Customer review of SiteGuard website security

Our core capabilities are paid social and paid search with data as being the backbone of what we do extremely well What we've found over the years with a lot of clients is that their websites were being hacked and were very vulnerable to malware, etc

and naturally that has an impact on our results that we can deliver for the clients so we've had to go out there and really find a solution and service that can help us combat that particular problem of Malware and hacks We came across SiteGuard where we engaged the guys from their Melbourne office to really, you know, help us out, and yeah from the first project we basically gave them a roughly about 8 months ago they were great Very trustworthy, very reliable and the team have been great at assisting our clients as well as our team here in turn I would highly recommend their service obviously to anyone that's looking to engage in that particular service Very fast turnaround time, extremely reliable and they actually prevent it from happening down the track as well

So it's not just fixing the hacking issue it's also preventing it from happening later on and making sure that the site is not vulnerable

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