because I was being geared towards something that was a little smaller and a little more lightweight and a little more compact and Yet it had nowhere to actually attach a microphone so he did Completely the right thing there and on top of that he gave me a tripod half off he gave me $30 off the attachment and he gave me $10 off the microphone as well because he had some room to move with some of these add-ons that I Added to that whole pack so the interesting point to all of this is I said to him and this is all about Impact on people what sort of impact are you making on people? It could be a very very small thing and It was a very small impact that I made on this young man For me it was a very small impact but for him a huge impact because what I did do was Thank him very much for the customer service that he provided me today And I said, you know, where's your manager? Do you have a manager? And he said yes, I do and I said could you call him out, please? So he called his supervisor over and I just said to the supervisor I just want to say how brilliant this young man was and You know, he provided incredible service to me, but the most important thing is I walked into this store not Prepared to spend anything

I was not going to spend and I was going to do my research I was gonna come home and I was gonna actually even look online and maybe order it online however, I went in there and he was great with his manner and the way he addressed my Needs and as a result of that he ended up with the $2,000 sale So I Said to the manager, you know, I wasn't gonna spend anything and Here I am Spending and walking out this store with all of this gear So I just want to say thank you very much to him His name was TJ and He was glowing like he was like standing there And this was an Australian tourist in Middle America you know praising them for the incredible customer service that he gave and me and my dad was standing there and and the impact you could see physically the impact that it had on him and The manager was also he says all year TJ, you know, he's just awesome So You know one small thing by just giving some compliments giving some feedback to someone can actually raise them by 10 inches and make them 10 inches taller and You know, it just it just comes back You know, it does come back so That's my share today

I'm pretty excited like I said If I'm taking about to this the thickness of that book the size of that book for the camera is huge Dad just said it's gonna take you two months to go through that book, but I don't care I'm just I'm pretty excited and What a great investment in my business this years and what a great tax deduction This is as a result of doing this and I'm pretty excited because Claudia did say to me, you know You need an iPod because you talk with your hands So I'm going to get used to now without the selfie stick you know using this more and providing more more valuable content to people and You never know it can it can end up being marketing or it can end up being advertising So Claudia? It's very late there right now Germany I'm just thinking it would be 7 8 9 10 11 11 pm I bet you've been up working on the business, right? There's no stopping you so Actually you went out tonight – yeah, so I'm wondering how the concert went so anyway, that's my share to you all and I Will check in

I'm actually I Need to do another video, so I need to catch up So tomorrow I think will be the time to catch up on my video No Jim I've decided today Because I'm actually going to a gym class tomorrow at 9:00 am And I think if I go tonight and then tomorrow morning, that's a lot so I've decided to have one day out one day off out of the seven and I'll be back in the gym tomorrow for the 90 day health and well-being challenge and I'm just pretty excited to start my gear up So that's that's what it's all about for me today So over and out here from Ohio in America and Claudia Will check in tomorrow and over and out to everyone Bye

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