Create your membership site pages on WordPress

One of the first things you will do when you start your WordPress site is create pages Although creating a web page sounds difficult WordPress has made it easy

Let's get started There are two ways to add a new page The first is from the top menu Click on new next to the plus sign and then choose page The other way is to use the left menu go to pages and then add new

Both bring you to the same place Now let's go ahead an end to the page title entry in the top bar We're going to call this page about us Before we enter anything else into the page let's take a quick tour of the menus on the right Under publish you can save a draft, preview, see the status, visibility or change the publish date a you can also publish or move to trash

Below that is page attributes Typically the only page attribute I use is the template Depending on your theme there may be different styles of pages offered For example the showcase page for your home page Next I have page options

Depending on the theme you are using this box may have a different title and selections, or may not be there at all Since this box differs on different sites we're not going to go into details The middle of the screen is the editor where you enter most the content for the page You'll see the top two tabs in the right-hand corner editor give us a visual or text option The text tab allows you to edit in HTML

Unless you are familiar with HTML you don't want to be in the text tab The visual editor is where I do most of my work It gives you a lot of the normal editing choices like bold, italics, strike through, bulleted and numbered lists, quote blocks, left, center or right justify, add links, spell check and you have the option to edit in full screen mode The button all the way to the right is called the kitchen sink The kitchen sink button opens the rest of the editing choices

If you are copying content from an existing website or Word document you would want to use one of the two clipboard functions here If you are copying from the web use the clipboard with the T and it will put it in as plain text If you are copying from Word use the clipboard with the W We recommend you use this whenever you are copying from the web or Word Otherwise you will be importing a lot of undesirable formatting

If you had added content that has formatting you don't want, for example a different font or background color, you can highlight it and click eraser to remove the formatting I have already written text for this page in Word so now I'm going to use the paste from Word function to put it in the editor I just click on the clipboard with the W paste my text and then click on insert And here's Bizzy Bot with a SEO tip Utilize the headings to create a hierarchy of content on the page

That lets search engines like Google know what your titles are That's a great tip Let's put it into action To do this I'll first highlight the heading, remove the bold that I had used and then choose which one I want it to be Now I will do the same for other headings I'm going to use heading 2 because heading 1 is the title of my page

The way to think about headings 1, 2, 3 and 4 is heading 1 is the page title, heading 2 the section title, heading 3 this subsection title, and so on Always use the heading instead of bold or underlining to support search engines You'll be able to learn more about this in the SEO video Now let's preview our page It looks great so I'll publish it

It would look even better with some pictures We'll cover that in the next video

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