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Hey guys this is a review for the coupon Azon plug-in this plug-in is amazing it works very well I highly recommend it get it anybody that visits your site will be very happy that you have it because they may not have known about the hundreds and hundreds of coupons that are available on amazon so if you have this plugin you can show them hey take a look at these coupons save some money and you'll get paid for referring them to Amazon because not only we provided them with a discount but you also be getting an affiliate referral so after you have installed enter in your license ID amazon associate ID for the US now if you want you can throw in some for the UK and Germany then you have these automated options auto add this means they can add a couple coupons or however many you want underneath every single post or page so at the end of all your content they'll throw a couple coupons in there you can do it at the top you can do it at the bottom you can do whatever I recommend not using the auto add because the formatting sometimes doesn't match up with your post so for example sometimes have a nice post all the content is kind of centered the coupons will be thrown in way on the left or way on the right so it's sometimes just not worth auto adding and it's better to just use a short code and put it into yourself so we'll just hit know if you wanted to do yes you could do it at the top of the post which should be above all your content bottom or both you can also do where you want it you know obviously we're in the US

so amazoncom coupon category you can choose what category you want all your coupons to come from the best to me is most popular because obviously those are the ones that people want to use because it's the most popular you can choose the number of coupons so if you wanted to auto add up to 99 coupons at the end of every single post or you could do a keyword as well basically just said that the most popular and I say no on auto add but go ahead and mess with that clip but yes see what it looks like on your posts if you like it keep it because it's a great thing to showcase a couple extra coupons on there then we're done hit submit ok so then you're going to go to the appearance and widgets area because this is a widget eyes sidebar so here you have coupon is on so what we're going to do is we'll just throw that right up here in the top of this default sidebar with all this other stuff so you can see what it looks like so we have a title and the title will be displayed above the coupons you can choose whether or not you want to display the title for now we'll leave it on number of coupons and then a category so you could choose let's say you have different posts and you want different side bars on each post you know you can add as many custom sidebars as you want you could have a post on baking you know snack foods whatever for now we'll just leave it as most popular if you wanted you could pull keywords I’ll leave that blank you can have it be vertical or horizontal so we'll leave it vertical sentence in a sidebar and then you can hit save and there we go so now we'll go to posts and add a new post and we'll just do tests and publish this and then we'll review it and you can see how cool the coupon is on plugin works in the sidebar so here we are here your coupon see here's the title so you can remove that and then here are five of the coolest coupons that will bring people directly to amazon now if you wanted you could have it be any categories you like you can also get the short code and put it in your main content you can put if you wanted more of them you could set it to 10 if you wanted 20 you can just put two of them in the sidebar you know so the coupon is on plug-in I you saw how easy was a setup you saw how easy it is to implement and you see how it works and all of these are affiliate links to amazon so that's the bottom line coupon is on plugin is highly worth it works super well check it out in the description get this plug-in implemented on your site you'll like it and so all the visitors on your site you will get some good traffic from this plug-in because people love to save money until next time

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