Canva Tutorial: Create Beautiful Graphics Quickly, Easily, and for Free!

Hey everybody, this is Mark, from pcclassesonlinecom

I am super excited about today's class, because I get to tell you about one of my favorite web sites ever It's called Canvacom and I know a lot of you out there need to create graphics all the time You need to create graphics for things like an upcoming event Maybe you need to make a poster

Maybe you need to make an image for you website, or maybe you just need to make a picture to post on Facebook for something Either you don't have something like Photoshop, because it's too expensive or too complicated, or maybe you just need to get done faster and easier than that Canva is a great option for you I think you're going to really like it Today, I'm going to teach you make a slide or an image for a family camp out for a church, just to use it as an example

As we walk through making it real quick, you're going to learn how easy it is to use Canva Let's just jump right into it  The very first thing that you want to do is you want to go to Canvacom and when you get there it's going to ask you to make an account, so go ahead and do that After you get done making your account, then it gives you the option here at the top to create a design

Now, what it wants to do is it wants to find out what kind of design you're trying to create and then it's going to set up your canvas or your work space in the right pixel dimensions for whatever you're trying to make For example, if you’re trying to make a social media item, it's probably going to be 800 by 600, or maybe if you want to make a slide presentation, it's going to be 1024 by 768 and so on, so there's a poster in Facebook cover and Facebook post Instagram Just in case you think there's only six, check this out, click more, and there are all kinds of other options for you to choose, there's US letter and presentation, and letterhead, and posters, and food and drink menus, business cards, YouTube channel and on and on and on  You can pick something that they've already made or they've already set up for you to get a really great start on it However today, what we're going to do, is we're going to create a slide for a projector in a church auditorium and we already know that's going to be a specific pixel size, so we're going to go up here, and we're going to click this right here, Used Custom Dimensions, and we're going to type in the pixel's width and height that I need

Now, I want to stop here for just second, because, a lot of people that I work with need to create images for their website, maybe for a slide or a header image This is where you would go to type in the dimensions that you need to use that's specific for your website When you come here, click on "Used Custom Dimensions" and type in those pixels dimensions here  In this case, I'm going to do 1920 by 1080, and I'm going to click design, and then it's going to open up a canvas for me to start working on We're just going to start right here

The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to shrink down the canvas just a little bit on the zoom level so I can see a little more, but down here on the bottom left corner, you can click this minus or plus, so that you can see a little bit more of it The first thing I want to do, is I want to add my background image So, what you do, to add a background image, is you go to either uploads, if you want to upload a picture you already own, or you can search from their over one million images, and you can use one of theirs and you can buy it from them Their pictures are just a dollar a piece, so it's going to be really hard to beat that anywhere  For example, I'll stop for a second, let's say you need to do camping

Let's see if there's actually any good images here, I haven't tried, let's see what comes up Look at this, so you can use this image right here, this one's free If you click on it, it's going to drop right into this area and all you would do is drag the corners and make it fill your whole space, that's a great option You can go through any one of these, and these are only a dollar a piece When you use one of these, let's say you click on it, it's going to have this water mark on it and that watermark is going to be there, but when you go to download it and when you're all done, at that point you can buy whatever pictures you have chosen and the watermark will not be there anymore, so that's how that works

In this case, I'm, going to go to uploads and I'm going to use this picture that I've already uploaded, put it right here, and I'm going to grab these corners and I'm going to drag the corner out and I'm going to see how big I want this, let me go a little bit past the edges here I probably want it something like, I don't know, something like that, then I'll click off of it and that's pretty good, I like that Now, I'm going to add some large text, right up in here, I'm going to say family campout, right there  What I would do next is go over to text, over here on the left, click text, and it gives me these three basic options, maybe a header, then a subtitle and then a little bit of body text All that's doing is going to — When I click on it, it's going to through some text over there in a premade size, but I can change everything about it that text, it's just is a quick way to get there

I'm going to click add text, and as you see, it adds this text that's grey and I'm not even sure what font that is, but we're going to change that in just a minute I'm going to drag it up here in this area where I'd like to put it I'm going to click on it, and I'm going to type, Family Campout, and I actually do want it on two lines, so I'm actually going to hit enter in between That's good Then, what I'm going to do, is I'm going to change the color to white, so I'm going to select all of it and then go up here and click this little, Pick a Color option

You can either pick some pre-chosen colors here, or if you click the plus button, you can choose whatever color you want anywhere in here Just find the color you want If you happen to know the color code, you can actually put in the color code there  In this case I just want it white, so I'm going to go up here and I'm going to click white, and then the next thing I want to do is I want to change the font, and I also want to center it, and I want to change the spacing between the two lines So, let's choose a different font, I think I — There's one in here, I think it's called, Permanent Marker, so I'm going to go down to P and choose Permanent Marker, that's good

  Then I want to make it larger so, I'm going to go up here to,  This Font Size, click here, and I'm going to choose something like, like, I don't know, 80 perhapsWell, that might be a little big Let's go down to 72, that's pretty good

I'm going to drag it over a little bit, and now I want to center it, so I'm going to hit this down arrow here, and want to go — See, right now it's on left, and then there's center and then right I'm going to choose center  Then I want to make these two lines closer to each other, so I'm going to choose this option called, Text Spacing, and then you can choose — You can change the space in between each letter, and you can also change space in between each line If you see here, if I click and drag this, you're going to see this right here is going to get closer together I want it pretty close, so I'm going to do something like, I don't know, maybe there, That's good

I will drag it a little bit farther over there, that's great  Now, I want to add the date and some other information underneath this, so I'm going to go over here and I'm going to click, Add Subtitle text, and just like before it added it in there Now, here's a little key, if you click away from the item, so it's not selected anymore, now you see the background is selected, here, I'm going to click off of it, and then when nothing is selected, when I role over this text, it turns into the four way arrow, then I can drag it You see that? If it's actually — Let's say the background is selected like this and I try to drag the text, by back — Oh it actually worked, never mind Sometimes it grabs the background and moves it instead, so just be careful what you're actually grabbing there, in that case it worked great

Another little feature I love is when I'm dragging it over here, it automatically gives me that guideline and it kind of pops to that guideline, and shows me that it's centered below the text above, and that's really nice So, I'm going to edit this, I'm going to say, I don't know, June 5th through the 7th, 2015 I'll highlight all of that, I'm going to center it again, and then I'm also going to change the color and the font Now, for this particular one, I think I want, there's one up here, I'm going all the way to the top and I'm going to do this one called Aleo Then I want it a little bolder, so I'm going to go down here and see there's a bold option right here and the italics, underline, and that kind of thing

I'm going to choose bold, and I want to make it — I want to it like a yellow I'm going to try to kind of mimic one of the yellows in this tent over here, I'm not going to be real exact, but I'm going to kind of guess over there I'm going to click the little plus arrow here and I'm going to find a yellow that might be in here, and that's good enough for now I'll click off of that  I want to make it a little bigger also, so I'm going to go here and I'm going to choose, let's see how big

Maybe something like, 36, we'll see, yeah, that's probably good, and we'll do it somewhere in there Then I want to then do some more subtext, so there's two ways to do it, I can either go over here and add subtitle text again,or I can click on this one and then hit the down arrow here, and I'm going to go down here to copy, and that way it'll already choose the same font that I'm already using and it'll get me a little farther ahead  I'm going to choose copy, and it puts another option — Another copy of it of it out there and drag it right below it I'm going to double-click on here, I'm going to change it back to white, and you guys can see where I'm going here I'm going to change it to a light version, and I'm going to make it quite a bit smaller

Actually you know what? I'm going to make this, I'm going to make bold like the other one, because I'm going to put the location here You see it's already bold, okay good, so I'm going to say, I'm going to call it, Mahogany Groove Group Site, that's where it's going to be located Maybe I'll go down here, maybe a little bit farther down, and then I'm going to copy this again, and I'll drag it below here, and I'm going to go ahead and speed up the rest of this to show you how I do the rest of it, so you don't have to watch it all in real time, but I think you'll pick up the little keys, because I'm just doing the same thing over and over [Music] All right, there's one more thing I want to show you here, and that's how to add a logo down here in the bottom left Now, in this case, this is something important

I've uploaded the logo for this particular church already into my uploads area, because it has a transparent background So, any item that has a transparent background, you'll be able to through it right on top of another image Unfortunately at this time, Canva cannot create a transparent background for you so; right now you have to that some other way I've heard that that option is coming, but for now it's not there, at least at the time of the recording I'm going to go to uploads and I'm going to grab this particular logo right here, and you see that it has a transparent background, already

I can just drag it right down here and re-size it a little bit and there we go That's pretty much done, so it looks great and all I have to do now, and by the way you see it's always saving my work at all times, so don't have to even worry about that, but if I would like to download it, I go up here to the download button, and click that, and then I have two options, download as an image, which actually is a PNG, in terms of the format Unfortunately you can't choose other items or other formats at this time Maybe that will be in the future, like a JPEG or something, but for now, you can download it as an image or a PNG, sorry I didn't actually mean to click that The other option is to download it as a PDF

When you click that it's preparing your design and at that point, if you had used any pictures that you need to purchase, it would give you the option to purchase them Then it automatically opens up to where I want to save it, I've actually done this before, so I'm going to call this, Family Campout 3, and it has saved it for me and I'm all done If I'd like to share it on Facebook, I can post it directly from or tweet it out, or send it as an email to one of my friends That's pretty much it, so hopefully you've enjoyed learning how to use Canva I think it's great

There is so many other things built into it that I didn't show you today, but hopefully this will give you enough information get rolling and start making pictures of your own If you've enjoyed today's class there are three things that you can do that would really help us be able to keep classes like this free for everybody The first thing you can do is, like this video, you can also subscribe to channel so you get notified every time a new class comes out The third thing you can do is visit our website at pcclassesonlinecom

Have a great day, until next time, class dismissed

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