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Together with me Vitus Polikarpus Surung Manullang here Friends in this tutorial I want to explain the theme When viewing our website Appearance by using theme, here is the theme here use indostore So the look of his website like this If we want to change this look, then we have to change the theme Suppose I want to change the theme of this website Then I will change the theme Here Appearance, choose theme Here's the old look Currently it is Indostore Then there is the standard wordpress theme If you do not want this In order to reduce the burden of your hosting space Can be clicked here, then deleted How to remove it so If you want to use it, click activate now I want to change want to change this theme then I will add new here, click add new in this new add menu, you can choose the theme you want here are provided various alternatives that you can choose many options that you can search here but i will not vote here, i will upload, upload theme upload theme, choose file here I have a Zerif Lite theme file click open Zerif Lite file is here 18

516 click install now Theme has been successfully installed now we activate click activate which is already activated, there is an update menu and also appear here additional update menu there is a new version of Zerif Lite click update now successfully updated now there is still one renewal, that is here if you do not need this theme, please click delete here In order not to burden your hosting click here delete, click here too delete Later if there is a wordpress update, then wordpress will re-install the theme now let's see here click customize this is the basic look of this blog here is a menu that can be used to change this view please set one by one, what you need to set until the look of this blog home page as you wish click close here we visit the site this is the basic view of this blog in the next tutorial video I will invite you, how to do the setting of this theme To fit my expectations, or according to your expectations so the look of this home page is more interesting until you meet again in the next tutorial video

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