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– And the conference, that is not gonna work with the conference line, somehow got in there – I'm not showing

– Alright let's start, it's embarrassing – Okay, let's wait we have Lisa Kupper who is the Center Products Development Coordinator And she's gonna take to us about Infographics She's done a few of those So welcome Lisa

– Thank you and I hope that the rest of the webinar goes more smoothly than this first part did I'm glad you're here We're all very glad you're here And let's get started The first thing I think we wanted to look at is what is Infographic? You probably already know, but sometimes it pays to give out the information

Infographics are a very good way to reveal data, lots of data in a simple and visually compelling way So, what makes them really nice for Parent Centers is that they are a very good way to tell a story that begs to be told So you can use the infographics in a lot of different ways We're gonna talk about that today You can see at the bottom of your screen, a link to an article that discusses what Infographics are and why they've become so popular

As well as this one, this one also has a link at the bottom Why are they such the rage now? And frankly, it's because they really attract the eye Especially if you're a visual learner It just boils central complex data down to very scannable, easily digested taken in quickly And one of the really nice things about them, I think is that it'll show that you, an experts graph or whatever subject you are revealing in your infograph

While brand awareness is something that's very important but it's not quite the same for parent centers as it is for let's say, a for profit company But the infographics are a way to attract web traffic Apparently, what do they call it? Search engine optimization, find it very easy to pick up an infographic Probably because the information on them is so boiled down that the most important words jump out It's definitely a way to enhance traffic to your website

I'm sure you can think of a lot of other uses for them We have listed some here and you'll notice that we set it up like an infograph Very useful for parent center, I think in terms of conducting outreach about your center Because it is visually compelling It will draw the eye and you want people to say, oh, what's that? And it will be about you and your service

It's a very good way to quickly inform the families that find reading a lot of text difficult Very good way to boil it right down to the essential information And we apply complicated concepts I'm sure you explain to parents quite often, let's say the child (mumbles) you would tell them (mumbles) process at school And this is an excellent way to boil that process down

Make it very clear, very quickly To make comparisons, for fairness (mumbles) programs that you offer or services and definitely to report on performance I can add that during an infographic advisory board or your governing board, that basically just shows what you're up to and what you accomplished The number of families that you served or trainings between families

It can be seen (mumbles), which is very powerful So let's get to the heart of the matter Which is, let's go and create one Can you all hear me? I hear that I'm going in and out Oh well, if it's not one technology, it's another

Alright, this is where we're gonna go and this is where the technology really might get wild 'Cause we're gonna go online and do a live demonstration Okay, so I need to share my screen And here Let me know when it is shared

Okay, come on, don't do this – [Myriam] It's coming Lisa – It's coming, okay well – [Myriam] And I think it might be your phone It's a little far away

And that's why you're going in and out – It's right up on me here Here let me know if you can see that – [Myriam] Okay we can see it now – Okay, good

And so this is where we're going There are a lot of different software available online that's basically for free Unless you go primo which you will quickly want to do (mumbles) I picked this one because I've been monkeying around with graphics and I found this one the easiest to use So, what you want to do is come here

Get a login, register yourself I'm already registered, it's very simple to do, because they make it easy But I'm gonna do a new account, 'cause I want to show you something Incorrect login Well maybe it thinks I'm already there

Alright, we're not gonna do it that way Okay If you haven't already done this Go to easelly and register yourself

All you need is a username and a password It's very simple And what you'll see, the first time you go in, you won't see the top part where it says, My Visuals, because you won't have created any yet But, then I have created some See on my screen that I do have visuals

Underneath of this, this is like going into a treasure trove Look at all of these templates They are all public and you can use any of them Over a million of them And you can just look at all of the different signs

When you get to the bottom of the screen it'll load more Some are really very few words like this one Other ones are very, I would think they'd be hard to create But you just keep scrolling down, looking at things Until you find a design that appeals to you and you want to use to create some kind of infographic on something

Alright, now I'm gonna go in here This is the part that's kind of tricky This is my pallette of visual slides and we're gonna work with this one I'm just gonna click on it I will share with you a link to this template

Okay, let's look at it like a template that you can adapt to yourself This is the infographic that we created that shows, boils the data down from your data collection As of 13, 14 About who you trained, how you trained them, what information you disseminated All of that data you reported is boiled down in this

So what you want to do, if you wanted to put your own data into this, so that you could share your accomplishments as a center With your board or (mumbles) or whoever You come here, can y'all see this? Indira, can you see that? To the state button – [Indira] Hm mm – Okay, and you can save it as whatever you want to call it for yourself

And once you do that, it will appear under My Visuals Meaning your visuals So let's change the name here Let's save this, we'll call it demo Oh come on

Demo data, okay Now if you come back out here to home, it'll ask you immediately This is how you get back to your library of stuff You created in all those public visuals You hit the home button, it'll say you're leaving the creation tool

Cool, you want to Okay, now you can see, right here that it reproduced the other one So let's go into that, that's what you would do if you wanted to change out the data depicted here because all of the parent's data and just make it your own Now I have the data Let's say from one single reporting of the year 2013, 14 and I am gonna, let's say

I can insert data in here And you can do this for yourself – [Myriam] Lisa, oh ok – Can you hear me? – [Myriam] Yeah, we were getting the little blue screen but it's back – Oh dear, okay

I don't know how well you can see this, but this number is surrounded by a box And what you do is you just click into it and take your data, your center and paste it there and then you see that it goes right in there Come over here to this one and put in the professional's word I tell you what, when I looked at the Parent Center data, it is no wonder you guys work so hard There is an amazing amount that you do

Look at that number That's a lot of people to attend trainings Now this part of your data collection that you reported were the individual contacts So, change in your numbers for what's already on this infograph Take what you reported Copy and paste

Oh, come on And of course, I will say, one thing that I have noticed that sometimes it does different things But, hopefully it will trigger finally Okay Now, I won't go through the whole thing there and paste in all the numbers, but that would be essentially, how you could do it with your own data

And up here is the title and you can click right on there And instead of Parent Center In Action, you can say, My Center In Action Or put in your Parent Center's name Okay, obviously you probably wouldn't want this part, find your parent center But you could say, visit us at

And then down here and put in your web address or your parent center Now I want to talk about graphics, because the graphics are kind of limited when you're just using the software They're considered objects and there's a little library on easelly Of these images And you can see there are categories, choose a category

Well we probably don't want animals Maybe we want banners So they have a limited selection of banners This banner is, I chose this one But there are these other one you can pick

Or we can go down to education Another category of objects And they're real black and white So the silhouette is stick figurie kind of things So you may not particularly like what you see there

But one of the really nice things is you can upload your own So you probably know that inside of Microsoft Suite, there's a lot of clipart Little icons and things like that you can use And all you would do is say, here is a picture of the United States map You might wanna put in the shape of your own state

But you could also upload them And basically you would be taking it from your own library It could be a picture, it could be a sketch, it could be a map on how to get to your center It could be so many different things Nice visuals instead of these little stick, black and white stick figures

And you just, here it says, choose an image to upload So you add it, and I won't, but let's say you just pick wherever on your own computer and then you upload it and then you can drag it into this area So if I just delete that and back to objects, put this one in You just drag it, drag it into it Click and hold and drag

And then you can resize, like that You can put in shapes Here's some of the ones the program comes with for free But you could also copy in, I know the Microsoft Suites has an enormous amount of different shapes automatically that you could use I would really urge you to do is come to easel

ly and look under each of these lists See what's in there Like this one here, take him away Alright now, there's so many ways you can manipulate In the guide that we did that is on the webinar page at the hub to explain how you can manipulate these

Bigger, change the color with the color pallette You can slide the opacity to make it lighter or darker For those of you who know anything about layout, sometimes one thing gets on top of another and you really want it to go behind or forward You can position it so, this one here it'll tell you in the guide we did to bring it forward or to send it back But say you want this image to repeat

You want to use that image and change the color, which is what we did down here Take the meeting, take the one box color it one way and copy it, which they call clone So when you hit clone you get copy And then, let's say I wanted to do this box here Then I go and change the color and I have a whole new color

You can add text They have free basic sort of pre-set styles, title, header and body Let's say I want body, just pull it over And you're not really tied completely to what they say You can change the size

Make it real big, you can change the color You would have to if you were pasting it on top This is the part where you know technology does it to you Alright, drag him down Really the limit in terms of your own creativity

Or what pleases your eye its useful data The basic idea is to make it as straightforward and graphic driven, data driven as you can We took the Parents Center data that you reported and there were two categories at your meeting with families Attending with families like their IEP meeting with a child And then there was a separate category of attending facilitated IEP meetings

So we combined those numbers and that's what's here So you might have a totally different categories that you wanted to pick, such as do the number with children with different kinds of disabilities What those numbers look like if you wanted to communicate that information But there a lot of things you can do with this program Under the me themes

Themes, I guess Those are the visuals and you can pick from any of these The nice ones It is a timeline about frogs, but you could pick the history of your center visually like this, But show how your numbers It's really exciting and you realize that there's so many ways you might use them Oh come on, go away Okay So, I might want to save Now that I've destroyed the infographic

Go back out, leave creation tool And you can see it right here, the little mini one It's a lot of fun to look at the various infographs Like if you look at this one I like this one and I tried to do something with it here, but it became so cumbersome, that I gave up and went to something else

Which you will find yourself doing that You all might recognize this one I used this one to create the RGA infograph that shows all these people and times and places and things that are going on And I copied it and it became, where are you? There, it became my first infograph And there it is

And you have like a space for it out here where all the images, you can see what I experimented with and didn't use So there's a lot that you can do here And leave the finishing tool And we'll talk for a minute about how you share It's really rather interesting the way to share

It's either downloaded, low quality, high quality Or pdf Or let's say you've designed one and you want other people at the center to have a look at it and give you feedback You can share it, click share And it'll give you an address and all you need to do is email that address to your colleague and they can have a look and I don't think they even need to be really registered

At easelly, be able to look at the infographic and give you feedback If you prefer and you want to put it on your website, but you didn't want to go through all that rigmarole of uploading it, you can embed the code in your website So you would just copy all this out and get your web person to put it wherever it is and then the infograph will appear there Right on your website

This one, group share I think it could be very interesting for the Parent Center network I haven't really experimented in it, but basically you created a group and whoever is in your group, you invite people to come into your group, like the center created the parent center group We could email you all the address and then you come and join and then work on your infographics there and then everybody can see, share and get a look at the work that you all are doing individually That is apparently a new feature of easel

ly Okay, what's the time here? I guess the last thing I'd like to share with you all about the infographics If you want to print them Let's say you want to make a poster to take to the fair, to the resource fair and share You would download your image or your graphic in high quality or pdf, pdf probably

And take it to your printer My experience with trying to do this was I went to Office Depot and I asked, what do I need to bring you? They had certain sizes that they offered and they could also custom size things So your average, your small poster I think it's like 11×14 and your medium sized poster is 12×18 or something like that and then you get your big whoppers Kind of wall art and they'll do banners, they'll do cards, they'll do whatever All you need to do is give them the pdf

Now the hard part was this (mumbles) You see this little arrow down here? Can you see that everybody? This little corner thing – [Myriam] Yes, mm hmm, I can see it – If you pull it, you can keep adding That's where these people come up with these mile long infographics

And you just keep adding segments Now I have all the space down here I can do stuff with And also sideways, make it broader and wider You can basically size these to the dimensions you'd like But it's a little trickier and it's not quite that simple, because they depict pixels as opposed to inches

Your printer is gonna say, what are the dimensions? And you're gonna say it was 8×10, but this depicts it in pixels So, you have to do a little brain work on that Okay, you can, zoom in That's maybe if you want to try and line something up I noticed that when you move stuff, it will try and line it up for you, but sometimes you'll have to get in real close and see that that is true

Now let's say you're really sick and tired of working on one, you can throw it away Frightening thing to do Sorta terminal Okay And as you can see, you can go pro

I didn't investigate what's the cost of that or what that involves, but if you've been frustrated with the minimal amount of images they have and you can explore more Okay, I'm gonna stop sharing my screen Once I figure out how Okay Okay, let's go back to Indira

Can we go back to the PowerPoint? – [Indira] Yeah, that's fine – Okay, I probably should ask if anybody has any questions about easelly and the little guide that is on our website for how you work in easelly The last page of it, has urls of several other Infographic programs that are free

They operate quite similarly to this one And they have different images available in its library Okay this one Let's go here I tell ya, Adobe is not behaving well today

– [Indira] I'd like to remind the audience this webinar is gonna be recorded and you can see all the webinars on the Parents Center Hub They're there – Okay, we're getting back to it, good Thank you Alright

Would you like to ask questions now or having finished and then ask questions? I'll go on for the moment – [Indira] We can break for a couple of minutes and see if anybody has any questions – Yeah, type your questions in or unmute yourself and ask And I'll keep talking and then we'll answer the questions You can also create

Pardon me? You can also create– – [Woman] Unmuted – In PowerPoint Oh to unmute, you press star six You can create infographics in PowerPoint

Which I've actually found to be preferable, if I want to print them of a certain size Because the way PowerPoint works, you could tell the program the dimensions of what you want in inches or pixels – [Indira] There's a question here, Lisa You want to answer now or? – Okay – [Indira] Does the other creator own the document? In other words, if we create something, are we the only one with access to it? – If you don't want to share it, you don't ever share it

And in that since, it's yours If you want to share it, it's easily done by emailing the shareable link that I showed you at the top of the screen it says share and you can either share the link, in which case a person can look at it and can adapt it for themselves In which case you can't lose ownership But that's how the public documents, public visuals got in there, people shared In that sense, I don't know if that answered your question

You can own it to the extent you wish to own it If you don't want to share it with the world or other people, you don't have to And then, no one will know if you created it in your space PowerPoint, Indira connected me with this article here you see link to the bottom 10 free infographic templates in PowerPoint

And they're really, some of them are very nice looking, they really are You can download them All you need to do is register at that site for free You can download them and they're supposedly for the latest version of PowerPoint I tend to do most everything in the lower version of PowerPoint and what this requires

I was very interested to know if the date it down to a lower version and manipulate it there in terms of creating an infographic And you lose certain features when you do that But it's (mumbles) so I would also suggest to have a really recent version of PowerPoint That you take a look at these infographs Especially if you're already familiar with PowerPoint

That helps a lot, 'cause you know you can do all the same things You can create boxes, color them, and shade them There are a lot of graphics in there that you can autoshape so it's actually very powerful And we used it to create the infographic you see here that has become or will become Many of you will see it, this summer probably, 18×24 poster for the (mumbles)

And we also created other ones that go on a display board To find your Parents Center About the miitary branch, PTAK, or where all the original PTAKs are So you know you can fill up a display board basically with smaller units in the digital pictures that you can change things in and out as you wish Okay

Alright, questions? Fun, it's really fun I don't know, how many of you like infographics? Even if they are all the rage I'm not fond of a lot of them, if they're very busy And some of the really are really busy, but they're powerful They're a powerful way to communicate with your audience

Advisory panels, many groups like that I thought about creating a template that Parent Centers could use similar to this to advertise themselves And I was at a conference this week and they actually had postcard size infographics So it was very small, very portable, very visual Immediately got information out

And so much better than so much text and people are very busy and they like the whammy of the visual with the data on it You don't need all those words How many children with autism? The number of children you've served? Who had autism? Two things, people get all the info they need Anyway, that is our webinar today and so if you have questions, I am more, you can write me I'm no expert at all, but you start fooling around with stuff, especially when you're looking at a template library

All those infographics, a million of them You surely can find one in there Anyway so where you'll find that information in the PowerPoint, essentially the recording of this Including probably our technical difficulties And the little guide that we did

Also and I'll share this you all And I'll put it in the chat box Wanna get started or somehow manipulate that first infograph to your Center's data If you join, if you register easily, and then use this link, that will take you to the infographic of the data collection And then all you need to do is save it into your area

Just save, enter your own name and it will appear under My Visuals and then you can manipulate it And it's the same for all the other templates you see there If you like one, pick it, save it into your area All you need to do is save And it will automatically put it in your area

Thank you very much for being here today And we're apologizing for our technical difficulties No questions? I'd be interested to see how people, what occurs to the Parent Center network, Parent Centers go back to how they might use infographics Go back here to the earlier slide, here's some of the reasons, ways you might use it Be very interesting to share among the network, some of the infographics you might work with

Put them in the depository, the hub depository or work group maybe On the workstation Go have fun, have fun And take a minute to, let me see Mary says I will use it to design the signs in shop windows

Oh that's beautiful That's a good one And the nice thing about printers When you go to the printer like, let's say, Kinkos, or Office Depot Because they can really render the colors better than you can do on your own printer, 'cause they're set up for that

Anybody else? I guess we're ending early Everyone can go outside on a beautiful day – [Myriam] Well thank you everyone for joining us today And thank you Lisa, that was a great presentation – Thank you

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