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Hi Cooks this is Alex from WP Marmite, welcome to this new video in which we will learn to install Google Analytics on a WordPress site Here we go ! [Intro] So, if you watch this video, I guess you must already know what Google is Analytics, but in case it's not very clear, I'll still do it again point on it

So Google Analytics is a service that was created by Google to track visits to an Internet site So we can know how many people came to our site, the pages they visited, but also from which country they come, even from which city they come We can know how long they stayed on our site One can also know what actions they performed Did they buy something? Did they sign up for a newsletter? Anyway, we can really know a lot through this service So, like most Google products, its use is totally free, so that's why I recommend it to you and it's still a solution that is very reliable So if you are ready, we will be able to start with the first step which is the creation account on Google Analytics

So here I am on the homepage of Google Analytics, it is a page of presentation of the service Here we propose to create an account, but if you already have a Google account, an account Gmail or an account on Youtube You just have to click on "connect", to be able to log in with your credentials So I'm connecting So here I am on the homepage of Google Analytics, we see all my sites with all my stats, we will not stay on it, it will not interest us really We are going to go into "administration"

As I already have sites that are tracked in Google Analytics, I have to click here "create an account", but for you may be a little different So, we click here and we will give the information of the site that we want to forward There we click on "website", it is not a "mobile application" Here I will call it Test Site, and here I will call it, WP Marmite Test So the address of my site is https://test

wpmarmitecom So I stick it here, put well https if you are in https and after you delete that, that's it Sectoral category: it is to help to have statistics to compare you to other sites of the same category, I'm going to put it's a site that I will not use I think there is no technology, here is "Internet and telecom"

Time zone: so there I am in France, so I put France After we are offered different options, you can leave everything checked and here we click on "get a tracking id", we will see what exactly it is, here we accept the general conditions, in any case we have no choice, otherwise we can not use the tool So now we are offered a tracking code, we will not use it, we will rather copy this number, this famous "tracking id", that we will be able to install in an extension special The extension that we will install on our site to connect Google Analytics to our site it's called "Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights", it's more commonly called MonsterInsights I will not download it here

I've already installed it on my site, we see it right here, so I'll just click on "activate" So there it has not been totally translated into French, but click here to configure just the connection between the extension and Google Analytics We do not have a license key, because we use the free version and there we just click this button, for, as they tell us, to authenticate using from our Google Account: we do next here we click here to have our code, there it will connect my account Google at MonsterInsights, and here, I have a code that I copy and then I put it here Here it's all good, after we just have to select our site in the list, so here we find it here "test-wpmarmite", I do next and that's it it's connected it's already done So there was not even any technique to do, we did not even need to serve as the tracking id, so it's really top, and precisely, we find our famous id, right here

After there is a little configuration to do to have something clean : we can possibly hide the dashboard, but here we will leave it like that, we will not hide it, and there it asks if we can allow them to collect data, I'll put no and I save Here by clicking on the tab "tracking" we can customize several things, we will watch quickly: here we can ignore the visits of administrators and publishers, like that, it allows to have visitor data that includes only visitors and not people who use the site, because otherwise it can distort the data, do we want to track everything that is outgoing links, so here we leave it by default, that's fine, I will save (I think I would not have needed to save ), activate demographic reports: you leave it, do we make anonymous ip addresses: we can put it, here we can leave that by default it's fine, do we follow the downloads: there it can be interesting to do it, we can leave by event here we can define the types of files to follow: there maybe add others file types, if you want, separated by commas, if you have affiliate links, you can possibly follow them using these settings there

After we are offered other things, but we must update to the version pro, it does not interest us There: compatibility: we can leave like that it is very good And permissions, we can leave that as well And here we save one last time and now MonsterInsights and Google Analytics will be able to follow the visits So, it's going to take a little while, the time it starts, the time that there are people who arrive on your site, but here, after you can have beautiful paintings with your curves, to follow your visits, so directly on the WordPress interface but also by going into "reports", there of course we do not see anything at all because that the site is new and is a test site, so there is no visitor, but we can have reports here that really will help you better understand where your visitors are coming from

And after that you can go back to Google Analytics to get reports a little more detailed So here I can show you the Marmite reports, because there are numbers a little more interesting than on my test site; So WP Marmite: and that's what it looks like in Google Analytics, where you see visits per day, we can put them by week, or by month, from January 22nd to January 31st, there were 33,000 visits to the Marmite So here we have some data I mentioned earlier: so there sessions, that's visits users: they are unique visitors, there are 64,000 people who came on the blog between January 22 and February 21, so it's pretty good Thank you to everyone who comes on the Marmite! and on average they stayed 2 minutes 05 After I'll let you explore all that, there are really a lot of options, but Anyway the main one, having your visits, you have it on the main dashboard It can also be used for SEO, so even if it's something that is less relevant today, because there are other tools like Google Search Console that we'll see maybe another time

But, we can also have information to optimize its SEO through Google Analytics By the way, speaking of that, I am preparing a training course that is dedicated to the basics of SEO, so if you start, and if you are a little lost with all these terms, with all the tips that can be found on the Internet, and well I tried to summarize all that and popularize all this with a maximum of pedagogy as know how to do the Marmite You can find out more on the WPMarmitecom/seo page You can have all the information about this training

For the moment I'm still working on it, but you can access it preview in favorable conditions and, if you arrive a little later, this does not matter, you will always have the modalities to be able to train and learn the SEO basics in order to get more search engine traffic Here we come to the end of this video, thank you for having followed in full To have the following, of course do not forget to subscribe to the channel, you are more and more, it's really fun! With that, I wish you a very good continuation and see you soon! Chao!

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