Compatible Premium Themes with WordPress Elementor Page Builder

Hi in this video tutorial I'm going to show you how to purchase a premium team that is compatible with a channel mentor Builder and to do these were simply going to go to pojo that me And we're going to browse the teams As you can see pojo dot me has many different options for themes that are compatible with Eh Elementor And we can see the details here To get a private license for a single domain It will cost you fifty nine dollars per year to get a developer license that will cost you for ten different domains ninety nine dollars a year As you can see Pojo dot me themes are 100% compatible with Elementor page builder 100% compatible So, pojo dot me is One option, but the second option is going to be site origin dot com subtitles You can see site origin also have their own page builder But is a little bit more complex to use Elementor page builder is much simply simpler to use And to get their premium theme we're going to browse the themes the WordPress themes here and We're going to download one of the free versions subtitles But to get subtitles Foll copyrights of the these free themes you have to buy the premium version here After you download the theme You're going to buy the premium version and to do this You simply go into pay for one site you're going to pay pay $29 each year and For business you will pay $49 a year for five different sites and the developer site You will have unlimited sites and This is good for if you're designing websites for clients You can get the developer Premium version and this way you can keep designing more websites For free and you can use the Elementor page builder Okay, so this is the two different options for Elementor page builder Premium themes that are compatible with it so it's going to be site origin dot com And pojo dot me If you decide to go to Site origin or pojo dot me remember that pojo dot me is 100% compatible with Elementor and pojo dot me premium theme is developed by Elementor page builder with the difference that site origin is also Compatible, and it costs less to Get their premium version and gain full Copyrights, so it's up to you Whether you want to buy pojo dot me premium themes or site origin premium Themes so this is it for this video, and thank you very much

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