Como Usar Corretamente o Plugin Yoast SEO no WordPress

What do we do to blah knew I was going to make a mistake! Oh, come on, let's record again

Personally, here is Henrique Carvalho do Viver de Blog and in this video I'll show you how you can properly use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress I'll share my screen here then, so you follow this step by step about how you can use it the correct way as well Come on! Hello, this is Henrique and in this video I'll show you how this Yoast plugin works SEO within a post So I'm here in the post on the 19 brilliant tips on how to write well and better (you can not ignore # 17) So here in the post you realize that I put his slug, that's this part end of the URL, as-write-well

And here below, here is the whole article and here is the plugin Yoast SEO, showing a little light green, that SEO part is optimized and up there where you put the title for your article, that is, what readers will see And here where you put the title to Google, okay? So here is where you can edit the title for Google So this here is the SEO Title, which would be the title for Google, the slug is that part end of the URL, okay, that appears in bold and here is the meta-description, in which people uses the term "how to write well" and ends up taking advantage of other terms as well, such as writing, how write, how to write better So that ends up being useful also for us to rank multiple terms in a single article It works basically like this, you need to put a keyword in focus, which is how to write well, that is the purpose of this article that we wrote and there he makes a super-verifying, checking if this keyword is well positioned in the text, which is the density of it and there a green, red, or orange, or yellow, little sign appears, depending of the severity level of SEO

So here, for example, it gives a high level of gravity, red, because it says that the word does not appear in the first paragraph of the text And this is indeed important, but we preferred to start this article here with a reflexive question, so we end up not mentioning "how to write" in that first paragraph, ok? So usually it is good for you to do this when your goal is to focus on SEO He says that the density of this keyword, too, of that keyword is low in that it only was found 8 times, representing 02% of the total text So he probably made the count of 8 over 4164, let's see if that's right here

It's 019, it would be plus or minus 02% that it shows there So the word "how to write" looks 8 times out of these 4164 words So, even if the article is not 100% for SEO, it's there in the 95, 97% and achieving rank first for that term

It also shows that the images on this page do not have an alternate attribute, with the keyword, so let's see what this image here, for example, is showing when you edit she, it, it appears here as writing well 1 Maybe if I put a dash and one here, maybe he can improve this analysis of IF THE Then I would have to update the article here for him to check Good

Lets do it Oh, updating, beauty! So let's go again, here is the title you write for the readers and below, the SEO plugin, is where you can write the title for Google, okay? So it did not update here the part of the image that has the alternative attribute, not I understand why, but that's okay It shows that the other attributes of SEO are blue-green, that is, ready for rank the item well And even see us here on Google, a keyword that has 2400 monthly searches and searching in an anonymous tab, always remembering to do the search in an anonymous tab to know how is the ranking of your article So here it is, Living Blog first, is for that term "how to write good"

So, this, ah, I forgot to even show here, there are other parameters here Yoast SEO plugin So this one is the main one, where you do the analysis of which keyword is well within your article Here in the advanced part you can put nofollow, noindex, not to be indexed in Google, among other options like canonical URL, which to be honest, I never I used And here in the sharing part is where you can place a specific title, a specific description and a specific image for Facebook, just like on Twitter, you can also do this kind of specificity It even gives the recommended size here on Twitter, which is different from the size recommended on Facebook Well, then this is the Yoast SEO plugin, inside an article, how it works, right

So here are some options for you to go straight to Adwords, do the research in Keyword Planner, then this is how it works within an article I'm staying here, a big hug and until the next video And, you liked this video on how to properly use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress? So give a tune to this video And if you have a friend who might be interested in that kind of information, Share this video with her, okay? I'll stay here, we'll see each other in the next video, a big hug, bye, bye

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