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Hey guys this is a review for the covert content plugin this is a cool plugin that is basically a set and forget' autopilot website what you can do is create a big affiliate store that grabs posts from amazon ClickBank commission junction even Flickr and then the RSS feeds you like and it will automatically post them to your blog and website every so many hours depending on what you said now a couple downfalls of this plugin it takes forever to get it set up but the advantage is once it's set up you don't have to worry about it it'll keep going the other downfall is that all of your posts are set instantly so when you have it run it doesn't like randomly run it between hours you set its every so many hours all your posts are posted that can kind of look a little bad with web crawlers and such if they see every 24 hours you posting 12 posts might look fishy so in order to make it optimal you'll want to go in like every day for about a week and just change the hours that way each one of the posts is running on its own schedule instead of all on the same schedule so like if on day one you set like three posts for 24 hours then on day two you'd set a bunch of posts for 24 hours at a different time that means that you'll have to 24 hours schedules running and it'll be kind of like staggered you'll want to stagger all of your times in your posts so that you have stuff posting however many hours you want it to post whether it's every day every week every few days that way it will be consistent content rather than just a big block of posts being posted every so many hours so hopefully you understand that and you can figure that out and you know what I mean if not follow the video and just have it be set up randomly because some content is better than no content and auto blogging and auto posting and set and forget' is amazing so to get started you have to install culvert content obviously and can grab the link to get this plug-in in the description here then what you'll do is set your keywords now this is also like I said it takes forever to set it up so you can enter as many keywords as you want 14 line and they'll be selected in order for each time the posts run for this video I'm just going to do two keywords iPhone 5 let's go space in there we're going to iPhone 6 that way you've got two keywords you could do as many as you want it doesn't matter post creation when adding new posts set it to publish obviously you can have it create tags if you want to tag each post you can have it randomized comments add any comments store images on your server rather than hot linking them or pulling them from the amazon or affiliate sites you can have authors for your posts what I like to do is do this author creation you can randomly generate it so I'll choose that to be like a hundred it has a bunch of first names and a bunch of last names and it'll just randomly select two of them and put them together and then that's who will create your post this is great because then it'll look like you know a hundred different people I posting to your website then you'll go through and you'll select you know your Amazon affiliate ID or ClickBank IDs Commission Junction eBay and then your Flickr stuff and then just hit update settings and those are updated you created 100 new authors then what you need to do is go into each one of the affiliate stores so you'll go into amazon ClickBank Commission Junction eBay Flickr ok and you're going to create a feed for each one of your keywords so if you entered in 100 keywords guess what you got to create a hundred feeds for amazon eBay ClickBank commission junction so that's 400 feeds right there so you see what I mean it can be a very time consuming so we'll just add new feed and this feed we're going to call iPhone five and we'll select the iPhone 5 key word to use and this is just for your reference hear this name so you will know if you name them the same thing that this feed will be retrieving the keyword that matches the seed so this will be off for iPhone 5s you can restrict the search to any search index for Amazon so if you're pulling an iPhone 5 maybe you'll want to go to you know electronics or you could do digital music it's best just leaving at all that way if there's an iPhone 5 listed in a different category you'll still grab it you can set the price this is very handy because most of time an iPhone 5 you might get like iPhone 5 screen protectors and they're only going to be maybe like a couple bucks on amazon maybe you want to go for the big sales and you want real iPhone 5 so you could choose your minimum price to be at like 50 bucks or 100 bucks or whatever you want this is very handy if you're selling big ticket items like collectibles or if you want to sell jewelry or any precious metals then you can set a minimum price and you won't have to deal with all the Mickey Mouse listings that go along with it also you can choose a category and categories are very important because it will help the search engines rank and find things on your site so right now I don't have a category set but if I were doing this for real I'd set a category to be iPhone 5 and 12 the iPhone 6 and any of them with the iPhone 5 keyword will be posting to the iPhone 5 category now you'll have to make sure that you want to say post to all selected categories and then you click on because if you hit post 21 it'll take at random from all your categories now what you could also do if you don't have one set is just hit post to category that matches keyword creative no match that means I will now have them create a category called iPhone 5 for me then you have the post content include a product link yes text link yes that means they'll have two links you can choose your button so we'll just say we want that one set the post from links fields hit yes sure because then you'll have a visit amazon link so that's another link for your affiliate URL and then start auto blogging you want to check that because that will set this to be active you can choose how many posts to create so let's just say between one and two posts every how many hours we want to do let's do every 48 hours now you'll see that if we do this on amazon ClickBank commission junction eBay Flickr and we do it for our keywords so we have two keywords so if we just do it on amazon ClickBank commission junction eBay Flickr that's five right there and we have two keywords that means ten will have ten feeds that means if we say create one and two posts between every 48 hours we'll be creating between 10 and 20 posts every 48 hours now it would be really nice if every 48 hours between 10 and 20 posts drip feed it in at random however it doesn't really work that way and I’m experimenting with it so I know that it doesn't what it does is it works that way as in drip feeds it doesn't drip feed all the posts from all the places in but it'll take your amazon posts and if it says one and two posts it will put all your posts for all your keywords right in there and then there's a quick banks and then it is a commission junctions eBay so if you have between one and two points every 48 hours what's going to happen is every 48 hours if you have to amazon keywords you're going to have between two and four posts sending immediately then eventually the quick bank will happen and then the commission junction and then the eBay and then the Flickr now if you stagger all these so let's say on day one you go in and you set up amazon you waited a day to you set up ClickBank day three set up commission junction and you stagger your hours so the first one would be 48 the second one could be like 30 the next one could be 20 another one could be 60 then it will all be jumbled up and random so that way your posts will be posting kind of sporadically every single day of the week or you know obviously you may we want to set you hours to be more maybe like you know every five days instead of every two days but either way you'll get the idea once you have all that set up just hit create feed and you can see here's your feet now you'll need to add a new feed for iPhone 6 and so on for every keyword then you'll go to ClickBank add a new feed for each keyword you can just name it the same thing so you know what keyword it's posting you can also choose if you don't want it to do any keywords that it would just post whatever randomly will have it created category and then you can set the posts from links active out of logging and then you know one and two posts every whatever however many hours you want to do create and feed and you're on your way and you can do the same thing progressively for Commission Junction you can see it's pretty much the same setup they have a minimum price in commission junction now if you want to do a specific advertiser ID you can and then set post from auto blog then you can go onto eBay add a new feet here same type of deal name keyword category no price on eBay no price selections set the posts from auto blog and set your dates then you can go onto Flickr if you want now this would just be images so you know nothing to write here but it's good for content and then that's all the same once you have all that ton you'll see that you are scheduled to run activate blogging so we'll show you what a post looks like I’ll just hit run now now obviously we only set up amazon so you're only going to get one post okay so we'll show you what that looks like you can see here that we have the apple iPhone 5 because remember we only set one thing from amazon for the iPhone 5 and it created a category for us call iPhone 5 and chose an author and then you can just view this post and you'll see how nice the post looks from the culvert content so here it is buy from amazon nice picture and that's it small description sometimes you'll it will show us some pricing down here sometimes it'll throw some customer reviews but generally not and that will be their post from eBay ClickBank Commission Junction Flickr amazon all of them will look like this they have a standard format very basic but it's a great thing to do because now we have it set up where it's just going to drip feed in one post after another every so many days and like I said you can set up the staggering and have it come on every week every whatever every couple days every three weeks anything you want completely on autopilot you'll never have to worry about it again it's a set and forget' system yes it takes a long time to set up takes a long time to get it perfected but once you have that done you're golden you don't have to do anything later so figure in maybe about 10 hours of work for the rest of your life and you're good to go and you have a complete autopilot store until next time

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