Covert Viral Wizard Review WordPress Theme – Spencer Coffman

Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I'm going to show you a cool theme called covert viral wizard by the I am wealth builders and all of the covert products line so I am wealth builders does a unique thing where they come out with a theme and then they come out with a plugin that works best with that theme so you've seen my other review videos with covert pin press and covert content covert video content covert video press so those go hand-in-hand there's also social buzz which works with the social press theme and then there's the viral wizard theme which works with the covert content wizard so this is the theme covert viral wizard here it sets up just like all their other themes I'm going to go through really quickly with all the default settings step one is entering your activation license from where you purchase the theme in jvzoo you can get a link to that below in the video description so once you're done here you can go to step two setting the background color or putting in your image I'm going to leave it as default hit next the header do you want to show anything we're gonna do a text title or image or if you left it you could do nothing if we do a title it automatically pre fills in we're gonna leave that and here all the backgrounds for customizing the look of your pages we're gonna leave that as is again you would want it to spend a little bit more time and customize that comments I'm gonna choose no social sharing all of them reblog on tumblr yep like yes next post backgrounds will leave all that as is comments type none social sharing I'm gonna choose all and reblog and like yes so these are for the blogs single posts so we'll leave that as is and here we'll leave this all the blog's pages defaults automatically insert ads on the bottom of each of the PO we are gonna choose yes and then you can add your raw HTML ads here and then you can choose to show them on the front page yes or no you may have seen this in action with the covert video content theme I had some HTML ads on there it's to show you what they look like in this one since I don't have any HTML ads put in we're gonna leave it as no and hit next and then here you see the final step in the wizard where you can see how to display your sidebar I'm gonna leave all of it as is so it shows up on the right and we can see how it will look then at the bottom just hit save and there we are all of the options were saved and now we can see what the website looks like with this theme all right I have one post right here it's just a regular for a keyboard it's an affiliate post a bunch of random text so here are all of the posts here's the sidebar with all the recent posts follow on tumblr button the find here's my header this is what we would have customized if we wanted an image up there recent posts comments archives this can be changed in the sidebar widgets and here are all of the posts that show up and here are the little share buttons on each of them let's click on one of these posts and you'll see all the post content and then the share buttons down here so that is it that is the theme these posts were set up basic as is so they weren't set up using the plug-in that was specifically designed for this theme check out my review video on that plug-in it is the covert content wizard plug-in you will see that review I'll link to it in the description below you can check that out to see that plug-in is specifically made to work with this theme in addition you could probably also use the covert content plug-in or the covert video content plug-in any of the content plugins will work with pretty much any of the themes you can check out the review videos and subscribe to this channel follow the playlist I am wealth builders all their covert products also be sure to drop a comment on this video let me know what you think of the plugin this review or any other thoughts you may have subscribe to this channel for other plugin reviews software reviews and any other online hints and tips we can give you click on that Bell icon to be notified of new videos and if you liked it say so by clicking that like button and use those social sharing icons to share it with your friends until next time you

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