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Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I'm going to show you a cool plugin called covert social content by I am wealth builders this works with the covert social press theme all of the covert products by I am wealth builders are built in bundles so there's always a theme and then a plugin that they have custom tailored for that theme you can check out the other ones in the playlist that I have you can also check out my covert social press theme review you can check that by hitting the card also it'll be in the description below these plugins and themes are built to work compatibly however some of them do work crossways so you can use the covert content with the covert video press theme and you can use the other plugins with the other themes however sometimes things don't display quite properly since they're not tailored for that specific theme here we go on the covert social content light I have the light version I was unable to get the pro version however if you like this check out the pro cause obviously they're going to be extra features in that all of their plugins covert social content all of these covert content type plugins all work the same way they have a few different feeds that you can grab information from and they have a place that you enter your keywords in and so setting this up is very time-consuming very meticulous but if you progress through it and get all your keywords in there and schedule all your posts properly so that they're running then your entire blog is on autopilot so we're gonna do two keywords here iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 now I highly recommend that you take and do one keyword in like every other one of these so like let's say you're going to set up the RSS feed you could do iPhone 6 and do news search and do iPhone 6 do them today and then do blog search and YouTube for iPhone 7 today and then tomorrow do the opposite that way when you set the blog to run like every 24 hours it'll be running consistently rather than grabbing all your posts at one so try to space it out so that you're continually grabbing one or two or three posts each day or every couple days rather than twelve posts all at once like one time a week then once you have your keywords entered in scroll down you can check out these other settings the initial light count five and twenty that means every post that's created I'll have some likes on it extra authors you can update new ones then when you hit update settings it'll save all of this and now you can go into each of your different blog platform retrievals and start setting up your keywords and adding feeds so I'm going to only do one I'll just do each one is test now RSS feed I'm gonna paste in my steam it feed so follow me on steam it up vote a few posts you can check out the link in the video description below and incentive for that is when you start uploading the posts the more I'm up voted and the more money you'll make so you can actually make money for uploading other people's posts and posting your own post it's like getting paid for doing things on social media so it's a pretty cool place check that out since I don't have any posts on my steam it blog feed related to these keywords I'm gonna hit no keyword search and then I'll just hit post to selected categories and I'm gonna put them in the uncategorized set active one and two posts every this is what I'm talking about so I'm going to do this every 24 hours it's gonna grab between one and two posts so if you were doing this for keywords and you died phone six then tomorrow you could come back and do iPhone seven that way it's grabbing a post every other day for each keyword rather than both on at one time when it runs if you did every 24 hours they're just both gonna run to stagger this you have to come in and do it on different days so you can space out your posting so it looks more fluid and that you're posting more regularly rather than just a bunch of posts getting dumped on your site at one time that could raise some red flags okay so there's the RSS I'm gonna go over here to little blog search add a new feed and I'm gonna put the six again – I'm gonna do all these at 24 create the feed oh and now we have a little issue here the following error occurred during the last run reason no content message search returned no entries so that's an interesting we'll have to come back to that check the news search we're gonna add a new feed here I'm going to do 7 matches keyword 1 in 3 posts 24 hours create feed and we got another error search returned no entries so you're telling me that there's no blog with the iPhone 7 keyword well let's go to YouTube add a new feed we're gonna do 6 all categories here relevance okay grab all of that category the matches keyword and we'll do between 1 and 5 every 24 hours create the feed and once again we have some errors in there no Content message no more YouTube videos found so there are no YouTube videos for the iPhone 6 keyword I hide find that hard to believe let's go to the settings we're gonna hit run now and it says it ran so now I have the covert social press theme loaded up on this website so we'll see if any of the posts were retrieved and you can see how they display so here they are displaying on the theme so the theme is an excellent theme it's just like the covert pinpress theme however instead of having them kind of randomly tiled it's nice and grid-like so if you liked the pinpress theme this social press theme is also something you might want to check out and being a review video you can see that below ok so these are all from steam it it will click on one of these and you can see it pulled in all the content I took us right to steam it though so when you click on that it takes people off of your site it does open it up in a new window so that's nice but it is pulling people away from your website so that's one downfall to plug in the other downfall is that we are unable to get keywords from these other locations now one thing that could be troublesome because it says there's a version 20 now available well I got this plug-in two days before I'm making this review and the plug-in developers sent it to me so there's an update available but when I hit click here for details on how to update it says there's some instructions step one is download the new version well I don't have this because they provided me with this plug-in so they provided me with an old version and no way to update it and step two was install this easy theme plug-in upgrades to find it and help you proceed to step 3 and then says that's it you're done when I go there I mean my plugins here I've got that easy theme and plugins installed there's still no update thing over here I have no updated zip file I'm on version 1

1 so part of the problem with this posting error that when it's not retrieving feeds could be because the plug-in is unobtainable or not updated and it could also be that I have the lite version not the pro version so based on the experiences that I'm having with this plug-in I would recommend that you either grab the pro version and make sure it's updated and then use that because I have pretty good confidence in the IM wealth builders products that I have a feeling that it's just because this is light and it's outdated so I would say do not get this one if you're gonna get covert social content and get the pro version otherwise I would recommend using the covert social press theme with the covert content or the covert video content plugins because those plugins also retrieve some good feeds that you can set up and grab some good content and they work super well again check out my playlist for all of the covert products you'll see what I'm talking about they work really well so that's what I would do I would just use the social press theme with some of the other plugins and see how that works until next time you

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