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Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I'm going to show you the covert content wizard plugin which works with the covert viral wizard theme so if you haven't seen the covert viral wizard theme review check that out there'll be a link below as well as a card that will pop up to direct you there this is all built by the IM wealth builders they have a whole line of covert products you can check out that playlist they always build a theme and then a plug-in to work specifically with that theme so whichever theme you have whether it's covert pin press covert video press or covert viral wizard grab the plug-in that is associated with that theme because as we have determined between all of our reviews some of the plugins don't work perfectly with the opposite themes with that here is the covert content wizard plug-in it is very similar to the covert content plug-in so you can check out that review I'm going to really kind of breeze through this one but with any culvert product the setup that is involved is intensive so you can check out the covert content plugin review to see a more in-depth setup of this plug-in because these this one is very similar to the covert content this is covert content wizard so they're pretty similar basically the first thing you need to do is enter in some keywords and this will be how your posts are retrieved so I'm going to do MacBook Pro and MacBook Air when adding new posts set the status to you can choose a draft or published I'm going to do draft and create three tags add any available comments we'll leave that you can randomize them store images on your server if no image is found for post grab a screenshot to use we can do that include the source Amazon affiliate ID your access key ID and your secret key ID you will need all of those and then you can include your buttons you can choose which one you would like to use or a custom image and you can grab a you to API key to placed in the YouTube videos once you have all of that stuff entered in you can hit update settings and you'll see here that the settings have been updated after that you will go down here to the covert content wizard and you will choose settings for each one of these places Amazon RSS if you want tumblr and YouTube and then it will grab things from these locations based on your keywords so first we'll do Amazon add new feed name I'm going to title it Mac Pro and then just choose that keyword leave it as all I'm gonna let go to Mac computers you can choose post to a match category that matches keyword create if no match and then I'm going to set it active create between one and two posts every let's say 24 hours create feed and you have to do this for each and every feed that you want Mac air all right they're active one to every 24 great feed okay so there we have two for Amazon and then if you jump over to tumbler you'll see it will need you to enter in some tumbler settings so we're going to do Amazon and YouTube because those two are pretty simple and we've got the Amazon Keys entered in each of their sort videos by relevance no filtering posts that matches active and to every 34 now it's important to note that when you set these times up you are going to have a lot of posts happening all at the same time if you set them all for 24 hour period or 48 hour period or whatever you choose to do so I recommend that you go through maybe and on let's say day one you set up one keyword in each so you do one in Amazon one in YouTube one in tumbler one in RSS and you do them for like every 24 hours then on day 2 you go in and you set up your second keyword in in RSS in tumblr and in YouTube and you set them for 24 hours that way you have it every other day one post for each of those locations is being pulled for a different keyword rather than all your posts all the time every 24 hours that way you're kind of going to space out your posts because it doesn't really have a randomize it's going to go based on when you generate so we have our keywords set up if you go to the main settings page for this and then we hit run now that will generate some posts for us based on the four key words we've set up now we are going to go to the posts and we'll take a look at that here it is why does the MacBook Air exist my honest review Apple MacBook Apple MacBook these four have just been generated published one minute ago let's take a look at this one and we'll take a look at this one so you can see here it grabs the product title image and features from Amazon and a little by button from Amazon as well as putting those social sharing links down there to help you get some more conversions and social media appearance there are also a number of tags there for social sharing purposes when they are shared to Twitter or these places these hash tags can be added and here is the YouTube retrieved Post you see there's a nice video there the video description another video there and then the sharing buttons basically this covert plug-in will help you grab posts from multiple different locations and put them in with the theme so that they can all be displayed on your website and you can have things from YouTube tumblr an RSS feed and Amazon and you can have them all drip-feeding in on autopilot so your blog will be built automatically now there are a number of auto blog plugins out there there are a number of Amazon affiliate plugins out there as far as this one goes the covert content wizard I would personally recommend the covert content plug-in because it seems that this covert content wizard is a little bit more old or outdated plugin however the covert content wizard has the tumblr feed and the covert content doesn't have tumblr so you may wish to incorporate both of them in your site and then use covert content for the other feeds and then add covert content wizard for the tumblr feed that way you can have a little bit more of a dynamic website either way if you choose to use it it would be good it works well so there's no danger of it not working for you because it's a solid plug in all these covert products are check out the playlist of the covert products and you can choose which plugin and theme is right for you be sure to comment on this video as well let me know what you think of the plug-in this review or any other thoughts you may have also subscribe to this channel for other plugin reviews software reviews and any other online hints and tips we can give you click that bell icon to be notified of new videos and use those social icons to share this video with your friends as well until next time you

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