Cara Membuat Blog : Plugin Wajib untuk WordPress

In the previous tutorial video We have successfully set the General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, and Permalink The next step in building this blog Let's install Plugins required Click Plugins Here by default already provided plugin Akismet Anti Spam This is a mandatory plugin that should be present on every website Hello Dolly I rarely use, then I delete Akismet Anti Spam needs to be activated Click activation here, then click setup your Akismet account You need to register first, in order to get the serial number or API Key To use this akismet After registering, you can get API Key for free version, or you can pay to get the full version I registered, then I will enter the API Key Connect with API Key Here clickable Then save changes written here So you can upgrade if you want to get full facility Note if there is a number here, it means it needs to be updated Here Akismet needs to be updated, click here Akismet Anti Spam, click here and update the plugin It's finished updating, now install the next plugin Minimum standard plugin must exist Firstly, install plugins related to ping Previously there are settings in Writing here there are a number of sites for ping every time there is a change of article, update, edit, it will be ping here so as not to be impressed as spam when updated to post when changes are made, so they are not always pinged it is necessary to install WordPress Ping Optimizer Then click activate No need to set because it will be the same as the sites in Settings: Writing Continue: Plugins, Add New A plugin that provides tools for writing is required, TinyMCE Advanced click install now click activate do settings With the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, we can use these tolls Unused Button can be placed here to use when writing articles Suppose to write an underscore can be included here then to create a text background can put here Mark can also be added here Then anchor text can be used to add a link to the article section in each sub headings Then add the tools to write justify All these tools can be added according to your needs Add this tolls up as you need If you have finished please save changes Continue: add new plugin In writing articles, often using images, then it takes a plugin that can compress the image used click install now click activate has been successful, and no compressed images here yet add more; plugins; add new When writing articles required plugins that can help seo then we need plugins related to SEO I am happy to use Yoast SEO click install now click activate Yoast SEO, click the dashboard General, Feature, enable that need to enable, save changes Your Info, just select Person, then write the name then save changes Then webmaster tools, need to get the code after registering to google webmaster skip security; enable it, and save changes Yoast SEO, leave first webmaster tools, will be filled later after being registered to google webmaster add the next plugin: add new we need google analytics id associated with analytics reports Prior to configuration in google analytics, first register the website in to google analytics to get the ID but before doing so, first fix this post need to be edited, because by default there is a post hello world so it is not published like this, and indexed by google analytics This page also needs to be edited this page needs to be edited in order not to be published as Sample Page Actually this has been published when created this blog then click again plugin, add new need to install one plugin, related to the cache this needs to be set then click download then mobile, both are discarded Continue with New Post, click ok Update Post, click Ok Minify HTML, check Minify CSS, check Combine CSS, check Combine JS, tick Gzip, check That can be checked, the rest must be paid in order to use it click submit finished setting up here then add another plugin, add new To make it easier for visitors to find articles that want to read, required WP Sitemap Page plugin use this code to create a list of the contents of this website install now, activate then take the code then click all page, and edit sample page change the title to sitemap edit snipped: sitemap slug: write sitemap meta description to facilitate the visitor in finding articles that want to read, then presented a single page sitemap on this website Here the keyword is sitemap this is copied then all posts are blocked and deleted, then paste here this becomes the first sentence, later can be added another sentence press enter take the code from the plugin this code is copied, paste here, and update see the site: visit site there is no title page yet then preview the Menu click menu, appearance; menu create a new menu, for example Menu 1 then create menu after that view all tick both, add to menu then save the menu click manage location click refresh here already exists: Home Page and Sitemap here already there sitemap, here page, here post for this hello world to change edit first post, click all post edit the title, click edit snipped create the title, then copy, and paste here write slug, just three words to not too long Documentation of activities; The St Thomas Aquinas neighborhood, St James's Area, in an effort to develop the faith of the faithful in everyday life Focus Keyword : Lingkungan St Thomas Aquinas category : Kegiatan Lingkungan add tags: : Lingkungan St Thomas Aquinas ; add copy description and replace instead of text here there should still be thumbnail images, and advanced articles but this is used as a change, and click update refresh to see the changes now this post has been changed to: Environment St

Thomas Aquinas: St James region then for the Google Analytics plugin log in and register to google analytics click google analytics again click admin create a name copy and paste here This URL is copied and pasted here remove the front then Reporting Time Zone, select Indonesia click Get Tracking ID Switch to Indonesia, click I Accept copy this code setting in Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights paste here the code click automatic update, click save changes after that, this click allow Click here click next select gmail click allow copy this code paste here click next click the arrow here, select profile select all website data, with this code click next then go to the webmaster google webmaster, click sign in copy this link, click add a property paste here, then add we go back to the plugin: select search console select google account, and allow copy, close, and paste here click authenticate select here Thomas Aquinas, and Save Profile click XML Sitemap this is enable, it is also enable, then save changes back to the dashboard, select webmaster tools click google search console first, verify via google analytics click verify, okay success try again, verify with HTML Tag this is copied, and paste it here then do verify well succeed, it means two stages of verification we have done let's go back to google search console search traffic, here international targeting we click country check here, then select Indonesia, save click crawl, here is a sitemap click add sitemap click submit pending position, the important thing is there sitemap now has finished setting in this blog dashboard including already existing plugins, there is already google analytics, and already registered to webmaster tools we see how it looks here here already Home, there is Sitemap and this is the initial display, after done setting plugin and have been registered to google analytics and webmaster tools this blog is ready to be developed write advanced article create a page, make a post, according to your needs until here tutorial how to add the required plugin and register to google analytics, and google webmaster until you meet again in the next tutorial

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